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If you see a 'Make sure your Roku device is powered on and connected to your WiFi network' message on the device selection screen in the Roku app, your Roku device was not detected over your network.

First, try going through network setup to ensure your Roku device is visible ('awake') on your home network: Go to Settings >Network from your Roku device (or Settings > Network > Repeat guided setup from an original Roku device).

Hisense Roku Tv Ip Address

After you have successfully checked your connection, tap 'Try Again' in the Roku mobile app.

Roku TV Remote Home Button and Screen. Lifewire To find out what your Roku TV can do after you turn it on, you need a starting point. That starting point is the Home Screen. To get to the Home Screen on a Roku TV, just press the Home button, which has an icon that looks like a house. This assigns you a new IP address that can be used to bypass geographic content restrictions. Click here to skip to our list of the best VPNs for Roku. VPNs also add a layer of privacy to your streaming activity, preventing your ISP and anyone else on your network from snooping on what you watch.

If that did not work, try exiting the Roku app, turning your phone's (or tablet's) Wi-Fi off and on and re-entering the app.

Where is the ip address on the roku tv

Next, confirm your Roku device is on the same network as your phone:

  1. On your phone, open Settings and check your network's IP address. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi > Your network name and write down the number next to 'IP Address.' Your IP address will be a four-part number (e.g.
  2. Now, check the IP address of your Roku device. If you have a Roku TV, go to Settings > System > About. For all other Roku devices, go to Settings > About from your Roku device (Settings > Player info from original Roku device). Write down the number next to “IP Address.”
  3. The first three of four numbers of the IP address of your phone and your Roku device should match (e.g. 192.168.0 from IP address If these numbers do not match, your Roku device and phone are not on the same network.

If the IP address numbers match, you can connect manually by entering the IP address of your Roku device in the Roku app. Tap 'Connect Manually' in the mobile app and follow directions.

If the IP address numbers do not match and your Roku device and phone are not on the same network, try the following:

  • If your Roku device is connected via Wi-Fi, check that your phone or Roku device aren't accidentally connected to a neighbor's Wi-Fi network.
  • If your Roku device is connected via Ethernet, connect it wirelessly to the same Wi-Fi network as your phone. Go through Wi-Fi setup on your Roku device by selecting Settings > Network. Have your network password ready.
  • If you are using a combination cable modem/wireless router, try adding a separate wireless router to your network and connecting your Roku device and phone to it.
  • If you have multiple wireless routers in your home, check that your Roku device and phone are connected to the same router (same SSID).

If the app still does not show your Roku device, try powering down your Roku device, phone, and router. Restart all devices, wait 3 minutes, then launch the Roku app again.

I installed a Roku Streaming Stick (RSS 3600R), connected it to my wireless network, and activated it. It is working and it streams channels from the Internet flawlessly.
Now I am trying to get the Roku Mobile App (version 4.0.4) to work on my iPhone, but I am getting nowhere. The reason is that my home network has an IP address that the App thinks is 'public', because it is not in one of the normal ranges for private IP addresses. Specifically, it is 192.150.23.x, which I am using for good technical reasons (it was assigned by my employer).
My RSS has been assigned the IP address (as shown in Settings). My iPhone has been assigned address -- as you can see, on the same network. There is full connectivity between all devices on the network -- no AP isolation, VPN, or anything like that. I have a conventional NAT router; the only unconventional thing is the IP address on the LAN side of the router.

Tcl Roku Tv Ip Address

When I start the Roku App, it immediately pops up a notice: 'IP Address not supported', with an explanation that my device is connected to a public IP address (which technically is true). If I tap OK, I am invited to Connect Manually. In the Connect Manually dialog, I enter the RSS's IP address and tap Connect. After a short pause, this fails with the message 'A Roku device was not found at this IP address. Please check the IP address and try again.'

Roku Tv Ip Address Location

It seems that the Roku App is arbitrarily restricting the IP addresses that it can connect to, so that only standard private addresses are allowed. And it seems impossible to override this, even by entering the RSS's IP address manually. I'm wondering if this is intentional (and if so, why), or if there might be a bug in the 'Connect Manually' dialog.