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Desktop Shortcut. Access your Mac or PC faster! Invite a person to temporarily view or share control of your host computer desktop from anywhere. (It’s like they’re looking over your shoulder.) See how. Remote Utilities. Includes lots of remote access tools. Great for both spontaneous and unattended.


Play all kinds of games with specially designed layouts and you can customize them as you wish

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  2. Simple and secure access using your web browser, anyone allowed can view the remote PC in-browser without the need of any plug-in or download. Security Keeping your ports secure with 2 layers of tunneling, ShowMyPC plus RDP works as a great alternative to VPN.


HD low-latency screen transmission and paint in the phone synced on the entire desktop on PC


Project photos, videos or even entire screen to PC, you can access files between PC and devices as well



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v7.4.3 for 64-bit Windows


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It is not just the layout, the app makes full use of the on board sensors to provide the user the ultimate experience when playing (accelerometer, G-sensor, gyro, etc). For instance, FPS mode enables the gyroscope sensor, allowing you to aim at your target, while Race mode uses the G-sensor to enable steering. And these are just a few perks in this loaded all-in-one goodness of a control app.

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Since our laptop's touchpad didn't work, we started with Touchpad mode. All worked perfectly. Buttons along the top edge let us switch between the 12 modes quickly. Function Keys mode let us restart or shut down the host PC and set other shortcuts. The typewriter layout is one of the best Android virtual keyboards we've seen. The Race, Joystick, and Shooter modes are totally cool (and effective).

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If you’re a gamer looking for a relaxing spot to play the latest Grand Theft Auto, Resident Evil or Street Fighter then look no further than your big comfy couch. After installing Monect, the free app, sit back, relax and play any driving, joystick or shooting game you like and control them from your Android mobile device.

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Of course there are plenty of remote apps out there, but as the folks at XDA Devs note, what truly sets this apart is the fact that it can also be used as a controller for different types of games such as racing, FPS, RPG, and more. Indeed, each game type of game boasts its own configuration with a familiar layout for those who are used to having different kinds of controllers for each game style.

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