Raspberry Pi Get Public Ip Address

Get the IP Address of the Raspberry Pi Hardware

In this tutorial, we shall be using network scanner to identify Raspberry Pis ip address using nmap and angry ip scanner and assign Raspberry Pi a fixed address. If you have configured your Raspberry Pi obtain ip address from DHCP server and would like it to have a static IP address, this tutorial is for you.

  • If the other solutions did not work, or if your Raspberry Pi is on an isolated network, consider using your router to find its current IP address. Most routers display the list of devices connected to the network, with their IP address and their mac address. If you have access to this interface, it should help you.
  • If my desktop computer has a NeoRouter IP of and my Pi has then I can simply ssh over to that IP address. It doesn’t matter if the Pi is halfway around the world.

Hear the Spoken IP Address

To hear the IP address of the Raspberry Pi™ board, plug headphonesor powered speakers into the audio socket on the board.

Restart the board and prepare to keep a record of the IP address.

The board uses a synthesized voice for the IP address. For example,it says: “My IP address is one hundred and seventy two pointtwo eight point two zero one point one three seven.”

Raspberry Pi Get Public Ip Address Of My Computer

Show the IP Address on a Display

Raspberry Pi Get Public Ip Address

To display the IP address of the Raspberry Pi hardware,connect a keyboard and mouse to the USB ports on the board. Connecta monitor or TV to either the HDMI output or the S-video output onthe board.


After starting the Raspberry Pi hardware, open the start menu on the Raspberry Pi desktop. Select Accessories > LXTerminal.

The terminal displays the host name that Support Package Installerassigned to the Raspberry Pi hardware during the setup process.For example, raspberrypi-computername in the followingillustration.

At the command prompt, enter ifconfig. The inet parameteron the second line displays the IP address of the board.

With the raspi function, you can use eitherthe IP address or the host name as the ipaddress argument.

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As you may know, each device connected to your box has a local IP address which allows it to be identified within your network.

However, these IPs can change each time the machine is restarted, and it is very annoying when you want to access the Raspberry from a computer, for example in SSH.

In this tutorial we will see how to give a fixed local IP to our Raspberry Pi and thus avoid looking for it each time.

What do we need ?

We will only need a working Raspberry Pi connected to the internet, with Raspbian installed.

Please note, we are talking about a local IP address, used to access the Raspberry from your network and not directly from the internet. We will be doing a tutorial on this specific topic in the coming weeks.

Assign a static IP to the Raspberry Pi

First connect to your pi, either physically or by SSH, and open a terminal there.

We will start by finding the current local IP address of your Raspberry Pi. To do this, type one of the following two commands (adapt according to your case):

You should get a return that looks something like this:

Note this return to the side so that you can return to it easily.

Raspberry Pi Get Public Ip Address Manager

Once done, open the file /etc/dhcpcd.conf with nano (or some other text editor, whatever), go to the end and add the lines below, replacing:

  • wlan0 by eth0 if you are connected via Ethernet.
  • by the following address src in the previous command, followed by /XX after the first IP.
  • by the following address via.

What does it all do? Well quite simply, in our example, it tells the Raspberry Pi that we want:

What Is My Raspberry Pi Ip Address

  • Whether its IP address for the Wi-Fi connection in the local network is static, that is to say always the same, and whether, with the subnet mask/24
  • That it must use the machine at address as a router, that is to say your box.

For information, you can quite choose another address than the following one src, the only constraints are to stay in the correct subnet mask (/24 means to modify only the last group) and to choose an address which is not already in use by another machine. We
have chosen to use the current address of the Raspberry Pi since we are sure that no other machine has it. uses.


All you have to do is restart your Raspberry Pi to apply the change and check that it still has internet access.

Raspberry Pi Ip Address Change

After each restart, the IP of your Raspberry Pi will always remain the one you have defined.

Find Raspberry Pi Ip Address

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