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Keep important data updated — without manual data entry. Integrate any online form with Google Sheets for free. Instantly send form data to your spreadsheets. Google Drive lets you create, store and sync files Now you can organize and share links to your Google Drive documents right within Airtable. Combine easiness of Airtable and the power of Google Spreadsheets for maximum impact. With this tool, you can: ★ Import sheet from an Airtable to a Google Spreadsheet ★ Hourly automatic re-sync of.

Google Apps Script gives you the ability to create custom functionality within your Google documents, including Google Sheets, Google Docs, and more. With CData Connect Cloud, you get a MySQL interface for any of the 200+ sources supported by CData, including Airtable. The MySQL protocol is natively supported through the JDBC service in Google Apps Script, so by utilizing Connect Cloud, you gain access to live Airtable data within your Google documents.

This article shows how to create a virtual database for Airtable in Connect Cloud and provides sample scripting for processing Airtable data in a Google Spreadsheet.

Create a Virtual MySQL Database for Airtable Data

CData Connect Cloud uses a straightforward, point-and-click interface to connect to data sources and generate APIs.

  1. Login to Connect Cloud and click Databases.
  2. Select 'Airtable' from Available Data Sources.
  3. Enter the necessary authentication properties to connect to Airtable.

    APIKey, BaseId and TableNames parameters are required to connect to Airtable. ViewNames is an optional parameter where views of the tables may be specified.

    • APIKey : API Key of your account. To obtain this value, after logging in go to Account. In API section click Generate API key.
    • BaseId : Id of your base. To obtain this value, it is in the same section as the APIKey. Click on Airtable API, or navigate to https://airtable.com/api and select a base. In the introduction section you can find 'The ID of this base is appxxN2ftedc0nEG7.'
    • TableNames : A comma separated list of table names for the selected base. These are the same names of tables as found in the UI.
    • ViewNames : A comma separated list of views in the format of (table.view) names. These are the same names of the views as found in the UI.
  4. Click Test Database.
  5. Click Privileges -> Add and add the new user (or an existing user) with the appropriate permissions.

With the virtual database created, you are ready to connect to Airtable data from any MySQL client.

Connect to Airtable Data with Apps Script

At this point, you should have configured a virtual database for Airtable in Connect Cloud. All that is left now is to use Google Apps Script to access Connect Cloud and work with your Airtable data in Google Sheets.


In this section, you will create a script (with a menu option to call the script) to populate a spreadsheet with Airtable data. We have created a sample script and explained the different parts. You can view the raw script at the end of the article.

1. Create an Empty Script

To create a script for your Google Sheet, click Tools Script editor from the Google Sheets menu:

2. Declare Class Variables

Create a handful of class variables to be available for any functions created in the script.

3. Add a Menu Option

This function adds a menu option to your Google Sheet, allowing you to use the UI to call your function.

4. Write a Helper Function

This function is used to find the first empty row in a spreadsheet.

5. Write a Function to Write Airtable Data to a Spreadsheet

The function below writes the Airtable data, using the Google Apps Script JDBC functionality to connect to Connect Cloud, SELECT data, and populate a spreadsheet. When the script is run, two input boxes will appear:


The first one asks the user to input the name of a sheet to hold the data (if the spreadsheet does not exist, the function creates it).

The second asks the user to input the name of a Airtable table to read. If an invalid table is chosen, an error message appears and the function is exited.

Note, while the function is designed for use as a menu option, you can extend it for use as a spreadsheet formula.

When the function is completed, you have a spreadsheet populated with your Airtable data, and you can now leverage all of the calculating, graphing, and charting functionality of Google Sheets anywhere you have access to the Internet.

Complete Google Apps Script

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