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Find out what your public IPv4 and IPv6 address is revealing about you! My IP address information shows your location; city, region, country, ISP and location on a map. Many proxy servers, VPNs, and Tor exit nodes give themselves away. Your router and modem is what sits between your device and the internet, so it needs to know the IP address your ISP has assigned to your network. This means you can use your own device to find your public IP address. Finding the external IP address from a modem or router is not as easy as using the methods above, but it’s definitely possible. You only want to allow individual IPs and ports through your firewall not a while range. A single IP address subnet is /32 or if you need it for the firewall. I would however suggest before you make any changes to your FW you really understand what you are doing and what each change will do. If your IP address changes, the DDNS provider then associates the FQDN with the new IP address. In order for the DDNS provider to always know your current IP address, you install software they provide on one of your systems, which will periodically contact the DDNS provider allowing them to know your current external IP address. This is a beginner's guide to finding your local and external IP address on both Mac and Windows.

How to Find Your Local and External IP Address

How To Find Your External Ip Address On Mac

At many times while fixing things related to your computers Network and Internet, IP address is the top notch information you might need. There are two types of IP address, Internal and External. It’s possible to find External IP address (or Internal) on a computer, Operating system is not a limitation here. So let me take you through the process. But first here is a brief information about both IP addresses, The Internal (or Local) IP address is how Local internet identifies your device. And External IP address is something the rest of Internet sees.

At many instances the local IP and the External IP are same for your device, and An IP address is assigned by the Internet service Provider and mostly are subject to keep changing unless you’ve got a Static IP address. An Local IP is mostly the ipv4 address and External IP address in most cases unless you’re using a VPN or similar services.

How to find your external ip address

The Basic Google Search Method.

The number one and the easiest way to find your Local IP address is to Google it, when you ask google “What is my IP” a box will show you that. Via Google support check more google tricks here.

How To Find Your External Ip Address

Google consistently working to help people directly from the search page. For example if you search “My Home” it will show the place you earlier marked as your home. It has nothing to do with this post, considering google’s usefulness It was necessary to mention.

Find IP on Windows Computer

The other workaround is to use the “Command Prompt” or the “Powershell” and type “ipconfig” command and look for the IPv4 Address, you’ll find the External IP address there.

Click on the start menu and search “cmd or command prompt/ powershell” or do a quick Ctrl+R > cmd/powershell.

No matter which version of Windows you’re running, there always will be Command prompt.

How To Find Your External Ip Address Windows 10

Take Help of Websites

There are many websites out there can help you finding your devices internal or external IP address. One such website is “What’s my IP Address” that you can visit to instantly find your computer’s IP address, and most of the time the ipv4 address is your likely to be your internal and external IP address.


Most of the site help you resulting your IP address along with Location (hopefully not accurate) and ISP name, etc.

But suppose if you’re running on Linux, or any other operating system, using google to determine your IP address is easy with just a Web browser. Most of the operating system comes with a pre-installed Web browser (without it computer would be like an Iphone without Apple). So use a Browser and either visit a site or simply search Google. However, only IP address will be shown in the google result box, to know other information use a site like “What’s my IP address” that’s all you need to know.

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