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Airtable is an alternative to one of the most critical, yet often overlooked, software tools upon which much of society relies on, the humble spreadsheet. Despite its simplicity, Airtable has a robust data model underneath that's more sophisticated than a spreadsheet.

Announcing Airtable Universe, a place to explore, discover and share your passion.

Human history is one long story of us trying desperately to communicate more complex ideas, more precisely, with one another.

In ancient Peru, for example, Incan messengers would carry quipus, bundles of knotted thread, to recall complicated data ranging from tax obligations to long-form narratives. Writing itself emerged initially in the form of commercial transaction receipts, permanently fired in clay tablets to create the trust necessary for commerce between far-flung individuals. Text gave way to recorded audio and video, providing increasingly higher fidelity representations of our ideas. And the web has enabled instantaneous knowledge sharing at a truly global scale.

But some ideas are still challenging to convey.

  • I found myself using Airtable as a remote database on a small hobby project I was working on unintentionally, I talk about it in this article.
  • Unicorn startup Airtable certainly seems to be having a moment in 2020. As an adaptive information management tool users can co-design to meet their needs, it’s the dream bundle for team.

For example, Tomer Sharon, the head of UX at WeWork, has spent his life developing a better approach to user experience research. To even begin to understand his method, you would need to read his twobooks, a selection of his Medium articles, and watch his 28 minute talk. Ideas like that are complicated.

That’s why we created Airtable Universe.

With Airtable Universe, hard-won knowledge that normally remains locked in someone’s mind can be communicated with remarkable precision. Interested in UX research? You can see the exact system Tomer’s team uses here.


Maybe you’ve always wanted to start a film festival but never known how to get started? Jon Gann, creator of the DC Shorts Film Festival, has you covered.

Npm Js Airtable

Or perhaps you’re planning a wedding and feeling overwhelmed? Jeff Appareti just got married, and has something that might help.

Airtable Universe is a new way to communicate complex ideas with the world, and we believe it will fundamentally change the way knowledge is shared. We’re launching today, but you can check out some of the amazing workflows that hundreds of creators have already published, like:

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Now, anyone can click, copy, and start running their own versions of these, and hundreds more, immediately.

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And to the creators out there, the weekend tinkerers who run their products, teams, businesses and/or lives atop elegant workflows with countless integrations, this is your time to shine. Airtable Universe is your platform. Publish your creations. Share them with the community. We’re excited to see what you can build.