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MAutoPitch works well as a FL studio autotune plugin and has a nice clear and easy to use interface. There is a piano board which allows you to instantly program in the desired key and scale. It's easily one of the best free autotune VST's around for convenience alone. Autotune doesnt work (Waves Tune Real-Time on FL Studio 20) help request. I just bought Wavestune real-time for FL Studio 20, installed it and opened the plugin. Everything works well so far, and my voice is also getting picked up. When i sing or record it shows the notes and the blue light shows up when speaking or singing. Waves Tune Waves Tune is from one of everyone’s favorite companies, Waves. They have become an industry standard when it comes to plugins, sales, and overall ability of their products.

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  3. Waves Tune Real Time Fl Studio

It can be really tough trying to decide between different versions of things that you want to buy. And it’s no exception when you are thinking about a digital audio workstation (DAW) like FL Studio.

For the majority of people, the FL Studio Producer Edition will probably be sufficient for them when they are starting out. Unless you have a known specialized need for doing vocal tuning, a need to have guitar effects that are weighted towards heavy metal, know you need time manipulating plugin, or need to work with video, then the Producer Edition will have all of the basic tools needed to create great music.

It’s easy to say that as a general statement but let’s get into some of the specifics about why you may or may not want to go with the Producer Edition.

Should I get fl studio producer or signature edition?

For a vast majority of people, the Producer Edition of FL studio will be sufficient to create great music. It has all the tools you would need to be able to record, edit, mix and master a song and get it out to an audience.

But, for those of you who might be curious about what you might be missing out on, let’s take a closer look.

Each of these plugins has a special function, but unless you have a specific need for what they do, which you probably don’t when you are getting started, then doing just the Producer Edition will get you the results you need.

Waves Tune Fl Studio

What are the extra plugins you get if you get the signature edition and what do they do?

So let’s go through each of the plugins in a little more detail on what they do, so you can see whether or not it is a plugin that would be worthwhile in your personal workflow for creating music.

Video Player 2 – This plugin could be really critical for you if you are planning on doing any sort of music scoring for commercials, short films, etc. I have worked on some of those kinds of projects without a plugin like this, but I can tell you that it is much more difficult. So if you have a need to match up music with video, then this may be worth the investment.

NOTE: they do not currently have support for the Video Player 2 VST version for MacOS.

NewTone – This plugin is FL Studio’s version of autotune. It is a pitch correction tool, but it also allows you to correct the timing of audio as well. So if you sing a word too quickly, you can actually go in and line up the audio to hit at the right place on the grid.

Personally this is one of the reasons that I am still considering upgrading to Signature Edition. I think it would be nice to have a tool like this for producing more polished vocals. And since the plugin on it’s own clocks in at $99, it is worth it to me to pay the extra $11 and get the rest of the plugin upgrades.

Gross Beat – This is a time and volume manipulating plugin. It’s hard to describe in words the kinds of things that the plugin can do. The easiest way I can think of describing it is if you want to mess up a sound you have to not make it sound so clean. You can trash it up a little bit and make it sound different by using an instance of gross beat on it.

You can see the kind of thing that this can do with this example video here:

DirectWave – this is a weird sampler plugin that can be used in FL Studio. I currently don’t have much use for it, since I have already purchased Kontakt. But I can see if you haven’t dropped the money on something like Kontakt that this could be really beneficial.

I found this video on YouTube that shows someone taking a different synth preset and basically creating an instrument out of it using DirectWave.

That’s pretty sweet. I must admit.

Harmless – this is a synth plugin. I don’t have a lot of experience with this, so I can’t really speak much to it, other than to say that it is a more stripped down version of Harmor, which is one of the synths that SeamLessR uses a lot in his productions. He has extensive tutorials on Harmor on his channel, and it could be a good resource to look into and see if Harmless or Harmor is something you would want to use for your productions.

Pitcher – this is like the lite version of the NewTone plugin we talked about earlier. It doesn’t have the time correction ability like NewTone, but it can be used for real time pitch correction. So if you just need to tighten up a vocal just a little, this might be a plugin you could use in your mixer when you want to not have to bother with the rest of audio processing.

