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Hey guys!
I need to figure out how to put lower thirds in my show. The guy who normally does it says it 'can't' be done, but i've already seen it done on multiple streaming shows so there must be a way.
I have 3 camera views on 3 separate sets of guests, and I need a lower third attached to each of the views so that when we switch cameras, it pulls up their names as well. We're using OBS to stream, and blackmagic ATEM to switch. I figured out how to do a SINGLE lower third in blackmagic, but not how to do multiples. I've been told conflicting information- that blackmagic can / can't handle multiple lower thirds, and that OBS can / can't handle multiple lower thirds.
Does anyone here have ANY advice on this? (preferably in laymen's 'click this do that' terms because man.. I tried searching the forum and i couldn't make heads or tails of what most of y'all were saying!) Our next live show is Tuesday and I really need to have it figured out by then, if possible.
Thank you so much!

Sep 24, 2013 For example, we recently imported 70 JPGS into ProPresenter (all the images were labled “Slide01” – “Slide 70”) and they all imported but they were renamed so they were imported out of order. Due to this, my team has to place them in order. This can be a very difficult task since ProPresenter renamed each slide as well. Change Countdown Times. Most of the countdowns that are available for download are five. Details on sending the output of ProPresenter to Ecamm Live can be found here. Before lyrics and other text from ProPresenter can be presented over Ecamm Live camera video, you'll need to ensure that the slides have a transparent background. IMPORTANT: ProPresenter 6 and ProPresenter 7 are completely different, and have different set-up steps. Transitions – Making ProPresenter 6 Presentations Looks Professional. Creating Dynamic Slides in ProPresenter 6. How to Add Logos and Lower Third Text in ProPresenter 6. Getting Started – An Interface Overview of ProPresenter 6. Adjusting ProPresenter 6 for Screen Size: Corner Pinning.

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One of the first things to setup after you get your new switcher, and setup camera sources is, adding graphics and overlays. Keying your lyrics or lower thirds graphics on top of your video is the starting point for most. We pulled this video from our course on production online, to show you how to quickly get setup with “Keying” your sources. In this video we are using a BlackMagic ATEM Mini Pro but this method would work on any BlackMagic ATEM Products including the TV Studio HD, TV Studio Pro HD and Pro 4K, along with the Production Studio 1ME and 2ME plus the Broadcast Studio 4ME and 8K Constellation 4ME! We also use ProPresenter 7 but this Method will also work with ProPresenter 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 as well as other Presentation Software!