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When using a search engine to help establish the notability of a topic, evaluate the quality, not the quantity, of the links. Failing all criteria If no criterion can be met for either a standalone article or inclusion in a more general article, and improvements have not worked or cannot be reasonably tried, then three deletion procedures can. What notability means for Wikipedia. The notability criteria that apply to companies state that: An organization is generally considered notable if it has been the subject of significant coverage in reliable, independent secondary sources. Trivial or incidental coverage of a subject by secondary sources is not sufficient to establish notability.

Feb 03, 2020

Tips for Printing from Notability on your iPad

Below are some tips for printing from Notability on your iPad. Remember, it is very important to choose LETTER paper when printing from Notability.

If your note printed only a blank page:

Add a second page to your note and draw something simple like a line on it, then choose the range of ONLY Page 1 when you print. To do this:

Tap “Range” to choose the page range of your document.

Choose Page 1 only.

If your printed document is not the correct size:

If you do not choose LETTER, your document will be the wrong size on the printed page. Also sometimes your document will not print until a button is pressed on the printer.

Tap “Options” to change the Paper type to Letter

If you are having trouble printing or having another technology issue, please submit a help desk ticket using the BOTechSupport app on your iPad.

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Using Notability As Teaching Method


Using Notability On Iphone

Welcome to Notability: powerful, yet wonderfully simple note-taking and PDF annotation.Apple Editors' Choice on iPad, iPhone, and Mac! Top selling paid app on iPad App Store, regularly ranked #1.Students, teachers, and business professionals use Notability daily to enrich their lives. It is uniquely designed for each device to provide the best note-taking experience at school, home, and work. CREATE MEMORABLE MULTI-MEDIA NOTES • Work with a variety of note-taking, journaling, and drawing tools like ink, highlighter, text, and audio. • Explore endless ideas with continuous page scroll. • Mark up imported textbooks, documents, lecture slides, class assignments, and images.• Add photos, GIFs, web pages, and more.STAY ORGANIZED, PAPER-FREE • Always keep your notes with you, without the weight, the hassle or the paper waste. • Group notes with customizable subjects and dividers. • Quickly search handwriting*, typed text, PDF text, image text, and note titles. • Secure notes using Face ID and Touch ID.HANDWRITE AND SKETCH NATURALLY• Ink is fine-tuned for the Apple Pencil for the most responsive, precise writing experience yet, including double-tap gesture for switching tools, erasing, and more.• Create custom colors and match any color with the color dropper.• Precisely erase freehand ink or shapes with varied brush sizes. • Easily create perfect shapes.• Quickly switch between ink or eraser styles with the Favorites Toolbar. RECORD AND PLAYBACK AUDIO• Get more out of your lectures and meetings when you record them.• Replay audio recordings and tap anywhere on your note to hear what was said at that moment.SHARE IDEAS IN PRESENTATION MODE• Present ideas in full screen without distracting toolbars when connected to an external display. • Engage an audience with all of Notability's tools including a Laser Pointer. DO MORE WITH MULTI-NOTE• Work with two notes side-by-side.• Quickly switch between notes and Drag & Drop handwriting, typed text, images, etc.TYPE ANYWHERE• Full-featured, left-aligned typing with word count and a wide range of fonts, custom fonts, sizes, and colors. • Create outlines, interactive checklists, and text boxes. IMPORT AND SHARE• Import PDFs, DOCs, PPTs, images, GIFs, and more - conversion to PDF happens on your device, so information stays private.• Easily create searchable multi-page PDFs using the built-in Document Scanner.AUTO-BACKUP AND ICLOUD SYNC• Use iCloud to automatically sync your notes to Notability across iPad, iPhone, and Mac.• Use Auto-backup to send your notes to a cloud service for archiving or recovery. Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, WebDAV, and OneDrive are all supported!---Customize your note-taking experience in the Notability Shop! Explore an exciting array of content available for purchase:• *Handwriting Conversion and Search (included with Edu VPP) • Daily Planner• Stickers, themes, and more!--- Mac app sold separately. Notability is a registered trademark of Ginger Labs, Inc.--$8.99

Using Notability App

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