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Are you teaching remotely using Zoom? And you only have one monitor? Do you miss using PowerPoint presenter view in your classroom?

Zoom, of course, has been the most popular video conferencing application over the last few months and offers a plethora of tools to put our minds at ease. Today, we’ll take you through all of them and even give you a couple of pointers to improve your presentation in Zoom.

This is what presenter view looks like. When you have a computer screen and a projector (or a second monitor), this is the view on your computer screen, and the slide alone shows on the projector (or second monitor). In this presenter view screen, you can see your next slide on the right, and right below that are any notes you’ve entered for the slide your audience is currently viewing. Under the currently-viewing slide are a few tools: pen/pointer, see all of the slides in your presentation (handy for jumping around your slides), magnifying glass for zooming in on a part of your slide, and black out the slide you are showing. Click the 3-dot icon for a few more options.

  1. Zoom Desktop Application 'The Zoom Desktop icon will look like this: You can find it in the Docking Station on your Mac or on the Desktop of your Windows computer. 'Once you click on the icon the desktop application will prompt you with the following: 7 If you do not already have a Zoom account, we.
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While you have all of those nifty tools at your disposable, this is what your audience sees projected on the screen.

To get presenter view, edit your PowerPoint, click the Slide Show tab, then check the “Use Presenter View” box.

If you have one monitor, however, and run your slide show, you will just see the slide like your audience would. To get the presenter view, right-click on the slide and select presenter view.


To use presenter view with Zoom, it’s easy with two monitors. All you need to do is share the screen with the slide on it.

However, if you only have one monitor, you probably don’t want to share your entire presenter view screen. Good news. You don’t have to. You can choose to share only the slide portion of your presenter view screen.

In Zoom, click on Share Screen, then select the Advanced tab.

Then click Portion of Screen, and click the Share button.

A green box will appear. Whatever is in the green box is what your Zoom audience will see. Click and drag the bar at the top of the box to move it. Click and drag the sides/bottom/corners to resize it.

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Zoom will remember the box size and location from session to session.

Zoom Propresenter Meeting

Zoom Propresenter

Before closing your PowerPoint presentation, stop sharing. If you don’t, when you close your PowerPoint, whatever is inside that green box will appear to your Zoom audience. When I closed my PowerPoint just now without stopping my Zoom screen share, my email was inside the green box – viewable to everyone who was in my Zoom room. Fortunately, I was the only one in my Zoom room, so no harm done. When you are done sharing, always stop sharing before doing anything else. As an added precaution, close all programs you are not going to be using before starting your Zoom session.