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  1. ProPresenter is the industry-leading worship presentation tool for churches of all sizes. Features include rock solid stability, volunteer-friendly ease of use, the ability to display worship lyrics and scripture verses, video playback, PDF chord charts, and more on a projection or LED screen.
  2. To adjust the zoom level of the Editor select the Zoom button in the lower right. You can select a predefined value or you can select Custom to enter your own value. To have ProPresenter zoom so that you can see the entire slide, select Fit, or on Mac, Option-click on the Zoom button. Click outside of the Zoom window to close it.

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Create versatile presentations with tools worthy of a true filming studio, adding effects, videos and texts in order to make your voice and ideas heard

What's new in ProPresenter 7.5.0 Build 117768207:

Propresenter 7 Compatibility

  • New! Show controls to quickly access timers, messages, stage, and props while running a live show
  • New! Gradient text fills
  • New! Custom text underline color
  • New! Custom text background color
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ProPresenter is not about how cool this application is but about how professional your presentations will look after using it. It's not so much an app as it is a media center for creating and controlling your presentation while the added content is being displayed.

As a result, you can directly manipulate your creation as you go on. While it was created initially as an aid to worship gatherings, this presentation software has developed into a universal solution for use in almost any situation, from simple school projects to more ambitious broadcasts.

Propresenter 7 Training

Crowded but useful interface

Now, with most such programs the interface is hard to keep neat and clean. This is the exact situation with ProPresenter. It's not that you'll find it hard to discover whatever options you need, but rather that you have this feeling these options have been scattered all over the place.

All the settings are clearly labeled. A search button is visible in the top-right corner of the program window. You have about four or five different panes and the central window detailing your project and its components. Add various drop-down menus to the mix and you've got yourself a real mess going on.

Lights, camera, and action

This particular application gives the feeling of a filming studio rather than a simple presentation creation program. Aside from the various actions, you can add to your slides and components, timers, and audio inputs, one can intertwine various texts with video content and have these adjusted on the go. If there is one particular thing to appreciate when working with ProPresenter, it's the flexibility you deal with in every little step you take. Preferences are of the most varied kind and include adjustments that generally deal with the resolution of your presentation, groups and services that are involved, devices you work with, network connections, and input adjustments. There are several ways to change the app's behavior towards your audience. Adaptability is yet again something to praise in the case of ProPresenter.

Propresenter 7 Zoom Free

ProPresenter is by far one of the more complex presentation creators out there. It offers plenty of features and prides itself on an overall flexible attitude towards whatever work is getting done by the user. Still, it's pretty clear this type of software will require a bit of computer knowledge in order to fully understand and enjoy its capabilities.

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ProPresenter was reviewed by Tudor Sprinceana
  • Watermark on the output presentation
  • Not intended to be used in front of an audience. Should you wish to try ProPresenter with an audience, you can request a 2-week trial code
  • GPU: If you are outputting to more than 4 HD screens, you should have a dedicated (meaning, not integrated) GPU.
  • Video compression: H264 or H265 (HEVC) at 30mbps or less for HD, 50mbps for 4K; For videos with Alpha channels, ProRes 4444 is recommended.
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ProPresenter 7.5.0 Build 117768207

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Propresenter 7 User Guide

15 screenshots:
runs on:
Windows 10 64 bit
file size:
98 MB
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Authoring Tools
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If you are a user of Renewed Vision’s ProPresenter software, hopefully by now you’ve heard that they just released version 7 for both MacOS and Windows.

The new version is more similar between the two operating systems than ever before, and there’s a lot of new features, most notably the UI design. One other enhancement that I am excited about is that all of the add on modules (alpha keyer module, communications, MIDI, SDI/NDI output, etc.) are now all included as part of the software license. This will be great for us because now we can have these features available to all of our ProPresenter installs, whereas in the past, the pricing model was a limitation for us.

I have been slowly checking out the new version and we will be purchasing an upgraded license soon to roll this out in our various venues within the coming months.

With all of the new features that ProPresenter has, I thought it would be fun to include the Top 8 Features of ProPresenter that I hope to see implemented. Here they are, in no particular order:

  1. Tally Integration. If you’ve followed this blog, you have probably seen where I’ve mentioned the ProTally software I created to help fill in the gap here so our volunteers could know when their ProPresenter output was on-air. So while tally protocol support (whether it be TSL or data coming directly from something like an ATEM switcher) would likely render tools like ProTally obsolete for a lot of use cases, it would make the experience so much better for the end user, and I’m definitely a fan of that.
  2. HTTP GET/POST slide cues. This would be awesome. Some people do a workaround right now where they put a “web element” on a slide and make it invisible, but a true communication cue to send GET/POST (along with JSON data) whenever I click on a slide would be a great way to open up some automation efforts to trigger other software.
  3. Hide Audio Bin / Re-arrange the interface. This is a simpler one, but the ability to hide the audio bin that we aren’t likely to use as well as being able to re-arrange the UI would be nice to have.
  4. Customizable border on the current active slide. A lot of our volunteers have expressed that it would be nice to have a way to quickly see which slide is active, and sometimes the current border box around the active slide isn’t easy to see. So a way to make that border thicker, change the color, make it blink, etc. would be a nice feature.
  5. A built-in, free, amazing sync option. I’ve written about how we currently do cloud syncing in ProPresenter by using Dropbox and sharing all the libraries to all the machines. It works fine for what it is. But a way to truly share playlists, themes, media, etc. from one ProPresenter install to another, built in, would be awesome, especially if it could use the drive/file sync tools we already use, like Dropbox.
  6. Go To Next Timer showing a countdown. Another simpler one, but it would be really nice if any time a slide was on a advance timer, if the UI showed how much time was left before it advanced (in minutes/seconds).
  7. Web interface to show slide information, clocks, etc. A page where I can view the slides, the current/next slide, timers, messages, etc. A “producer’s page” of sorts. Right now, we use PresentationBridge for this. We would keep this web page open in our control rooms for the director to see so they know exactly where we are at in a presentation or song.
  8. Published and supported REST API. It would be great to have a published and supported interface where we can control ProPresenter remotely. A lot of people have done great work to reverse-engineer the ProRemote app, and that protocol is getting a lot of use through projects like Companion. But something officially documented and supported would be truly great. And on that note, some kind of official support for stream decks would be great too! Whether it is acknowledgement of the Companion project or another avenue.

Propresenter 7 Dvd

So there’s my top 8 feature requests! I’m excited about this new version of ProPresenter, because with their ProPresenter+ plan, we are going to see more regular feature updates. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you can demo it for free!