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The term vellum from the French veau refers to a parchment made from calf skin. The manufacture of parchment is quite involved. After the skin is removed from the animal and any hair or flesh is cleaned away, it is stretched on a wooden frame. To see more about vellum and parchment and the qualities of the skin, what to look for, types of skins and the best to use, see my Calligraphy Clip, vellum and parchment. Skins for both parchment and vellum are selected carefully, washed and soaked in lime to slightly swell the hair follicles so that the hair can be removed more easily.

Calfskin Vellum

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Cowley's Vellum and Parchments are made by traditional hand processes. Each skin is the responsibility of one parchment maker throughout the manufacturing process. Skins vary in shade and markings from skin to skin and within each skin. 'Natural' Vellums vary considerably more varied than creamy and classic Vellums. Vellum is another name for Parchment that is made from Calf and Goat skins.
Skin sizes vary and the prices quoted in our catalogue are based on average skins. If there are increases from the costs quoted to you online and actual costs, we will contact you with accurate costings prior to processing your order, requesting your confirmation that the prices are acceptable.
Screen Colours - As colour characteristics can vary across different devices and manufacturers the shade options shown in our shop, should be used for guidance purposes only.Sample cards for the different products we sell are available to purchase.Further information may be found here.

Vellum Skin

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  • For many centuries, Vellum has been used as land indentures, official documents and for other important purposes. The author has framed vellum documents lasting for many centuries. Since vellum is a skin, it does breathe in a way that it expands and contracts and can vary depending on several factors, mainly being humidity fluctuations.