Hardcore – This is FL studio’s version of a pedalboard for guitarists. So if you have an electric guitar, you can use this like a pedalboard inside of FL Studio. But honestly, I’ve found that the pedal board is more in line with metal style of guitar playing than anything else. Plus I ended up getting the Guitar Rig plugin from Native Instruments, so I don’t have a need for this plugin.

So that covers all the plugins that you get when you get the Signature Edition of FL Studio instead of the Producer Edition. If you were to try to buy each plugin at cost after purchasing FL Studio Producer Edition it would cost you $559.

But there is another option if you end up purchasing the Producer Edition, but decide that you want to get the Signature Edition later.

Can you upgrade from producer edition to signature edition?

Here’s the thing. When you are starting out, you don’t know exactly what you need. But as you practice music production, you will start to get a feel for the kinds of tools that would be useful to you to improve the music that you are making.

I have had Producer Edition for about 10 years now. I have used it to produce full albums, album projects for clients, music for short films and commercials, and even sounds for sample packs. I have not needed to have the few extra plugins that the Signature Edition offers in order to be able to do that.

I am starting to want to have access to a few of those tools, but I have not needed them.
And I have the option listed in my FL Studio account to upgrade my edition.

Currently the upgrade price to go from Producer Edition to Signature Edition is listed at $110. So if I decide that I really do want those extra plugins, then I can pay the fee and get access to those. So instead of paying $559 to get those plugins individually, you can upgrade later for $110 and save yourself $449.

But before you commit to the upgrade, you may want to see if there are other options.
I was able to find some cheaper options that do essentially the same thing as a few of those plugins on the list.

I had purchased the Waves Tune Lite a while back when it was on sale. And that plugin can do the same basic thing that Pitcher or Newtone does. And it cost a little less than either of those plugins. I think I paid $29 for the Waves plugin, but it would have cost me $148 to get Pitcher and NewTone.

Same goes for Gross Beat. There is another plugin, half time, by a company Cableguys that does some similar time manipulation. And it only costs around $15.

So always look around and see if you can find some tools that might do the right job for you for less.

Should you get Signature Edition if you are a complete beginner?

I think when you are starting out, it is better to get a handle on the basics of music production before you start getting more bells and whistles for your software.

The basics of music production are songwriting, recording, arranging, mixing and mastering. You can create full projects without having the extra tools you get with the Signature Edition of FL Studio.

Having said that, each person has to make that decision for themselves. If you are someone who is going to be producing music to go with video, then it may make sense for you to have some of the extra tools like the Video Player.

Or if you have an extra $100, then you might just want to go ahead and upgrade.

My suggestion is that you start with FL Studio Producer Edition if you are a beginner. And then as you get more comfortable producing music, then you can decide if you want or need to upgrade to the Signature Edition. I think you might be better off if you save that $100 and put it towards a package like Native Instruments Komplete, or XFer Serum. You can do a whole lot with those extra sounds.

What is Autotuning?

The question of what is autotuning? This short article will provide an overview of this crucial concept, including a definition of the term.

Autotuning refers to the process of tuning your software to achieve better performance when it comes to creating immersive music. This can be accomplished by implementing heuristics or common sense in a given application.

The most common use of heuristics is in the selection of the right autotune free software for a given project. Once you have determined that a particular algorithm is the best suited for the job, you will use an autotune technique to produce the audio outputs that can mesmerize everyone.

So, when it comes to music, the autotuning software allows us to easily do necessary modifications in the voices so that it can match our desired style of music. You can get detailed information about Auto-tune on Wikipedia very easily. Also, various autotune free software are there to help you with everything.

Because of the huge demand for autotuning in the music industry, the demands for paid and free autotune software are increasing day by day. In this article, I am going to help to find some of the best and autotune free software.

What is VST?

VST stands for Virtual Studio Technology. This stands for a combination of hardware and software that you install on your computer. It has two main components, which are audio effects and virtual instruments.

The VST also allows you to plug in multiple instruments together into a single audio track. This makes it a very flexible software package for recording and mixing music. There are many features that can be applied to an individual instrument or to a whole mix when creating a stereo mix.

A VST can be called a sound editor in some circles. In this way, it’s similar to being able to edit a picture or a drawing in a graphics editing program. A lot of software sounds like this, and it all has something to do with music and making music.

VST also has the ability to mix several tracks together, which makes it much more flexible and practical for various musical uses. So, instead of finding autotune free software, you can just go for VST and add some plugins to support yourself in autotuning.

