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Dl4ever started a thread ProPresenter 7.5 (117768207) in Windows Windows (x64) Languages: English File Size: 99.5 MB ProPresenter is a cross-platform (Mac and Windows) presentation & production application. ProPresenter7: As of the release of ProPresenter 7.4, we fully support macOS 11 (Big Sur) and newer Mac machines running with Apple Silicon processors. You may see problems arise with peripheral hardware such as BlackMagic products which are widely used with our software programs. (Blackmagic Desktop Video should be updated to 12.0). W7000 with 4GB of video memory is better than Radeon with 1GB. In most cases, you are right, but not in the case of ProPresenter 6 for Windows. Finding a Mac that works with ProPresenter is easy. Finding a Windows device that does is tougher. Feature: Mac 32-bit vs. 64-bit Windows and Mac 64-bit both 64-bit OSs 64-bit. Apr 27, 2021 Here is a list of functionality that will not be in ProPresenter 7 on launch: DVD Playback (Both Mac and Windows OS have made this increasingly difficult) Text Ticker (this will be in an update) Localization (English only at launch many more languages coming) Cloud syncing (more will be said about this in the future). ProPresenter now supports the m1 chip on Mac mini. Does it matter wether I get the 8gb or 16gb of ram when talking about performance? We're running a Mac and ProPresenter 7. Continue browsing in r/ProPresenter. Welcome to ProPresenter.

Today, Renewed Vision held a keynote and live stream announcing a brand new version of their popular church presentation software, ProPresenter. This new release has been highly anticipated by church tech teams over the past few months as the company has dropped hints of their newest update. The best part? It’s available to download immediately.

Our team at Church Motion Graphics are long-time users of this presentation tool, so we were excited to get our hands on ProPresenter 7. If you’re considering updating from a previous version, or perhaps jumping into this software for the first time, here’s a quick look at some of the best new features in Pro7.

1. A Content-Focused Interface

The first big change that we noticed with ProPresenter 7 is a massive overhaul to their interface. You’ll love the new dark mode that makes the software much easier on your eyes when working in darker production environments. Other great changes include more convenient buttons to clear elements, a helpful search bar, and multiple presentation libraries. Plus, in the new “preview” area on the right, you can view the output of any of your screens.

2. Display Multiple Scripture Translations At One Time

Is your congregation multilingual? Or, do you ever need to compare two different translations of a Bible verse in your teaching? This new feature allows you to quickly create slides that show multiple translations of the Bible on your screens.

3. Increased Text Size For Operators

A new EasyView feature allows complete customization of slide text specifically on the operator side. Without affecting your slide formatting that displays to your audience, you can now change the font, color, size, and more of your slides on your operator display. This is great for increased visibility when running your slides. No more squinting needed!

4. Better Support For Windows

Since its original release, ProPresenter has been a Mac-focused program. Even though the past few versions have included a Windows option, it has always received new updates much later and been more of a little brother to the Mac version. With Pro7, Renewed Vision has built a new platform from the ground up to ensure an identical 64-bit experience on both Windows and Mac. PC fans everywhere can rejoice!

5. Built-In Configuration For Multiple Screens

In the past, many ProPresenter users utilized the Multiscreen Module and TripleHead2Go adapters to achieve multiple screen outputs. Since most computers now support multiple outputs natively, Pro7 allows you to fully control what content goes to each of your screens, through SDI, NDI, and HDMI. You can output to as many screens as your computer will allow with more customization than ever. Another great feature of these new screen controls is that the software will remember your output settings, even after restarting or unplugging.

6. Increased Stage Display Flexibility

In past versions, formatting and display options for stage displays, or “confidence monitors,” was pretty limited. With Pro7, there is a brand new Stage Display editor that allows you to create layouts with similar controls as creating slides. Plus, you can now send separate stage display looks to different screens in your space. For example, you could have a fullscreen clock on one display and song lyrics on another.

7. A Completely New Editor Mode

ProPresenter’s new Editor has been rewritten with new features that users have requested most for slide design. Fresh shapes, fills, alignment guides, text controls, and more have been added that make outside presentation software like PowerPoint unnecessary.

