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Have early morning appointments which you do not want to get late to? Search for, find, and make use of a good bed alarm for your bedroom. These wonderful gadgets will wake you up with some sharp and disturbing sounds. Hardly will they let you miss that crucial appointment if you set them well.

Finding the right one is the first crucial step towards making the most of these gadgets. This, you can only do if you receive the appropriate help to that end. Our reviews of the ten best alarm clocks for the bedroom below will provide you the starting point you need.

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Bestseller No. 1 Mpow Digital Alarm Clock, 5' Curved LED Screen, 6 Brightness, 3 Alarm Sounds, Easy Digital Clock for Kids and Adults, Alarm Clocks for Bedrooms Kitchen Office, Adjustable Volume, Snooze, 12/24H
  • BLUE LED DISPLAY WITH 6 DIMMER: With special curved LED screen, time is clear to see from multi-angle across bedroom living room kitchen. You can choose 5-level brightness or completely OFF when sleeping.
  • 3 ALARM SOUNDS WITH ADJUSTABLE VOLUME: You can choose buzzer, bird’s singing or chord ringtone to wake you up, adding a good mood for starting a new day. Two levels of volume for you to choose: 75dB or 85dB.
SaleBestseller No. 2 Projection Alarm Clock, Bedroom Clock Radio with USB Charger, 0-100% Full Range Brightness Dimmer, Dual Alarms with 5 Sounds for Heavy Sleeper, Snooze, 5.5' Large Curved LED Display
  • [0-100% ADJUSTABLE DIMMER & 5' LARGE LED SCREEN]: The digital clock with convenient dimmer slider allows display brightness adjusted from 0-100% (dim to bright) and enables you to set screen display to your own personal comfort level.
  • [DUAL ALARMS WITH SNOOZE FUNCTION]: Dual alarms can separate your waking-up time from your partner. Snooze function of this projection alarm clock gives you 9 minutes extra sleep before going off again. There are 5 optional alarm sounds and 3 adjustable volume levels.
SaleBestseller No. 3 SHARP Home LED Digital Alarm Clock – Swivel Base - Outlet Powered, Simple Operation, Alarm, Snooze, Brightness Dimmer, Big Green Digit Display, Silver Case
  • EXTREMELY SIMPLE TO OPERATE - The cool clock has been designed with absolute simplicity in mind! Easy for boys, girls, toddler, kids, teens, seniors and the elderly.
  • LOUD ALARM AND SNOOZE - The bedside alarm clock comes with one of the loudest alarms available which can be set at Low or High in volume. There is also a 9 minute snooze that can be continually pressed until the alarm itself is switched off
Bestseller No. 4 Amazon Basics Small Digital Alarm Clock with Nightlight and Battery Backup, LED Display
  • Digital alarm clock with a 0.7-inch green LED display for easily checking the time at a glance
  • Built-in nightlight gently illuminates a dark room
Bestseller No. 5 Digital Alarm Clock, with Wooden Electronic LED Time Display, 3 Alarm Settings, Humidity & Temperature Detect, Wood Made Electric Clocks for Bedroom, Bedside, Black
  • 【Dual plus Alarm Setting】- Updated in 2019 from dual alarms to three alarms. You can either set two or three alarms to better WAKE you up. One for you and the other for your families. Forever Say no to delay. Also, it allows you to set weekday mode, which will ring only on Monday to Friday
  • 【Stylish Wooden Design for Décor】- This must be the most delicate alarm clock you’ve ever seen. It’s not only a clock, but also a great decoration for your bedroom. Stylish appearance and multiple functions make it suitable as a gifts for kids
SaleBestseller No. 6 Sharp Digital Alarm with AccuSet - Automatic Smart Clock, Never Needs Setting - Great for Seniors, Kids, and Everyone who Doesn't Want to Set a Clock! Black Case with Red LEDs
  • AccuSet Automatic Time Set - The clock is pre-programed with the time so there is no need to worry about setting buttons. Just select your time zone at the bottom of the clock and turn on the DST if applicable. Plug the clock in to an approved electrical source.
  • Quick Daylight Savings Time (DST) Adjustment - For quick adjustment for Daylight Savings Time, slide the DST switch at the bottom of the clock to ON to add and hour (+1 hr.). For Standard Time slide switch to OFF to subtract an hour (-1 hr.)
SaleBestseller No. 7 Sharp Digital Alarm Clock – Black Case with Red LEDs - Ascending Alarm Grows Increasing Louder, Gentle Wake Up Experience, Dual Alarm - Battery Back-up, Easy to Use with Simple Operation
  • EASY TO USE DIGITAL ALARM CLOCK WITH DUAL ALARM - This clock has been designed with absolute simplicity in mind and is very easy to operate. Perfect for adults, children, teens, seniors and the elderly.
  • EASY TO SET DUAL ALARM - Set one for weekdays and the other for weekend!
SaleBestseller No. 8 DreamSky Auto Set Digital Alarm Clock with USB Charging Port, 6.6 Inch Large Screen with Time/Date/Temperature Display, Full Range Brightness Dimmer, Auto DST Setting, Snooze, Backup Batteries,12/24Hr

