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Vellum is another name for Parchment that is made from Calf and Goat skins. Skin sizes vary and the prices quoted in our catalogue are based on average skins. Color: 03 Real Vellum - Warm Rare and Hard to Find Product/Color. Limited Quantity Available. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Prescriptives Virtual Skin Super Natural Finish Makeup Foundation 1oz/30ml - Real Cream (Warm) 02. Our white goatskin parchment is of a superior quality, and suitable for different type of projects including, calligraphy, printing, painting, wall cladding, bespoke furniture making, and bookbinding. Each parchment hide is around 7 sq ft.This is real parchment, not paper.Prices are per hide.

Parchment vellum

A remarkable, high quality material with truly unique properties, used Worldwide to create exceptional high quality Documents, Works of Art and other products. William Cowley is the only commercial manufacturer of genuine Calfskin Vellum in the UK.

Real Parchment Paper

This is a truly versatile and supreme Vellum, available in several different forms and finishes as detailed below. Prized by Calligraphers, Illuminators and Painters for the depth, clarity and luminescence it brings to their work. Vibrant colours and incredibly fine detail is achievable, remarkable qualities that sets vellum well apart from paper and so called ‘Parchment’ imitations. Historically used the World over, because of its exceptional quality, for documents that must convey honour, distinction, importance or authority, not least in Royal and government circles.

For the last twenty five years or so I have completed many calligraphy and illuminating commissions on Cowley’s vellum. I find that the excellent quality of their skins does not change. The staff always take great care to ensure that the skins selected are suited to the purpose. ~ Patricia Lovett, Calligrapher, Illuminator, Teacher and Author

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Parchment Vellum

It is Vellum’s invaluable and unsurpassed capacity to last indefinitely in terms of both its great strength and appearance that also make it the product of choice for Bookbinding, Printing, and Furniture and Wall Covering, and the highest quality Drum Heads.

We use only the very best calfskins available and always personally select our raw materials. We employ rigorous selection criteria to ensure we can consistently produce Vellum of the highest quality.

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You can buy Calfskin Vellum as whole skins, in standard cut sizes or circles for drum heads. We are pleased to cut custom sizes on request. Most Calfskins average 6-8 square feet (0.5-0.75 sq metres) in size. As with leather the natural skin is irregular in shape, so the useable area depends on the size and the number of pieces you wish to cut out of it. William Cowley is the only manufacturer of genuine Parchment & Vellum in the UK.

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Real Vellum

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