How To Find Your Roku Ip Address Without Remote

Connect roku without remote

You can probably fix your Roku remote without having to call tech support, or, you can replace your remote by using Roku’s mobile app. Comments (2) No gadget is perfect, and the Roku can fall. To find out what your Roku TV can do after you turn it on, you need a starting point. Let us help you understand how Roku Remote Tool works. Tutorial Mode will guide you through all the main features of the tool. Hover over guidemark to see additional information on the app functionality.

How To Find Your Roku Ip Address Without Remote

There's a way to connect your Roku device to a new WiFi network without a remote, though it involves a number of steps and requires two mobile devices.; The Roku mobile app works well as a. Launch the Roku App on your mobile device. If you're launching it for the first time and your Roku device is not discovered, tap Connect Manually. Type in your Roku devices IP address and tap Connect. If you've used the Roku app before and you want to connect to your Roku device manually, tap Settings in the bottom right corner of the screen.

How To Find Your Roku Ip Address Without Remote Play

Im trying to use my roku without a remote but all of the threads I have read seem to be speaking to people that have a knowledge of writing code and what not. I am using a mac and have tried remoku but for some reason when I enter my I address nothing happens. This might be because I am using my internet IP address and not the roku's IP address but without my remote I do not know how to find the address. Everyone keeps saying just use the 8080 port but again I have absolutely no clue what that means. If someone could please just give me some step by step directions that I can actually comprehend I would greatly appreciate it.