8. A Separate Announcement Layer

Have you ever wished that you could display pre-service slides in the lobby while displaying other content in the auditorium on one computer? Now you can. The new Announcements layer in Pro7 allows you to simultaneously display certain slides on one screen, while you’re completely free to run different content on another display. This will be particularly useful during soundcheck on Sundays.


9. All Modules Are Now Included For Free

For years some of the best ProPresenter tools were reserved for customers who could afford to pay a couple hundred bucks more per feature. Altogether, these extra modules would cost you over $2500 to unlock these advanced capabilities. With Pro7, all of that changes because those modules are all included for free! That’s right—features such as midi support, edge blending, alpha keying, SDI/NDI support, and more are built-in at no additional charge.

Ready To Try It For Yourself?

You can find out more about ProPresenter 7 and how you can purchase it for your ministry at RenewedVision.com. But, your presentation software is only as good as your visuals.

For the very best in worship backgrounds, slide templates, and countdowns to use with Pro7, Church Motion Graphics has you covered. We make it simple to keep a fresh look with thousands of media downloads available at your fingertips, plus, fresh content is added each month. It’s truly the best companion for your new software.

Live streaming has gained popularity in churches over the last decade as an effective way to share Sunday services with those who are home sick, traveling, and even outside of their congregations. It’s one part convenience and one part outreach.

Typically, churches will add a streaming setup to their auditoriums to capture and share their worship services live and post to the internet. These setups can range from a simple smartphone on a tripod to a complex system of multiple cameras capturing every element of the experience.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many ministries to cancel their services until further notice to prevent spreading the virus, churches everywhere are seeking alternative methods to continue to preach sermons and worship together to music. Live streaming is one of the most popular solutions.

We recently took a poll in our Facebook Group filled with thousands of church tech leaders and volunteers to see what their live stream setups look like. During this season, many of them are using video equipment they already have set up in their auditoriums. Others have set up makeshift streaming studios in their church offices and homes.

We hope that seeing this range of equipment will help you as you put together your streaming system, possibly for the first time.

Setup #1

• iPhone 11 Pro
• Sandmarc 60mm telephoto lens with polarizing filter
• Roland GO:Mixer
• Amazon Basics 60″ Tripod

Setup #2

• Sony AX43 camera
• ATEM Television Studio BlackMagic Mini Recorder
• Focusrite Scarlett Solo
• Wirecast

Setup #3

• Galaxy S8
• Lenovo Tab 4
• Logitech c922 webcam
• OBS software
• iMac running ProPresenter for lyrics

Setup #4

• Panasonic HMC 80 camera (x2)
• Blackmagic ATEM Television Studio
• Blackmagic Web Presenter

Setup #5

• iMac with ProPresenter and iVGA
• Tricaster Mini stream to YouTube Live
• Epiphan Webcaster stream to Facebook live
• Sony PTZ camera (x3)
• Presonus Studio Live 32 channel mixer with aux for sending lines to stream

Setup #6

• Blackmagic Studio HD camera with 45-175 PZ lens (x2)
• Blackmagic ATEM 4K switcher
• iMac with ProPresenter 6 for graphics
• Behringer X32 for sound
• Feeds to Living As One

ProPresenter Presentation And Worship Software For Lyrics ...

Setup #7

• PTZOptics 30x NDI cameras (x2)
• PC for live streaming using vMix software (to YouTube and Facebook simultaneously)
• Mac Mini with ProPresenter 7 (using NDI to pull this into our live stream)
• Behringer X32 connected to streaming PC using the X-USB card for sound

Setup #8

• iPhone (x3)
• iPad
• Switcher Studio app

Setup #9

Propresenter 7 mac mini software

• Mevo camera
• iPad
• Behringer X32
• iRig 2

Setup #10

• Sony NX5U (x2)
• Blackmagic ATEM
• Wirecast to Restream

Setup #11

• HP HD 4310 webcam
• vMix software
• Yamaha MG16xu

Setup #12

• Panasonic HD camera (x2)
• iMac
• Blackmagic ATEM HD
• Boxcaster
• Behringer X32 via Aux Feed

