Vellum For Inkjet Printers

Inkjet Vellum Large-Format Printing Vellum trasparentized in the USA for best results when using HP, Canon, Epson or any Wide-Format Printer in the USA for secure correct Inkjet Vellum Roll Size and fit. Our InkJet Roll Vellum Sheet Paper (772) regards a 20 lb. Solventless that adds a special engineered dedicated proprietary top-coat that permits more use of colors or density of ink coverage without yielding drying time or line definition. Vellum Inkjet Paper Rolls. Translucent paper at its best. Translucent paper is often called 'vellum paper'. Use this premium paper whenever you need to see through to your next layer. This paper is inkjet compatible, but we always recommend first test printing.

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Vellum For Inkjet Printers

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Vellum Paper For Inkjet Printers


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