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What causes a battery to get swollen on a Samsung Galaxy Phones?

Steps To Reset, Re-Calibrate A Samsung Galaxy Smartphone Battery. First you need to discharge your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone until it turns itself off with out battery charge. Once OFF turn it ON again and let it turn itself off again. Now connect your charger and without turning it ON charge it until 100 percent is displayed on.

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Lithium-ion batteries use a chemical reaction to generate power. As the battery ages this chemical reaction can no longer complete perfectly, which can result in the creation of gas. This gas will lead to a swollen battery and lost of battery health.

Defects or damage

If the battery internal layers don't maintain proper separation, due to damage or defects, can result in swelling or in small instances even an explosion can occur. If you remember the story of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, a defect could have been the reason why they would catch on fire.

How to Avoid a swollen battery on any Galaxy Phone

Uncharged battery

Avoid leaving a battery uncharged for a long period of time. Leaving a battery uncharged can cause also lead to the creation of gases. As a result, if you have devices that you rarely use and use lithium-ion batteries then we recommend you occasionally charge them to keep the battery working.

Excess Heat

You should also avoid exposing the battery to excess heat or charging the battery too often since this would ware of the battery much quicker



Purchase high-quality chargers. The reason why purchasing high-quality chargers are important is because cheaper chargers tend to save money on key components and might lead to a swollen battery.

How to Fix a Swollen Battery on Samsung Galaxy S7/S8/S9/S10?

Puncture Battery?

Absolutely Not!!!! While doing research on swollen batteries I saw a couple of videos suggesting you carefully puncture the battery to remove the gas and put a tape over the whole. This is extremely dangerous plus putting a defective battery back into the phone doesn't make sense.

Replace the battery

Undoubtedly replacing the battery on your Samsung Galaxy phone is going to be the best option to fixing a swollen battery. Replacing the battery will give your phone better battery life and extend the life of the phone.

Suggestions in Replacing the Battery of a Samsung Phone.

  • Open a ticket with Samsung
    • Drawback: May require phone to be shipped and they may no longer have the battery available for older Samsung phones.
    • Pro: The battery will be an original battery and replaced by trained technicians
  • Independent phone repair service center
    • Google search 'cell phone repair store near me' and get a quote by calling. Look for 5 star rated stores and more than 30 reviews. *Please note that not all phone repair stores do all phones so just call
    • Drawback: Not all service centers have a good reputation so make sure they can be trusted with your device. You may also live in areas where the nearest location is miles away.
    • Pro:They will have the tools necessary to do the repair. Ask what type of warranty they have for their battery replacements.
  • Going the DIY route
  • Go to Amazon and search for a battery there. They usually come with tools to do the repair. *I'll add a few links later in the future for all Galaxy phones
  • Drawback: you will be required to do research (watch a few YouTube videos) and labor for the replacement. Battery may not be original. You run the risk of something going bad and causing you more money.
  • Pro: Chances are that a swollen battery may have lifted your back glass, if that is the case then removing the back glass on the Samsung phone becomes easier. You save yourself a lot of money

Repair Option 3: Mail it in to us

We offer Samsung battery replacement for Samsung Galaxy phone's and tablets. We're located in Orange County California so you can stop by if you live locally or you can mail to us. I'll leave the contact information at the end of this article.

We also offer otherSamsung Phone repairs at ourOrange County phone repairstore.

Hope this information was helpful for more information feel free to contact us or leave a comment down below. You can also ship in your Samsung for service. Simple contact us for more info.


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Did you ask anyone who is using a modern Smartphone, what is their greatest disappointment? Whatever the OS is, Android or iOS they will say in unison, it's the battery life. Mainly it depends on it's usage though. If you are a person who uses mobile data rather than WiFi data then you may experience more faster battery drain. If you are a hardcore gamer then the battery juice will empty even faster.

But today we are not going to discuss about the normal battery drain issues and solutions, if you need to know more about it please read the below tutorial.

However, today we are going to help you in re-calibrating/resetting your Samsung Galaxy Android Smartphone battery to resolve some even weirder battery issues.

But why do we need to do calibrate your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone battery?

You may need to do this if your Galaxy Smartphone's battery is acting bizarre. Like dropping from 100% charge to 30% when your phone is kept idle or shutting off suddenly and showing battery empty while it was on 25% a second before.

Eventhough there are various reasons behind this, the most common one is a software issue. There can be situations were your battery itself is faulty.

But if it's a software issue then we can resolve it by re-calibrating/resetting it using the below given techniques.

So in order to reset your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone's battery we have two methods. First one is the old school method but equally effective and the second one is the 'app' method. In some cases you may have to use both the methods to resolve the issue.

Samsung S8 Battery Pack

Steps To Reset, Re-Calibrate A Samsung Galaxy Smartphone Battery


1. First you need to discharge your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone until it turns itself off with out battery charge. Once OFF turn it ON again and let it turn itself off again.
2. Now connect your charger and without turning it ON charge it until 100 percent is displayed on the phone's screen.
3. Once fully charged unplug your charger and turn your phone ON again. Now when your phone is completly booted up check your battery percentage. If it's not 100% charge it till it says 100% while the phone is still ON.
4. Now unplug your charge restart your Galaxy Smartphone. Once restarted if it doesn't show 100 percent, plug the charger back in until it shows 100 percent charge.
5. Please repeat this cycle until it says 100 percent (or as close as possible) when you start it up without it being plugged in.
6. Once the above steps are completed, let your phone's battery discharge all the way down to '0' percent and let it turn off again.
7. Now fully charge your phone without any interruption and switch it ON once again. Once done your Galaxy Android Smartphone's battery will be successfully reset/re-calibrated.

Now lets have a look at the next method. Please continue if your issue is still not resolved.

Method 2

First please perform the above steps carefully.
Now, install the Advanced Battery Calibration app from Google Play Store. Before launching the app, make sure your battery is at 100 percent again, then restart.

Now open the Advanced Battery Calibration app you will see a screen like shown below.

Now please accept the terms and policy popup.

Once done click on the 'CALIBRATE BATTERY' button and you will get a warning popup as shown below.

Once you click 'Yes' in the warning popup you will get the next screen as shown below.

In the above screenshot we can see that the app is trying to identify your phone model.

Samsung S8 Battery Replacement Price

Now it is checking whether your Galaxy Smartphone is rooted or not. Don't worry even if it's not rooted.


So if your phone is not rooted as in my case you will get the above screen in which the app will be looking for alternate solutions.

Now the app is looking for non rooted phone solutions.

Please click 'Yes' on the warning popup to proceed.

Samsung S8 Battery Mah

Now the actual battery calibration starts as shown in the above screenshot.

Once finished you will get a popup as shown above. Now click 'OK' and switch off your Galaxy Smartphone and charge it till 100%. Once fully charged switch it back ON.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Battery Problems

That's it friends, your Samsung Galaxy Android Smartphone battery is now re-calibrated/reset.

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