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  • Free Hide IP VPN is a VPN service that enables you to hide your identity while browsing the web. The program protects every step of the way surfing internet and visiting pages.
  • Here’s an answer to your question – how to hide my IP with a VPN. How to hide my IP with a VPN. Obviously, we cannot outline the steps for every single VPN provider. Furthermore, a lot of information would be redundant. While VPN speed, number of servers, number of protocols, and whether it can bypass VPN block changes, the steps are.

Hide ALL IP is the worlds best IP hide software, hide all your applications and games IP from snoopers & hackers, you can surf anonymously, prevent identity theft, and guard against hacker intrusions, it just takes one click to get started. Download Hide ALL IP now!

Use a proxy to hide your IP address Like a VPN, a proxy acts as a middleman between your device and the internet. Websites and apps see the IP address of the proxy server and not your real IP address. In fact, a VPN is technically a type of proxy.

Your IP address can link your internet activities directly to you, it can easy leak you by this IP address, Hide ALL IP protects your online identity by changing your IP address to our private server's IP and routes all your internet traffic through our encrypted internet servers so that all remote servers only get a fake IP address, you are very safely. Unlike your ISP, Hide ALL IP does not track and does not record anywhere you go !

Key Benefits & Features (our services 100% anonymous, no logs kept, torrent safely)

Change Your IP Address - Just click 'Connect' and your IP is instantly hidden! The Internet will see your fake IP, which is not associated with your real IP. How It Works.

Change Your Location - Our servers are located throughout the world, you can easily connect to the different servers in different countries. Each time you press the 'Connect' button, you will fake as this country's IP. If you want to change the country, just press the 'Connect' button again.

Support mobile hotspot You can share your hide all ip tunnel to your android phone/Iphone/Xbox/PS4/Switch via mobile hotspot so that your mobile phone enjoy with hide all ip! Android SetupIPhone Setup

Encrypt ALL Transfer Data - All inbound and outbound connections (include UDP data) are encrypted using the industry standard RSA 2048 and AES/DES encryption, It's government level encryption and is very safe. Even if your ISP or some other third party is monitoring your communications, they will have no idea what you are connecting to and what data is being transferred.

Remote DNS Lookups - Using our secure remote DNS lookup technology, you can avoid any DNS faking or tracking, there are no any DNS leaks, and resolving DNS lookups are all safe!

Access Internet TV (Hulu,BBC iplayer, and more) - Internet TV providers such as the BBC and Hulu use location detection to deny users certain content.Hide ALL IP provides all the tools what you need, Just connect to a server IP in the country associated with the TV providers and point your browser to the correct website. How to view Hulu outside US video tutorialHow to view BBC iplayer outside UK video tutorial

Support Almost ALL Applications And Games - Not only does Hide ALL IP support browsers, it also supports instant messengers, video players, games, and more!

Unique Support Prevent WebRTC IP Leaks - WebRTC is a great technology, it is designed for browsers with Real-Time Communications (RTC) capabilities. There is already direct WebRTC support in Firefox, Chrome, and Opera. Unfortunately, WebRTC can be used to detect your Internet IP even under the presence of a VPN. Hide ALL IP includes a safe WebRTC work mode. In this mode, WebRTC will still work, but all public Internet IPs are hidden and not leaked. What's WebRTC?How Hide ALL IP prevent WebRTC IP leak?

Unique Support UDP Applications - Other Hide IP software only supports TCP, Hide ALL IP also supports UDP based applications and games. Now play DNF, League of Legends, Battle Field 3, StarCraft II and Tank Of Worlds using Hide ALL IP is possible! UDP video player applications are also supported!

Unique Support HTTP Tunnel - Depening on our auto http tunnel technology (Which doesn't requrie any setup), you can bypass any firewall and proxy. Even if you in a limited network, such as school network, that uses only pure HTTP proxy, Hide ALL IP still works. Playing games and videos is still possible. What's HTTP tunnel?.

Unique Has Portable Version - We also provide a portable version of Hide ALL IP, not need install, can be run from removable media such as a USB stick, floppy, etc... and not need admin rights and can be used with limited network environment.

Vpn Hide Ip Free

Safely Browse Technology - You don't need to clear cookies or online history when using our safe browsing functionality. This means cookies, history, and cached browsing data is only in memory, when you close your browsers; it is cleared automatically.

