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Re: Ryobi s430 oil leak 2018/06/24 08:04:22 0 Yes these were only design for level operation but operators including myself can and will use a handheld at odd angles in order to get some of trimming work done. A Ryobi carburetor needs idle adjustments from time to time. However, any other adjustments should be made by an authorized dealer. The only adjustment that usually is necessary is to make sure the engine stays running while idling and that the trimmer head does not rotate.

Welcome, a cool summer! The heat makes the growth of grass in your garden speedy, right? Why don’t you find a strimmer that can satisfy your need for edging and trimming?

Stop searching for a product that can fulfill your requirements now as Ryobi String Trimmer is all you need and more.

However, among models of the Ryobi brand out there, which one is right for you? Let’s read this article to brief down what you need to know about the Ryobi String Trimmers reviews, their pros and cons, and some great features from us.

Is your curiosity provoked? Then let’s kick right in!

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  • Ryobi String Trimmers Review
  • Measuring Ryobi String Trimmers pros and cons

Why Should You Choose Ryobi String Trimmers?

Ryobi is a famous Japanese manufacturer, specializing in components of automobiles and electronics.

Established in 1943, the company has been a famous and reliable name for customers in manufacturing components industries.

The Ryobi String Trimmers was one of Ryobi’s qualified product lines with many different models. In the market, there are so many other rivalries, but what makes the Ryobi String Trimmers stand out is its unique characteristics.

Firstly, the Ryobi String Trimmers are designed with a dual-line advancement to automatically support the string. Now, you don’t need to worry about your fragile plants anymore.

Why? Because the bump guard is set up to avoid breaking any products.

Additionally, the Ryobi String Trimmers also have fitting handles and free-vibration systems, which makes it easier to transform the trimmer into any other gardening tool as pruner or a mini cultivator.

Or, we can say, it can be not only a trimmer but a “multi-purpose” gardening tool.

As you can see, Ryobi String Trimmers provide you with great support for gardening. Let’s read the article below to clarify whether the Ryobi String Trimmer is a suitable product for your home.

Ryobi String Trimmers Review

Easy to use

The general Ryobi product consists of a motor, a sharp knife, a trimmer head, spool, string, dual-line, and a trimmer attachment. Individual accessories can be parted, removed, and replaced.

Users can feel at ease when using the Ryobi machine because they can change and innovate the trimmer as they want.

With small size and lightweight, users can quickly move the machine everywhere with them to trim. The String Trimmers are also available to alternate into other tools for gardening.

Additionally, the string trimmers are designed to cut grass even to the thickest bush or up against the wall.

Users don’t need to concern about fragile plants would be damaged by trimmers, because the new design by Ryobi is equipped with a special head to avoid affecting plants.

Briefly, Ryobi trimmers are simple, light, small, easy to carry around. It is changeable and transformable. When using these trimmers, the user can cut to every kind of bush without worrying about damaging the garden.

Just follow the instruction guide, input a battery, then a Ryobi String Trimmer is ready to use!


Ryobi trimmers are highly rated for their sizing. Acknowledging that users vary from women to men, from old to young, from weak to heavy, Ryobi has created small and light products so that their machines can be appropriate to everyone.

Most Ryobi products are designed to be suitable for all workplaces. The machine is small, simple, and light to be available to carry around.

Weighing from 5 pounds to 11 pounds, people can easily pick up the trimmer, take it around, move it from inside the house to outside.

For example, Ryobi P2052 One+ 18 – Volt Cordless String Trimmer – one of the best seller items from the brand – only weighing 4.99 pounds with a size of 49 x 4.5 x 5 inches.

We can see that this trimmer is a perfect choice for a small workplace. It is easy to carry around with the strength of only one person.

However, the cut is powerful enough to provide satisfactory work for your garden.

P2210 One+ 18 – Volt Trimmer Edger is another representation of Ryobi’s lightweight products. The trimmer is only 6.85 pounds, light enough to move around.



In terms of product design, Ryobi can satisfy even to the cockiest customer. One of the most creative ideas from this maker is the Expand-It feature.

What makes the Expand-It system convenient for customers is that the product can totally transform a trimmer into a pruner, edger, or any gardening tools as you want.

That is the reason why Expand-It’s representative trimmer – Ryobi RY40220 – is voted as one of the most flexible Ryobi trimmers.

What is better than a trimmer that can also serve as a blower, cultivator, or everything else, right? Just pay for one but you can have more than that.

Besides, Ryobi has created the REEL – EASY bum-head string head for a more speedily load for their trimmers.

Examining the Ryobi RY40220, we can see that the dual-line string is just 0.08 inches, which can provide deep and accurate cut even through the hardest, thickest bush.

In general, two features above – Expand-It and REEL-EASY from Ryobi have been contributing to the enjoyable experience for the customer.

The user feels comfortable, efficient, and trustworthy when purchasing a product that can not only transform into every gardening tools but also provide a precise cut.

Ryobi S430 String

Ryobi S430

Battery Life

When it comes to convenience, Ryobi always knows how to make its customers satisfied. Mostly, their models are designed to run with a battery.

Every item must have a Li-on battery which lasts long enough for trimming your yard perfectly.

For instance, the Ryobi P2052 One+ 18 – Volt Cordless String Trimmer, a representative for the series, is equipped with an 18 – Volt Lithium-ion battery.

The trimmer can work perfectly and create a strong, sharp, accurate cut for your grass.

Additionally, other models, such as Ryobi RY40220 40V Trimmer, can even work at 40 Volt, leading to the power cut and efficient gardening. With a 3 – year warranty, you can satisfactorily use it without any worries! How great!

Besides, Ryobi understands that requiring a battery to run the machine means the user has to beware of the battery life usually, which can irritate them.

The P2210 One+ 18 – Volt String Trimmer Edger is a representative from another series of Ryobi trimmer. What makes the product stand out is its dual power source.

Unlike other Ryobi trimmers, the P2210 can switch between battery or any other One+ tool. It is more convenient to choose either a battery or other sources.

Ryobi S430 Air Filter

Due to its dual power source, the product can have unlimited power or portability. You can carry it around without worrying about the age of the battery because you can use a power cord if needed.

Traditionally, most Ryobi trimmers are required to have a battery and its life is durable enough to trim the yard completely.

However, recently, users are free to choose which model is a more appropriate product for their house because Ryobi can serve them all, with or without battery!

Measuring Ryobi String Trimmers pros and cons

Ryobi S430 Oil Requirement

If you are searching for a trimmer that can support a deep and precise cut as well as a powerful engine for your garden, Ryobi String Trimmers is a great choice for you to consider.

Ryobi String Trimmers is not only small, light, simple, and easy to carry around but also reliable, efficient, and affordable.

Every product can have its pros and cons. Besides its advantages, Ryobi String Trimmers could also have some weaknesses to be acknowledged. Below are some points to list out:


  • Small, light, easy to move around
  • Simple, easy to install and use
  • Transformable to other gardening tools
  • Affordable price
  • REEL – EASY bum head for a speedy string load
  • Powerful engine
  • Provides deep and accurate cut


  • The quality is not durable among models.
  • Battery life is not long enough for large gardens.
  • Most items require a battery, which is annoying when working outside.
Ryobi S430

Ryobi S430 Attachments

In a nutshell

Hopefully, our Ryobi String Trimmers reviews will provide you with enough background information to consider before purchasing.

Personally, if we are about to buy a product that combines efficiency and convenience altogether, Ryobi String Trimmers would be our choice.

Ryobi S430 Carb

We hope that you can have a great choice for your household after carefully evaluating all the factors mentioned above. Best luck with your shopping!