Noco Genius 2


The NOCO Genius 2D charger is a 12v 2 amp mountable battery charger and maintainer. The GENIUS2D charger is engineered to be securely mounted nearby the battery. The charger features Univesal AC input range of 100-240 VAC. The Genius 2D is suitable for lead acid batteries including Wet, AGM, Gel and Maintenance Free Lead Acid Batteries. Trickle Charge almost any batteryNoco Genius 2 Genius 10 GC002 Accessory: https://amzn.to/3eWlrhn.

Noco Genius 2

The NOCO Genius GEN2 is a 2-bank 20 Amp waterproof marine smart charger and maintainer. It features two 12v 10 Amp outputs that charge individual 12v batteries that can be in series, parallel, or independent battery banks. The charger features a waterproof IP68 housing, is shock and vibration resistant, and safely monitors the batteries for fast and efficient charging.

The NOCO GEN2 is safe for Flooded, EFB, GEL, AGM, and Maintenance Free batteries. The charger safely charges and maintains batteries providing a finishing charge every 24hrs without overcharging batteries.

The GEN2 features a low voltage recovery mode that detects batteries as low as 2 volts and will attempt to recover excessively discharged or sulfated batteries. The GEN Series chargers feature reverse polarity, sparks, over-charging, overcurrent, and open-circuits and overheating protections.

The NOCO GEN2 has two 12 volts outputs meant for individual 12v batteries or battery banks that are no larger than 230AH per bank. The charger can be used to charge two 12v banks or one 24v battery bank using 12v batteries.

Noco Genius 2000a

  1. Product description The GENIUS2D is a 2-amp direct-mount onboard battery charger and battery maintainer for 12-volt lead-acid batteries, including flooded, gel, and AGM, as well as automotive, marine, and deep-cycle batteries.
  2. The NOCO GENIUS2 represents some of the most innovative and advanced technology on the market, making each charge simple and easy. It is quite possibly the safest and most efficient charger you will ever use. The GENIUS2 is designed for charging all types of 6V & 12V lead-acid batteries, including Lithium.

Noco Genius 2 Charger

Typical installation is to maintain a 12v trolling motor battery and a 12v starting battery. Another popular installation is it to mainatin a 24-volt series system using two 12v batteries for a trolling motor.