List of top 10 Free Autotune software and VST Plugins

Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition is a highly popular auto-tune and pitch correction software. Developed by Adobe, it offers excellent services as a popular VST plugin too.

The demo feature can also be used to test the quality of the audio and to see if there are any errors. The ability to correct the recording is a great tool and can make all the difference in a talent’s performance.

If a voice seems to come out a little bit different than it should, you can take the time to listen to the recording and see where the audio might be a little off. Correcting this with the trial version will make the performance a lot better. However, with the paid version, you would definitely be able to make much more advanced editings.

The software is perfect for most auditions, but some have additional features that make them even more beneficial in the music industry.

The software was designed for live auditions, but there are many functions to add to the software for recording as well. The recording features are already developed and are ready to go, so this can be an easy feature to use.

All of the features will help anyone prepare for the auditions and be able to get the most out of them. If you are a student or someone who is looking for extra help in your auditions, this is the right tool to use.

Acid Pro

Acid Pro was the company responsible for creating the MML and Basic, two of the most popular music sequencing softwares that became popular in the late nineties.

If you’ve ever heard about how their track “The Good Fight” beat was used in the movie Good Morning Vietnam, then you are familiar with the effects that MML and Basic could bring to your tracks. When the RapGenius technology was released by Mark Hill and Kevin Driscoll in 1999.

RapGenius has recently been bought by this company named Acid Pro, so now Acid Pro is giving us a chance to try Autotune Software. They were the first company that released the software for the mastering engineers, but unfortunately, they weren’t very popular and didn’t sell very many units.

Despite this, many artists were able to use it to produce the beats they wanted to create and their music sold very well.

The songs were mostly instrumentals and breakbeats but there were some great instrumental and hip hop tracks out there that could be produced with Autotune. Even though I never produced my own music, but I did make a lot of beats at one point when I was a producer, which was a good source of inspiration.


The newest version of Audacity has introduced a really cool feature: it’s an Audacity plug-in. What this means is that you can not only use it as an audio editor, but also as a music editor, or even as a digital audio workstation!

This has many advantages over the older version which did not have this capability and had to be used only as recording software.

The fact that this new plugin can do so much more than the older versions of Audacity make it better music creation programs than the other competing programs like Cubase, Steinberg Cubasis and Apple Logic.

Many professional music composers used to choose the computer-based computer music applications but since Audacity is now available as a plug-in we can now use the software in our PC or Mac to create beats, music and other creative works.

Since Audacity has the same features as the others, you can just choose to use it to record your ideas and then export it into the other two programs or even convert it to other formats. This will save you some time and effort.

When choosing this plug-in for your computer or Mac you should first think about its quality. Since this plug-in is a software, it should not only produce quality audio, but also audio that is in sync with your musical score. If you choose the right one, then it is very possible that you will be able to create music and sound effects for yourself or for your company that will be professionally produced! Most impressively, it is an open-source autotune free software and platform available for everyone.

Waves Tune

The Waves Tune software can greatly help you in creating great beats by running a two-second sample at a slower tempo and using the Tempo setting to adjust the tempo and speed of the audio sample.

With this particular kind of Autotune software, you can start with a tempo that is typically around 120 BPM. There are many different plug-ins and sites available online that you can use in conjunction with this software that will help you produce amazing beats.

The Waves Tune software can be used to boost the volume of your drums, guitars, or bass guitar. These beats can then be recorded and played back through your speakers.

The Waves Tune software comes with samples that are available in a variety of types, which includes some that are taken directly from different musical instruments.

This software can also be used to record some of your voice so that you can create tracks of yourself singing along with a chorus or other instrumental parts.

Another feature of this software is that it can actually edit your recorded tracks to ensure that there is no distortion, as well as trimming and removing any sections that were not recorded properly.

Wave Tune is not a replacement for a professional recording studio. While this software can help you create impressive sounds. It is simply one tool that you need to make sure you have in order to produce a high-quality product.

You also need to have a good set of ears when it comes to mixing and editing sounds. When using this software, it is important to make sure that the volume is adjusted appropriately.

The Wave Tune software can be found on some websites, but you should also know that it can be purchased from Amazon, which is one of the best online retailers. Overall, if you are looking for a way to get professional-sounding drums and vocals for your projects, Waves Tune is definitely worth a look. Because of numerous other benefits, it can become the best and free autotune software for you.