Led Lighted Bedroom Wall Clocks

  • Large Display with Full Range Dimmer: 6.6“ Large LCD screen with nice eye care number display. Time, date and temperature display. Almost full range brightness settable (6 levels + auto dim ), you can easily change to have the view bright or dim it to extremely low.
  • Advance autoset time : The alarm clock will set itself to right time, date and temperature immediately once plugged in. The long lasting button cell backup battery (installed ) will holds all settings and ensure the time always be accurate in case of main power interrupted. What you need to do is set your time zone and wake up time. Simple as that. Even miss the right time, you are still able to set it manually.
Bestseller No. 9 SHARP Easy to See Alarm Clock with Jumbo 2” Numbers - Bright Blue LED Display - Easy Set-up & Simple to Use –See from Across The Room! - High/Low Alarm Volume
  • JUMBO 2' LED DISPLAY - Easy to see and read from across the room!
  • HIGH & LOW VOLUME CONTROLLED Choose the loud alarm setting for heavy sleeper & the low setting for those who wake more easily
SaleBestseller No. 10 USCCE Small LED Digital Alarm Clock with Snooze, Easy to Set, Full Range Brightness Dimmer, Adjustable Alarm Volume with 5 Alarm Sounds, USB Charger, 12/24Hr, Compact Clock for Bedrooms, Bedside, Desk
  • Small footprint(5.9'x3.11'x1.65') with big white LED numbers easy to read day or night, and display brightness can be easily adjusted from 0 to 100%, depending on personal preference. 12 or 24 hour time display optional.
  • Pick your favorite sound among the 5 alarm sound options(Beep/Buzzer/Bird Sound/Piano Music/Soft Music), and wake up to adjustable alarm volume from 30-90db.

List of The Best Alarm Clocks for Bedroom

10: ANJANK Small Alarm Clock Radio

This is much more than an alarm clock. It also serves the roles of radio, USB charging port, and temperature display unit. Save yourself some bit of time by placing your hands on it. While engaging it, you will enjoy seven-alarm sound options, five levels of brightness, a sleep time, and a headphone jack.

Perhaps an ingenious aspect of this alarm is the fact that it lets you vary the volume of the sounds which prompt you to wake up. In this way, you get to ward off those disturbing voices which others have to contend with. What’s more? It is easily operable by means of a 3.2 inch LCD screen.

9: American Lifetime [Newest Version] Day Clock

Could it be that your vision or mental faculties are impaired? If so, you have to make do with an alarm clock that is engineered for persons with a disability, like this one. In its entirety, the alarm comes with an extra-large screen which is targeted at those with impaired vision.

Then it contains a battery backup and accords some five-alarm options. With the unique 8-inch high-resolution digital clock, you get to behold the precise time, day of the week, period of the day, date and month in extremely large letters. The term ‘disability’ is deliberately excluded to make everyone feel accommodated.

8: Sonic Alert SBB500SS Sonic Bomb Extra-Loud Dual Alarm Clock

Have trouble getting out of your bed in the morning? You want an alarm clock that will go beyond merely alerting you that the time to wake up has finally arrived. For that role, you need an alarm clock of this kind. It emits a distinctively sharp red flashing light and also possesses a powerful bed shaker.

These two will make you very uncomfortable in such a way that you will just want to abandon your sleep and wake up. Moreover, the gadget also lets you determine the tone and volumes of your liking. You may, for instance, select a track which gives you hope and inspiration.

7: RCA Digital Alarm Clock with Large 1.4″ Display

Do you have limited financial resource endowment? Or could it be that you merely want an alarm that will do you the bare minimum role of waking you up in the morning? If you nodded in the affirmative for any of these two questions, this is the gadget to consider leveraging.

