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After nearly 30 years of programming in FileMaker Pro, we discovered another database platform that we love as much as FileMaker! In our opinion, Airtable is one of the best platforms that your small business team can adopt for your lightweight projects & workflows.

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Airtable was introduced to the world in 2015, and it has taken the world by storm to become one of the hottest & fastest-growing database platforms on the web. That's because Airtable is a combination of spreadsheet & database — and it is easy, inexpensive, fast, powerful, elegant, and surprisingly fun to use. And it's 100% cloud-based, too. No servers to configure. No software or hardware to worry about. Just launch a web browser (or mobile app) and go!

BuiltOnAir is not directly affiliated with nor sponsored by Airtable. An Openside Studios, LLC product 180 N University Ave Suite 270 Provo UT 84601 (385) 685-0708. BuiltOnAir is proud to be sponsored by Openside, a talented consulting and development company that has built advanced integration and workflow tools for Airtable.

Learning Airtable — An Airtable Training Course


ScottWorld was hand-selected by LinkedIn Learning to create the beginner-level Airtable training course entitled Learning Airtable. If you’d like to get up-to-speed quickly with Airtable, Learning Airtable is the perfect course for you!

Airtable can do about 50% of what FileMaker Pro can do — so it’s perfect for smaller teams and less complex projects.

While FileMaker can handle the world's most complicated business systemsand can power some of the largest companies on the planet, it can also be overkill & expensive for smaller groups who have simpler needs. And that's where Airtable comes in. Airtable is the solution that fills the gap between Excel and FileMaker.

Airtable is often referred to as “Microsoft Excel on steroids”, so if you need more functionality than what Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets offers, Airtable might be the perfect solution for you.

If you’ve been using Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets to run your small business, but now you need extra automations or relational database functionality, then you might love Airtable as much as we do.

Airtable is the perfect fit for you if you don’t need all the power and customizability that a full-blown programming language like FileMaker Pro offers.

Airtable is a user-friendly, low-cost, cloud-based database platform, and it is perfect for small teams, small businesses, or one-person businesses that don’t require tons of complexity in their database systems.

Automations and Integrations

Even better, Airtable can be automated with integrations from 3rd-party services such as Integromat, Zapier, miniExtensions, and On2Air. These are all web-based services which enable Airtable to seamlessly integrate with popular apps & websites that you may already be using on a daily basis. And Airtable has its own API and built-in support for JavaScript, which can extend Airtable’s functionality even further.

ScottWorld is a registered Integromat partner, which means that we are recognized experts at Integromat, the world’s most advanced automation integration platform.

Customized Apps Designed Specifically For You

Scott has now developed dozens of custom Airtable bases for our clients, and we can do the same for you!

Take a look at one of our solutions on the Airtable website, which enables businesses to effortlessly work with multiple different zones in Airtable:

Simply put, ScottWorld is home to the world’s best Airtable experts, best Airtable consultants, best Airtable trainers, and best Airtable developers.

ScottWorld is the author of Learning Airtable, a beginner-level Airtable training course available on LinkedIn Learning.

Implementation – NEW Openside

ScottWorld helps businesses create world-class Airtable solutions, along with automating & integrating Airtable with other platforms. We have created dozens of top-notch Airtable databases for our clients, and we can do the same for you! :) We also love training teams on how to become Airtable experts for themselves, so they can create their own amazing Airtable databases.

ScottWorld is an Airtable consulting & Airtable software development company that can help you rapidly build any sort of custom database system that you would like to create for your business — and we can also create amazing automations that integrate your Airtable database system with thousands of other apps & websites that you are already using in your business!

When it comes to automating & integrating your Airtable databases with other platforms, we have complete expertise at integrating 3rd-party tools (such as Integromat, Zapier, miniExtensions, and Openside) with Airtable. These are all web-based services which extend Airtable’s capabilities by seamlessly integrating Airtable with other apps & websites that you may already be using on a daily basis. We are also experts at using Airtable’s API, which can extend Airtable’s functionality even further.

See Full List On Support.openside.com

ScottWorld is a registered Integromat partner, which means that we are recognized experts at Integromat, the world’s most advanced automation integration platform.

For almost 30 years, ScottWorld has been creating some of the world's best & most user-friendly custom apps for hundreds of businesses around the world in FileMaker. And now, we’ve taken our master development skills & expertise from FileMaker, and brought them over to Airtable! Airtable is based on a similar programming logic as FileMaker Pro, so it was a natural fit for us. We are now intimately familiar with every capability, every programming function, and every idiosyncrasy of Airtable like the back of our hands. We are now your expert Airtable developers as well! :)

Since 2018, ScottWorld has been providing expert Airtable training, consulting, and programming for both desktop & mobile environments. So whether you sit at a desk, walk around a warehouse, or travel across the globe, we can help you create an Airtable solution that works 100% perfectly for your needs.

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We love Airtable, and we take enormous pride in creating beautiful, easy-to-use, simple databases that work 100% perfectly with zero bugs. We thoughtfully create custom Airtable systems that are clean, efficient, detail-oriented, and perfectly crafted. We 'cross every t' and 'dot every i' in our programming code, which results in a magnificent system that you will absolutely love using on a daily basis for many years into the future.

ScottWorld offers world-class customer service & unparalleled technical support, and you will always be working directly with your Airtable programmer. No project managers, no administrative people, no middlemen. Just you and your Airtable programmer, developing your system together. Your relationship is a DIRECT RELATIONSHIP with your programmer (which is usually ScottWorld CGO Scott Rose). You won't have multiple rotating programmers working on your system — just one programmer who is always intimately familiar with your system and your programming code.