Lifepo4 100ah

LiFePO4 100Ah Solar Lithium Battery with BMS Customize For EV​

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Lifepo4 100ah

Motorhome RV Camper

LiFePO4 12V 100Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Pack, Light Weight LiFePO4 Battery for RV, Solar, Marine, and Off-Grid Applications Brand: RUiXU 4.1 out of 5 stars 12 ratings.

RJ is a leading Manufacturer for 100ah LiFePO4 Battery in China for over 17years.

  1. We also offer sample orders on request for customers to assess the products and accessories. Get the export quality LiFePO4 batteries from the most reliable supplier. Buy low cost heavy-duty Lithium Iron Phosphate rechargeable battery of various capacities. Shipment photos of 100Ah LiFeYPO4 Lithium battery 100Ah Thunder Sky Winston LiFePO4 Battery.
  2. Weize LiFePO4 Battery Lithium Iron Phosphate 100ah 12v, Built-in BMS Up to 7000 Deep Cycle Rechargeable Battery Perfect for RV/Camper, Marine, Overland/Van, and Off Grid Applications System 4.2 out of 5 stars 36.
  3. The DL 100Ah battery is built with Dakota Lithium’s legendary LiFePO4 cells. Ideal for deep cycle applications like trolling motors, RVs, home solar, or boating where you need lots of power for a long time.
  4. The 12v 100ah lifepo4 battery pack are developed using the latest technologies and innovations to promote long durability and enhance productivity at home and work. The 12v 100ah lifepo4 battery pack designs incorporate materials that are non-toxic and friendly to the environment to promote sustainability. They are available in a wide range to.

We produce many 100ah LiFePO4 Battery Pack, also known as Lithium iron

phosphate battery with various voltage and capacity.

With Powerful capacity of LiFePO4 Battery production, RJ is able to provide 1 to 1

customization service. No matter you only buy 1 pcs battery for your own use, or you

are a company looking for bulk order of 100ah LiFePO4 Battery Pack, RJ will always

meet your full satisfactions!

In order to quote you quickly, when send us an enquiry, pls let us know info as below:

1. what is the application?

2. what is the power of load?

3. what is the limit in battery size?