It is very affordable, properly streamlines, and pretty simple to make do with. At its core is a large display unit which measures 1.4 inches in size. A battery backup also exists to take care of those instances when you may be detached from mains electricity.

6: Travelwey Home LED Digital Alarm Clock

If you cherish the simplicity of use, you yet again have this alarm clock for your consideration. Unlike its counterpart aforementioned, it is larger outlet-powered. This makes it suitable for use in those circumstances which require long-term reliability and frequency of applications. That aside, its range of applicability are also numerous.

With it, you may snooze, obtain higher noise output, enjoy some larger night lights, and make do with simplified operations only. Making this clock further outstanding is the fact that it is suitable for use by persons of all calibers. These include seniors, teens, and children alike. It is not a truly worthy purchase?

5: Magnasonic Projection Alarm Clock

For your own value for money, you want a multipurpose set of the bed alarm clock. This one will do you much good. You may use it as a battery backup, AM/FM radio, dual alarm, auto time set, and a headphone jack, courtesy of its 3.5mm Audio Input.

Perhaps its most outstanding feature is the alarm clock radio. This one comes in a large crystal clear LCD display unit which measures 3.6 inches. You may dim this display to conform to the brightness levels of your preferences. It also adjusts automatically to the daylight savings time zone. This calls for limited attention while seasons change.

4: DreamSky Auto Time Set Alarm Clock

Do you travel a lot? You need not really adjust the time zones as you move along. All you have to do is set your hands on an alarm clock that adjusts itself automatically each time it traverses a new time zone. This is the one that meets that very need.

Its flagship trait is auto DST and selectable time zone. It is this feature which makes it capable of altering the time zone as you travel along automatically. Further to this, the alarm clock also lets you charge your gadgets, put in your desired levels of brightness and memorize past time preferences, among others.

3: WOODMUSIC Clock Radio, Digital FM Alarm Radio Clock


Do you generally fall asleep and wake up at different times each day? Your solution rests in a programmable alarm clock if your answer to this question has been in the affirmative. This one lets you key in your preferences well in advance. It then memorizes and executes them as the set time reaches.

Over and above memorizing your desired time preferences, this device also gives you the freedom to determine what wakes you up. You may choose the buzzer or the radio for your use. With its variable sleep timer (10-90 minutes), it is unlikely that you will miss out your appointments.

2: Jingsense Digital Alarm Clock Radio, Small Alarm Clocks for Bedrooms

In case you are short on space, you want an alarm clock that is similarly compact in size. This is the one to choose to work with. It takes u extremely limited space and is hence able to play that role. The gadget still discharges the standard benefits of a good clock.

By far its most outstanding benefit is the fact that it snoozes easily. This is made possible by the radio sounds and a classical beep respectively. At its top is an extremely large button which is similarly easier to engage. This makes your operations somewhat simplified.

1: DreamSky Decent Alarm Clock Radio

Topping the charts is this DreamSky Decent Alarm Clock Radio. It incorporates almost all the traits of a good alarm clock. Then it has the added benefit of enhancing the aesthetics of your bedroom. The latter benefit is brought about by the elegant design is showcases or comes in.

Its display unit adjusts appropriately to let you view the contents comfortably with minimal eye strains. A USB charging port exists. You use it to power your phones and other electronic gadgets. Then you also get to enjoy the freedom to adjust the sound of the alarm as well as the snooze.


Alarm Clock For Bedroom

Needless to say, it makes no sense to read throughout explanations above yet take no concrete action to its end. That is why we ask that you now move ahead to find a gadget from the list above and make do with it. Remember, the earlier you do so, the better it will be for you.

Bedroom Clocks Electric

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USCCE’s small digital clock packs a wallop in features and functionality. The big white LED numbers are easy to read, day or night, and the display can be adjusted from 0 to 100 percent brightness. Choose from five different alarm options, including birdsong and piano music, and adjust the volume from 30 to 90 decibels (the difference between a bird call and motorcycle). What we like best about this clock is how easy it is to use. And while USCCE’s clock is super-simple to use, it comes with additional features for the tech-oriented, including an integrated USB port that can charge your smartphone while you sleep. It plugs into the wall and offers battery backup in case of a power outage. Affordable without sacrificing craftsmanship, the USCCE is our pick for the best all-around alarm clock.