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Hi all,
I'm trying to capture an mp4 video being fed from ProPresenter 7 on a networked MacBook Pro.
The visual component comes through just fine. However, there is no sound. When I play the source material within ProPresenter 7 there is definitely sound there.
Within my Audio Mixer I have an NDI Source bar, which is not muted, and is set to 0db. When playing the video within ProPresenter 7 there is no activity visible.
Source computer: 2015 MacBook Pro 13' running macOS Catalina NDI 4.9 installed
OBS computer: 2020 MacBook Pro 13' running macOS Catalina

Propresenter 7 Dvd

It will take syphon from propresenter 6 (or use an NDI output in Pro7) and turn it into NDI which, unlike syphon, can go between computers AND can be seen by OBS (on both). For OBS to see it though, there’s an NDI plug-in you’ll need to download and install. We’re running ProPresenter 6 on an old Mac, and streaming via OBS on a PC (i7-9700, 16G, GTZ1660 Ti 6G). We have video capture devices to get the slides in to the stream. I’m considering getting ProPresenter 7 for the PC to simplify the setup, consolidate streaming,and ditching the Mac.

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Propresenter 7 Free Download

ProPresenter User Guide. Welcome to the ProPresenter 7 User Guide. These pages are intended to give you a glimpse of all of the different features that ProPresenter offers. Check out each of the sections below and a little information on what you'll find inside! With ProPresenter 7 not only can you send content the main screens in your auditorium, but you can also send lower thirds to another output. Whether you want to do IMAG with live video on the side screens of your room with lyrics over it, or even lyrics in a live stream, ProPresenter 7 makes this easier than ever. With the release of ProPresenter 7, we no longer have add-on modules that cost extra. We have integrated most of the modules as core features. One of these features is the ability to send an Alpha Key output over SDI (with suitable output hardware) or NDI.