Unique Support Hide Win8/8.1/10 Metro Applications IP - Not only hide desktop applications IP, Hide ALL IP can also hide win8/8.1/10 metro applications IP and support IE in EPM (Enhanced Protected Mode) mode and Microsoft Edge Browser.

Unique Support Fake Html5 GeoLocation By Selected Fake IP - Some websites use Html5 GeoLocation feature to locate your real location, default browsers use WIFI/GPS to detect your location, Hide ALL IP can force browsers to locate your location using our fake IP address.

Reduce Your Game Ping - Specifically optimize for the game, if your game Lag, use Hide ALL IP will significantly improve speed and reduce the Lag. How to reduce TCP game lagHow to reduce P2P UDP game (League of Legends) lag

Unique Support Auto Find Best Server For Any Game - You can enter any game server host or IP, Hide ALL IP will notify all fake IP servers to automatically ping this game server, and calculate which server is the fastest server to connect to this game server.


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When you sign up for one of the best VPNs, one of the main capabilities you might well be looking to gain from the service is the ability to secure a greater degree of privacy online, and to remain anonymous in terms of your IP address.

The short answer to our titular question is that yes, using VPN software does hide your IP address - substituting your real IP with a ‘fake’ IP instead (namely the IP of the VPN server). The longer answer follows, complete with in-depth explanations and slight caveats.

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Definitions first

Before we launch into this discussion, it’s worth defining both the terms VPN and IP address for the uninitiated who may feel a bit lost at this point.

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network, which in simple terms is a service that’s designed to give you more privacy online as mentioned, and a better level of security overall when it comes to your internet traffic (along with other benefits besides).

A VPN works by encrypting the data leaving your device and sending it via one of the provider’s (usually many) servers – we will go into this in slightly more detail in a moment.

An IP address is a string of numbers which identifies your PC on the internet, much like a postal address identifies the location of your house in the real world.

Why would you want to hide your IP anyway?

When you’re online, the data that you are sending out can be followed back to your IP address, meaning it can be traced back to your PC.

With a number of parties potentially wanting to do so – and furthermore being able to determine your (rough) location in the real world – subsequently exploiting all this knowledge to their own ends. For example, companies can leverage the ability to see where you’ve browsed online (using cookies) to build up a picture of your browsing habits (and your likes or interests) and target adverts at you.

A VPN can prevent this kind of invasion of privacy by hiding your IP and keeping you anonymous online, and it can also stop the likes of your ISP potentially snooping on your surfing history.

Hide Ip Vpn

So how does a VPN hide your IP?

If you’re using a VPN app on your PC, when data is sent online from your system, everything happens differently. The data is encrypted before it leaves your device, and rather than being sent straight online, it is instead sent to one of the servers in the VPN network, before proceeding to its destination on the internet as per normal.

The crucial difference with this scheme of things is that the source IP address (which can be traced) is now the VPN server – which can be any one of thousands of servers, potentially, anywhere across the globe – rather than the IP of your computer.

In effect, the real IP address of your computer is hidden; the IP address of the VPN server is all that any potential snoopers can see.

Is there any danger my real IP could still be found somehow?

As long as the VPN is functioning correctly there should be no danger that your real IP could be visible to anyone – your computer will have total privacy online, and you’ll be effectively anonymous.

However, matters aren’t quite as straightforward as that, as some VPNs – usually the less reputable or reliable services out there – can suffer from IP leaks, where your real IP is revealed, or other kinds of unwanted leakage like DNS leaks. The latter can be avoided by using VPNs that operate their own DNS servers, while implementing DNS leak protection measures. (You can test for DNS leakage or other issues by using IPleak.net when connected to your VPN).

Also, there’s another scenario in which the VPN connection drops out in the same kind of way that your internet connection can occasionally suffer an outage. In those cases, your real IP might suddenly become visible, if only temporarily.

Hide Ip Vpn Free

The way that any good VPN provider gets around this is by implementing something called a ‘kill switch’. This kicks in if the VPN connection should drop, and stops your system sending data online until the VPN is successfully re-established (hopefully in short order). In this case, you remain protected even during these unfortunate glitches.

Does a VPN hide your IP?

A VPN does indeed hide your IP, but the slight caveat is that your real IP may just become visible in certain circumstances, as we’ve discussed.

When choosing a VPN, go with one that clearly lays out how it defends against the various kind of leakage scenarios that can expose your real IP. Furthermore, make sure the VPN software has a kill switch, preferably across not just the desktop client, but also an iPhone VPN app or Android VPN app if you’re going to use them.

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