Obs And Propresenter

The SDI screen setup in ProPresenter is the same no matter what output device you are using. There are changes that will need to be made for settings in the Blackmagic Desktop Video Setup though. If you are using the Blackmagic DeckLink 8K Pro, you need to go to the Connectors settings and select SDI 1& 2 In and SDI 3 & 4 Output for the best. OBS preview turned on and off. OBS started as an Administrator as well as not. Limiting in-game fps to 115. Using one pc setup - that's where 5950x was necessery, it was almost idling at max 50% while recording in 4k capture utility and obs and streaming all at the same time.

Obs alpha key

Mar 30, 2020 SDI is a great way to take content from your ProPresenter computer into your switcher. Using a software switcher & encoder like OBS? Syphon (for Mac only) and NDI (for Windows & Mac) are both easy and quality solutions for getting the lower thirds out of ProPresenter and into your video switcher. Feb 08, 2017 OBS (open broadcaster software) is encoding software that allows you to send that video to Facebook live, YouTube live, or dedicated live streaming hosts like Churchstreaming.tv, ustream, and others. With the “Enable syphon” checkbox checked, OBS sees ProPresenter as if it’s just a webcam, so streaming from it is pretty simple.

Hello guys! I saw that a lot of users are looking for good 'countdown program' so i decided to create a nice and simple program that lets u set the time u want and text that is displayed after countdown ended

Timer and last used settings files are saved in 'Timer.txt' and 'Timer.cfg' which are created next to this program so i suggest to put this file in a folder on ur desktop or smth. All u need to do to use it in OBS is:
1. Start OBS and my program,
2. Turn the countdown on for whatsoever seconds, just to be sure it created the files,
3. In OBS add new Text GDI and check the 'read from file' box,
4. Set the file to 'Timer.txt' which will be next to my program.
Now when u start the countdown it should look like this in OBS:
And yeah that's all. U can now easily use the program without any (i think) problem. If u found a bug or if u want me to improve this program, also don't forget to rate my program, no matter if u liked it or not, thanks and have fun!
PropresenterObs studio and propresenter
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Notes and links from the Filo 2019 breakout.

ProPresenter Lower 3rd options

Multi Screen Module

Obs And Propresenter
  • Module – $199
  • Triplehead2go / duelhead2go – $179 – $449
  • Datapath x4 – $1,098

Alpha Key Module

Propresenter 7 Lower Third

  • Module – $999
  • Blackmagic UltraStudio HD Mini (USB-C) – $495
  • Blackmagic UltraStudio 4K (thunderbolt) – $995

Master Control Module

  • Module – $299
  • PLUS another computer to output to switcher

Syphon & NDI Options

  • NDIsyphon – free tool

Obs And Propresenter

Network API

  • ProPresenter Stage Display & Subtitles (browser based)
  • ProPresenter Stage Display & Subtitles (Brad’s edit)
  • Stage Display Viewer (java based)
  • ProPresenter OBS (browser based)

How To Use Propresenter

Streaming distribution options