Session Diagram

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As a coach, I have always been neat and tidy in keeping records of training sessions. The reason is that in a very short space of time you will produce lots of ideas on paper and on technological gadgets such as computers and tablets.

Sip Session Diagram

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But one thing I have always tried to do is design my training sessions as neatly and cleanly as possible with correct notes and explanations so that there is no confusion if i decide to re-visit them at a later date.

Season Diagram

Session Diagram

There is nothing worse than either NOT keeping a record of your sessions or NOT keeping clear and concise notes.
I also feel it is important to write how the session went and what the players found difficult or easier. This will help you understand how to deliver the session again, probably to a completely different group of players who may be of different ability and ages too.


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Session DiagramSession diagram example
A neat and tidy record of training sessions should also reflect on the training pitch too. The effect should be to have a training area that is well organised and clean and clutter free with only the necessary players, staff and equipment on there at any given time. In the example above, the full size pitch is divided into its two halves, with one team training in one half and a second team in the other half. The training equipment, for both teams, is neatly placed by the SIDE of the pitch and safely out of the way and will only be used as and when the drills require it.

Both the above diagrams are absolutely clear in what they are depicting. You should be in no doubt how to place your training equipment before training.
So you can see how important visual aids are in our profession, both for players AND coaches.
If you can learn to keep diagrams clear and concise then the more complicated diagrams should also be easy to follow and understand.

This diagram is slightly more complicated with TWO areas set up for players to work in. Once again, it should make things very clear:
• The main area (one half of pitch)
• Two different drills set up
• Size of area in relation to number of players for both the passing practice (red cones) and the small sided game pitch (yellow cones)
• Notice how footballs are also ready for next drill.

More complicated drills need more complicated diagrams.
Here, we see a mixed drill with groups of players rotating through different ‘stations’ that have different challenges.

Session Diagram Sample

For example, there is a fitness test in one area, goalkeepers in another area, opposed small sided games (SSG’s) in another area and a technical drill (defending) in the final area. Each station has a time limit on it. Here we see a 20 minute limit before players move to next station.

Once again, you can clearly see each area defined correctly but the overall image is designed to show you the organisation of the practices and it does so very well and simply.

Another diagram with more information on it, this time with captions describing how the session is organised. But everything is still clear, concise and simple to follow. Also, note how instructions are colour coded as well to show order of importance of information.

With computers and tablets having so much more ability to process and produce images and videos, with many gigabytes of storage, you can produce literally hundreds of visual records of your coaching career. The only example not shown here is ACTUAL video of training sessions. But this is also very easy to do achieve now with cheaper video cameras and easy to use software to edit and create video images.

Tcp Session Diagram

Keep It Simple …
If you begin at the top of this page and scroll down you can see how each type of diagram and video gets more complicated or ‘busier’ in the information contained. But each image should be easy to follow and understand.

Session Diagram Online

Obviously, it will be even better for you to design your own images as you will understand them even more. However, always keep in mind that you will probably have to also show these diagrams and videos to others so make sure that they can understand what is going on in them and what end product you are trying to achieve.