My Roku Ip Address

The About screen will tell you several things about your Roku connection. The IP address is the four-octet number separated by periods in the third line. On a home network, it probably starts with 192.168.0 or 192.168.1. The line underneath that, labeled Gateway, will look similar, but don’t let that confuse you. To identify the IP address of the Roku device, you will need such a router that displays devices’ names. Now, open the web browser depending on your preference. Then, you should go to the admin interface of the router page. Well, you can just find it under the IP address of the router.

Does anyone know what IP address ROKU accesses DirectPublisher feeds from? We need to open our CloudFlare firewall to ROKU but have no idea where to find the IP info.
AddressExtensionThe issue we are trying to resolve is that the feed is bombing on ingestion. The error says 'Thumbnail could not be downloaded.' If I upload the image to a different domain (without CloudFlare) the ingestion is good.

Where Is My Roku Ip Address Located

What is ironic is that the srt file we upload for closed captions has no problems and is hosted on the same domain that ROKU can't download the images from. I don't know why image files should work any differently than closed caption files as far as access is concerned.