Cubase is a popular piece of software that can do various different forms of music. What this means is that you can use it to create a piece of music which can be used to create a video or album or can even be a radio show. So the question is whether you want to purchase one or two different pieces.

If you purchase two different products from the same company, one for your personal computer and another for your television or stereo set, you will end up spending more money. To get around this, you can purchase just one product from Cubase and then purchase the other product separately. Most importantly, this software serves as an impressive autotune software.

The software is developed by Steinberg which is a popular firm active in the music software industry. The product come in a free trial version. However, the paid versions are also there. You can go for any of the available paid versions of Cubase which are:

  1. Cubase Pro 10.5
  2. Cubase Artist 10.5
  3. Cubase Elements 10.5

FL Studio

The typical step-by-step process that is performed in learning how to use FL Studio is quite quick and easy to follow. Even if you have no prior experience with recording or producing music then you can just download the product for free and begin using it right away.

You do not need any prior knowledge of music production. Once you have purchased the product, you will be well on your way to begin to make music of your own. Because of its excellent features, the software is known as a leading autotune free software.

Another great thing about FL Studio is that you do not need any computer knowledge to get started. The software has been designed in such a way that it will allow you to learn and start using it even if you do not have any prior knowledge or experience with computers. Most music producers or even novice music artists who are just beginning their careers will find the software easy to learn and to use.

There are lots of tutorials available online that will help you get started using the software for autotuning. These tutorials are very informative and will show you everything that you need to know about starting your music career right away. Once you are done with the tutorials, you will be ready to purchase the FL Studio.

In order to be able to create high-quality audio, the first thing that you should do is download the free trial version of FL Studio. This software will allow you to try out the software without any worries whatsoever. The trial version will give you the chance to make some initial music with it before you decide to invest in the real version. The trial version is perfect for you to test the waters of what the software is all about before you decide to invest in the product. It comes in four different paid versions which are as follows.

Waves Tune Fl Studio
  1. FL Studio Fruity Edition
  2. FL Studio Producer Edition
  3. FL Studio Signature Bundle
  4. FL Studio + ALL Plugins Bundle

Celemony’s Melodyne

As the most popular of all the Japanese anime series, Celemonys Melodyne contains lots of vocal tracks for both male and female singers. The software can be used to produce these vocal tracks with just a mouse, without having to learn complicated and technical instruments such as the VST or AU plugins.

It is very easy to use and versatile piece of software that produces excellent results on the part of the singer. On top of that, the software also features basic, intermediate and advanced techniques for vocal tracks.

A number of basic techniques such as Auto-Tune, Pulse and note pitch editing are included in the software. The simple interface, although quite advanced, is easy to use for those who have little or no experience in programming and creating songs using the ASIO API driver. The ASIO API is an audio device driver which makes it easy to work with the software.

Features in Celemonys Melodyne that make it very popular include the ability to create a pop, rock, jazz, classical and rock songs on just about any genre of music. And it is not only for vocal tracks, but the software also has great features for instrument and keyboard tracks.

Because of its excellent features, the software becomes a popular option for best autotune software. But, in order to use it, you have to pay huge amounts.

Antares Autotune Pro

AntaresAutotune Pro is a highly impressive and advanced autotuning software used by the music experts. Even if you are a beginner, this tool will surely allow you to easily mix the audio tracks and do necessary auto-tuning works without any hassle.

Waves Tune Real-time For Fl Studio

It can perform real-time correction works by adding effects in its graphics mode. It also has a classic mode that helps a lot when you are doing basic autotuning tasks on your system.

The software allows you to have complete control over the vocal performance using its easy user-interface. Alongside, this software is great for the studio uses.

To start using it, you will have to pay a good amount of money. However, the trial version is also there by which you can test this software. The software is available to download for Windows and Mac operating systems.

The official download links are as follows. Although it is not an autotune free software, you can check its capabilities by using its trial version.

Vocal Pitch Correction Plugin

Final Verdict

I hope this article will help you to find your desired type of autotune software without any hassle. I suggest you visit the official websites appropriately before choosing any buying any autotune free software for you. Make sure to share this article with the people who may need it.

Waves Tune Real Time Fl Studio