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5pcs Maxell SR920SW 1.55V Silver Oxide Battery. 10 Maxell 371 SR920SW Silver Oxide Watch Batteries Replacement V371 D371 605. Sponsored Listings. Maxell 371 -1 Battery SR920SW SR920W Exp. The Maxell SR920SW Watch Battery Button Cells are Made in Japan with a expiration date of used by 2022. Expiration date is clearly marked in the back of the package in red. There's nothing more to add to this review as time will tell for the longevity of the watch battery itself and will update. 3 people found this helpful.

A galvanic power source in the form of a tablet or coin is most often used to power an electronic watch. Due to the high degree of capacity, low self-discharge coefficient, the battery lasts for several years effectively.


SR920SW Battery Specifications

The SR920SW battery belongs to the class of miniature batteries. She is silver-zinc. Such elements in comparison with manganese-zinc have a high voltage, low internal resistance.

In addition, the voltage remains stable until the end of the work, it does not drop, as is the case with alkaline batteries. SR920SW are intended for devices with uniform power consumption.

As for the main characteristics, they are:

  • diameter - 9.5 mm;
  • thickness - 2.1 millimeters;
  • weight - about 1.4 grams (for various manufacturers, the weight varies by a few tenths of this value).

The battery capacity is 33 mAh. Voltage 1.55 Volts. The power source is demanding on temperature. When going beyond the allowed boundaries, it begins to discharge quickly.

Basic designationSR920SW
ViewSilver-zinc element
Capacity33 mAh
Voltage1.55 V
Analogs SR920SW371, 370, AG6, SR920W, LR921, SB-AN, RW315
GOSTSC-0.03, SC-59
IEC codeSR69
The formTablet coin
Height2.1 mm
Diameter9.5 mm
Weight~ 1.4 gr

Battery Analogs SR920SW

There are not many analogues in this battery.

In size fit:

  • 371;
  • 370;
  • AG6;
  • SR69;
  • Lr921;
  • SB-AN;
  • RW315;
  • SR920W.

However, these batteries have other specifications. It is possible to select the optimum coin only if you take into account the features of the equipment where it will be installed.

Battery Applications

In most cases, the SR920SW battery is used as a power source for watch movements. At the same time, it is suitable not only for old models of watches, but also for modern ones with increased energy consumption.

The SR920SW battery has the best characteristics among its counterparts in size, so it is used not only in watch movements.

It is used in calculators, alarm key chains for cars, miniature children's toys, lighters, laser pointers. The SR920SW is also used as a power source in various devices, including medical ones.

Sr920sw battery voltage

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Can the SR920SW be charged

You cannot charge the battery marked SR920SW, because it is not a battery. A miniature power device has a minimal degree of self-discharge.

With constant use, it will be discharged no earlier than a few years. Taking into account the small price of a disk battery, it can be said that the inability to charge is not a problem.

Popular manufacturers and their features

Optimum in terms of energy intensity, durability and cost are models of manufacturers Maxell and Renata. If you need a battery of a certain company of this size, then you can choose an identical analogue among the other two companies.

Good options provide firms:

  • Sony
  • Varta;
  • Robiton
  • Duracell
  • Ansmann;
  • Seizaiken;
  • Panasonic

What to look for when purchasing

Batteries of almost all manufacturers are high-quality, energy-intensive, they last quite a long time, and at the same time they have a minimum cost (from 20 rubles). Which one is better is a matter of technical features.

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Sr920sw Battery

You should carefully study the following parameters:

  • Rated voltage;
  • power and voltage;
  • capacity;
  • self-discharge level.

It is worth paying attention to the temperature range for operation. Typically, batteries of this type do not work well at temperatures above 30 degrees.

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If you are going to install it in equipment that tends to overheat, then it is better not to do this and choose another option that can withstand temperatures above.

Particular attention should not be paid to the country of manufacture. Reviews about this group of products on YouTube and comments by ordinary consumers who bought the type of battery in question indicate that high-quality disk options are available from both foreign and Chinese and Russian companies.

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