LIFEPO4DimensionsWeightwith BMSBluetooth/RS485Life CyclesWarranty
12V 10AH150*95*65mm2kgYesAvailable6000times5years
12V 20AH181*77*175mm4kgYesAvailable6000times5years
12V 30AH223*106*175mm6.2kgYesAvailable6000times5years
12V 40AH195*165*175mm8kgYesAvailable6000times5years
12V 50AH195*165*175mm9.5kgYesAvailable6000times5years
12V 60AH240*160*120mm10kgYesAvailable6000times5years
12V 70AH240*158*190mm11kgYesAvailable6000times5years
12V 80AH320*240*110mm15kgYesAvailable6000times5years
12V 100AH330*175*220mm19kgYesAvailable6000times5years
12V 120AH330*175*220mm20kgYesAvailable6000times5years
12V 150AH330*175*220mm25kgYesAvailable6000times5years
12V 200AH485*175*240mm32kgYesAvailable6000times5years
12V 300AH485*175*240mm45kgYesAvailable6000times5years
12V 400AH525*275*220mm55kgYesAvailable6000times5years
12V 600AH800*500*160mm78kgYesAvailable6000times5years
12V 1000AH800*500*350mm125kgYesAvailable6000times5years
24V 10AH181*77*175mm4.5kgYesAvailable6000times5years
24V 20AH223*106*175mm9kgYesAvailable6000times5years
24V 30AH195*165*175mm12kgYesAvailable6000times5years
24V 40AH195*165*175mm15kgYesAvailable6000times5years
24V 50AH330*175*220mm18.5kgYesAvailable6000times5years
24V 60AH330*175*220mm20kgYesAvailable6000times5years
24V 70AH330*175*220mm22kgYesAvailable6000times5years
24V 80AH407*175*235mm24kgYesAvailable6000times5years
24V 100AH485*175*240mm32kgYesAvailable6000times5years
24V 130AH545*240*215mm36kgYesAvailable6000times5years
24V 150AH525*275*220mm48kgYesAvailable6000times5years
24V 200AH525*275*220mm55kgYesAvailable6000times5years
24V 250AH800*500*160mm68kgYesAvailable6000times5years
24V 400AH800*500*160mm110kgYesAvailable6000times5years
36V 10AH165*125*175mm6.5kgYesAvailable6000times5years
36V 20AH240*158*190mm9kgYesAvailable6000times5years
36V 30AH195*165*175mm14kgYesAvailable6000times5years
36V 40AH330*175*220mm18kgYesAvailable6000times5years
36V 50AH330*175*220mm22kgYesAvailable6000times5years
36V 60AH485*175*240mm30kgYesAvailable6000times5years
36V 70AH525*275*220mm34kgYesAvailable6000times5years
36V 80AH525*275*220mm40kgYesAvailable6000times5years
36V 100AH522*270*215mm48kgYesAvailable6000times5years
36V 200AH530*495*425mm85kgYesAvailable6000times5years
48V 10AH195*165*175mm8kgYesAvailable6000times5years
48V 20AH240*158*190mm14kgYesAvailable6000times5years
48V 30AH330*175*220mm20kgYesAvailable6000times5years
48V 40AH330*175*220mm28kgYesAvailable6000times5years
48V 50AH522*237*215mm33kgYesAvailable6000times5years
48V 60AH525*240*215mm40kgYesAvailable6000times5years
48V 75AH522*270*215mm42kgYesAvailable6000times5years
48V 80AH525*273*225mm48kgYesAvailable6000times5years
48V 100AH350*540*160mm55kgYesAvailable6000times5years
48V 200AH800*500*160mm110kgYesAvailable6000times5years
48V 300AH800*500*350mm150kgYesAvailable6000times5years
48V 400AH800*500*350mm210kgYesAvailable6000times5years
60V 10AH195*165*175mm9.5kgYesAvailable6000times5years
60V 20AH330*175*220mm19kgYesAvailable6000times5years
60V 30AH407*175*235mm25kgYesAvailable6000times5years
60V 40AH407*175*235mm28kgYesAvailable6000times5years
60V 50AH525*240*215mm44kgYesAvailable6000times5years
60V 120AH420*360*550mm84kgYesAvailable6000times5years
60V 200AH1000*600*182mm156kgYesAvailable6000times5years
72V 10AH195*165*175mm13kgYesAvailable6000times5years
72V 20AH330*175*220mm20kgYesAvailable6000times5years
72V 30AH485*175*240mm32kgYesAvailable6000times5years
72V 40AH525*240*215mm43kgYesAvailable6000times5years
72V 50AH505*273*225mm48kgYesAvailable6000times5years
72V 60AH350*540*160mm50kgYesAvailable6000times5years
72V 70AH350*540*160mm58kgYesAvailable6000times5years
72V 100AH600*200*300mm50kgYesAvailable6000times5years
72V 200AH179*1448*282mm*2pcs220kgYesAvailable6000times5years
72V 300AH800*400*300mm*2pcs260kgYesAvailable6000times5years
96V 100AH1000*655*205mm110kgYesAvailable6000times5years
96V 200AH456*587*338mm275kgYesAvailable6000times5years
96V 300AH500*610*915mm287kgYesAvailable6000times5years

1. Quick delivery

Lifepo4 100ah

Fast delivery is key factor for clients to compete in the market. We attach much importance to quick delivery

as much as we do in our 100ah LiFepo4 battery quality. We will keep our clients updated with tracking number

all the time and latest tracking info until the order of 100ah LiFePO4 Battery arrives at our clients safely.

Voltxcell Volt Lifepo4 100ah Lithium Battery

2. Top quality

As a lithium battery Manufacturer for over 16years in China, We have been devoting ourselves into innovative

R&D of 100ah LiFePO4 Battery, Top quality is what makes RJ distinguished in todays market and what earns

RJ a highly reputation in the international market of 100ah LiFepo4 Battery.

3. Customization Available

We can help customize the charge and discharge characteristics of 100ah LiFepo4 battery to meet your specific

needs, and We can print your company logo on the LifePO4 battery to help advertise your company in the market

Lifepo4 100ah Cell

4. 7*24 service


Timely and reliable customer service is very important to our clients, which will influence a smooth relationship

establishment. Therefore, we are and will always provide very Professional Pre-sales as well as Whole-hearted

after-sales service for 24hours a day, 7days a week.

5. Reliable Warranty

We offer 5Years warranty for our regular products, and offer 10years warranty for some of our enhanced

products. If any defective 100ah LiFepo4 battery occur, we will send you a brand new one free of charge, and you

Lifepo4 100ah Bms

do not need to return the defective one because we understand the international shipping fee is too expensive.

RJ believe when we do our service with whole heart,

We will earn our customers trust and earn our high reputation back!

Get the high quality
LiFePO4 batteries from our assorted range of products. The highly protected batteries exhibit superior performance with
an extended battery life. We offer extensive warranties on each of our lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery. Contact us to find the best
of prices for LiFePO4 batteries.
We also offer sample orders on request for customers to assess the products and accessories. Get the export quality LiFePO4 batteries from
the most reliable supplier. Buy low cost heavy-duty
Lithium Iron Phosphate rechargeable battery of various capacities.