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La Crosse Technology, Ltd. Page 7: Accuracy The Digital Atomic Clock is designed to work in North America. 12-Hour or 24-Hour Time Format Display the time in 12-hour or 24-hour format Default is 12-hour time. Use the Program Menu to switch time formats. La Crosse 915 Mhz Sensor Compatibility Chart at WeatherShack.com, Your Source for La Crosse It Products, La Crosse It Sensor, La Crosse It Thermo Sensor and La Crosse It Remote Sensor. La Crosse Technology Wall Clocks W86111 Be the first to Review this product Wall Clock, Digital, 12/24 Display, Atomic Time, Date, Temperature, Gray Face, Black Numbers, Woodgrain Bezel Would you rather pick it up? View recent La Crosse Technology questions, problems, & answers. Get free expert DIY tips, handy support, troubleshooting help & repair advice for all La Crosse Technology products. Follow these steps to reconnect your La Crosse Technology outdoor sensors to your clock or weather station. If you followed these steps exactly, and your sen.


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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ]  Reposition the Digital Wall Clock for better signal reception or try again at bedtime.  The Digital Wall Clock will start searching at UTC: 07:00 and if no reception on the first attempt they will try again at 08:00, 09:00, 10:00, and 11:00. Each attempt will be at least 2 minutes and the most will be 10 minutes.  If there is no signal or too much interference the receiver will only be on for 2 minutes. [. . . ]  This icon will flash when searching for the outdoor transmitter signal.  If reception is not successful, the icon will not be shown in LCD. WEATHER FORECAST ICONS: The unit predicts weather condition of the next 12-hours based on the change of atmospheric pressure. As weather conditions cannot be 100% correctly forecasted we cannot be responsible for any loss caused by an incorrect forecast. SUNNYPARTLY SUNNYCLOUDYRAINYSTORMY(Raindrops will blink)The Icons shown Forecast the Weather in terms of getting better or worse and not necessarily sunny or rainy as each icon indicates. Please allow 3-4 weeks for barometer calibration to generate an accurate forecast. IMPORTANT: As the forecast station builds memory, it will compare the current average pressure to the past forty day average pressure for increased accuracy. The longer the forecast station operates in one location the more accurate the forecast icons will be. 1WEATHER TENDENCY INDICATOR Working together with the weather icons are the Weather Tendency Indicators. When the indicator points upwards, it means that the Airpressure is increasing and the weather is expected to improve. When indicator points downwards, the Air-pressure is falling and the weather is expected to become worse. LOW BATTERY:  When this icon appears in the indoor (IN) reading section, replace the batteries in the Digital Wall Clock.  When this icon appears in the outdoor (OUT) readings section, replace the batteries in the outdoor transmitter. POSITIONING THE OUTDOOR TRANSMITTER The remote temperature transmitter should be mounted vertically to avoid damage. Place both units in the desired shaded locations, and wait approximately 1-hour before permanently mounting the transmitter to ensure that there is proper reception. The outdoor temperature transmitter is water resistant, not waterproof and should not be placed anywhere it will become submerged in water or subject to standing water or snow. WALL MOUNT Choose a location for the transmitter that is within range of the Atomic Digital Wall Clock and under an overhang for accuracy. Option 1:  Install one mounting screw (included) into a wall leaving approximately ½ of an inch (12. 7mm) extended.  Place the transmitter onto the screw, using the hanging hole on the backside. Option 2:  Insert the mounting screw through the front of the transmitter and into the wall. To achieve a true temperature reading, mount where direct sunlight cannot reach the outdoor transmitter. Mount the outdoor transmitter on a North-facing wall or in any well shaded area. [. . . ] The owner must pay any shipping charges incurred in getting the La Crosse Technology, Ltd product to a La Crosse Technology, Ltd authorized service center. La Crosse Technology, Ltd will pay ground return shipping charges to the owner of the product to a USA address only. The La Crosse Technology, Ltd warranty covers all defects in material and workmanship with the following specified exceptions: (1) damage caused by accident, unreasonable use or neglect (including the lack of reasonable and necessary maintenance); (2) damage occurring during shipment (claims must be presented to the carrier); (3) damage to, or deterioration of, any accessory or decorative surface; (4) damage resulting from failure to follow instructions contained in the owner’s manual; (5) damage resulting from the performance of repairs or alterations by someone other than an authorized La Crosse Technology, Ltd authorized service center; (6) units used for other than home use (7) applications and uses that this product was not intended or (8) the products inability to receive a signal due to any source of interference. . This warranty covers only actual defects within the product itself, and does not cover the cost of installation or removal fromWall Mount Use a straightedge to horizontally space three screw positions on a wall to match the hanging holes on the back of the clock. [. . . ]

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