Propresenter 7 Mac Mini Download

Setup #13

• Canon G40 camera
• Webcaster X2
• Behringer PMP6000
• Zoom U-22

Setup #14

• Sony PMW-200 camera
• Go Pro
• iMac for Pro6
• Blackmagic ATEM mini
• OBS to Stream Monkey and Vimeo Live

Setup #15

• Canon HD XF305 (x2)
• Blackmagic Television Studio 4K
• Blackmagic Mini Recorder PCI card
• PC with OBS streaming software
• Restream going to YouTube, Facebook, and Church Online Platform

Setup #16

• Canon C100 camera
• Blackmagic ATEM controlled by a StreamDeck
• Matrix out of LS9
• Boxcast

How To Add More Outputs To A Computer Like A Mac Mini Or IMac ...

Setup #17

• Sony PXW-z190 Cameras running 12g SDI (x4)
• Sony PXW-z190 on a Mobile Rig with a Teradek Bolt 4k 750
• Marshall CV-420CS Cameras with 12g SDI (x2)
• iMac’s feeding different Graphic needs both in room and broadcast (x3)
• Blackmagic ATEM 4 feeding into Decklink card in a Mac Pro
• Wirecast 12 pushing out to YouTube and Churchstreaming.tv
• Churchstreaming.tv also pushing out to Facebook and Church Online Platform
• WING consoles split over AES50 Protocol (x2)
• Broadcast console feeds Main LR mix back to the FOH console.
• FOH console has the ability to also mix broadcast through a stereo post fader bus in case of sickness or failure.
• FOH feeds a stereo signal to a BMD analog audio to SDI converter
• Converter to ATEM via SDI
• ATEM carries audio with video feed via SDI to DeckLink card

Setup #18

• Panasonic HPX255 Camera (x5)
• Ross Carbonite Black switcher
• Matrox Monarch HDX H.264 encoder/streamer
• Couple smaller Marshall-ish cameras for drums and other close shots

Setup #19

• Roland VR-50HD MkII
• PTZ optics cameras (x3)
• Canon G40 manned camera
• PC for lyrics & graphics
• PC running OBS Studio just to record or encode stream

Setup #20

• iPod touch
• Tripod with smartphone mount
• iPad
• TV and LED lights for background

Setup #21

• iPad Pro
• iPhone
• Many Cam app

Setup #22

• Ross Carbonite Ultra switcher
• Ross NK34 router
• Panasonic HX270 camera (x4)
• Aja Ki Pro Rack recorder
• Living As One Ray encoder

Setup #23

• Sony PTZ camera (x3)
• Sony Broadcast cameras (x4)
• Sony MVS3000 switcher
• Yamaha QL5 soundboard
• Boxcaster

Setup #24

• PTZOptics SDI camera (x3)
• LiveStream HD550
• LiveStream Studio 6
• Behringer X32
• Facebook Live

Setup #25

• Sling Studio
• iPad
• iMac with Propresenter
• Canon Vixia HF G20 (x2)
• iPod touch (x2)
• iPhone (x2)

Setup #26

• Tricaster
• Canon XF305 (x3)
• MacBook with ProPresenter
• Allen & Heath SQ5
• Boxcast streaming to YouTube & Facebook

Setup #27

• Canon Vixia HF G21 camera
• Canon AX40 camera
• Tripod (x2)
• Blackmagic HDMI to Thunderbolt converters
• Mac Pro running Wirecast software

Setup #28

• Xsplit Broadcaster
• Logitech 1080 webcams (x2)
• Ceiling mounts for cameras

Setup #29

• Sony PXWX70 camera
• Sony A3 camera
• iPhone 7S (x2)
• Sling Studio Hub
• Wireless camera link (x3)
• iPad for switching
• iPad for audio mixing
• iMac with ProPresenter

Setup #30

• Ikegami broadcast camera (x2)
• Ross Carbonite switcher
• Blackmagic router
• Living As One encoder

Still Have Questions?

Churches all over the world are facing the same challenges that you are in this season. Get connected to other media teams like yours by joining our Facebook Group filled with over 40,000 church tech leaders and volunteers who know what it’s like to be in your shoes. We encourage you to join our group and ask as many questions as you need. We think you’ll be surprised by how many others are like you and have advice to share.