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If you fancy getting your hands on the game for a cheaper price than usual, Goal has all the details

Football Manager 2021 Touch for an iOS or Android device is usually priced at £21.99 in the UK or $29.99 in the U.S., but with the 35% discount it will be available for £14.30 or $19.50. New features and game upgrades to Football Manager 2021 redefine the way you interact within the game world. Your words will have greater impact as you. FM 2021 FM 2021 Player Profile – Raul Moro. Raul Moro is a 16 year old Inside Forward from Lazio boasting great speed, ability on the ball and flair. Football Manager 2021 Original. Svi zainteresovani za Football Managera 2021 Original neka se jave u inbox!

With the 2020-21 season heating up in the final few weeks, the makers of Football Manager are offering gamers a chance to get the latest game at a reduced price.

Football Manager 2021 is the most up-to-date and realistic management simulation game in the world, played by football fans all over the world.

It's available on PC or Mac, tablet devices, Xbox One and Xbox Series X, as well as on mobile platforms.

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Here, Goal brings you everything you need to know about how to get the game cheap.

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How to get Football Manager 2021 cheap

Football Manager 2021 has been available to buy at a discounted sale price from April 1, 2021 and the special offer will run until April 16.

The sale is being promoted to coincide with the various season 'run-ins' as the likes of the Premier League, La Liga and Bundesliga all head towards a conclusion in May,

#FM21 on sale now 🤝
Get ready for the run-in with up to 35% off across platforms.
➡️ https://t.co/ttrPSAuPK0pic.twitter.com/csVH5ji7xQ

— Football Manager (@FootballManager) April 12, 2021

You can get 25 per cent off the full game for PC or Mac, while Football Manager 2021 Touch (computer version) is also available at a 25% discount.

An even bigger discount of 35% is available for FM 21 Touch for iOS or Android devices such as tablets.

Football Manager is encouraging fans of the series to 'enjoy a strong finish to the season' by taking advantage of the special offer.

You can see the breakdown of the offer as well as the end dates in the table below.

EditionDiscountOffer ends
Football Manager 2021 (PC/Mac)25%6pm, April 15
Football Manager 2021 Touch (PC/Mac)25%6pm, April 15
Football Manager 2021 Touch (iOS/Android)35%6pm, April 15
Football Manager 2021 Touch (Switch)25%6pm, April 15
Football Manager 2021 (Windows store)25%11am, April 16
Football Manager 2021 Touch (Windows store)25%11am, April 16
Football Manager 2021 Xbox25%11am, April 16

(All times BST)

End the season on a high. Your opponents are prepared for the run-in, are you? 👀#FM21 on sale now 🤝 pic.twitter.com/RlHvWsRw03

— Football Manager (@FootballManager) April 1, 2021

How much does it cost to buy Football Manager 2021?

Ordinarily, the main PC/Mac version of Football Manager 2021 will cost £35.99 in the UK or $49.99 if you are in the U.S., but that is reduced to £27 and $37.50 with the offer.

Football Manager 2021 Touch for an iOS or Android device is usually priced at £21.99 in the UK or $29.99 in the U.S., but with the 35% discount it will be available for £14.30 or $19.50.

The Xbox version of Football Manager 2021 costs £29.99 or $39.99 but is available at the reduced price of £22.49 or $30 during the sale.

EditionNormal priceDiscount price
Football Manager 2021 (PC/Mac)£35.99 / $49.99£29.99 / $37.49
Football Manager 2021 Xbox£29.99 / $39.99£22.49 / $29.99
Football Manager 2021 Touch (iOS/Android)£21.99 / $29.99£14.29 / $19.49
Football Manager 2021 Touch (PC/Mac)£21.99 / $29.99£16.49 / $22.49
Football manager 2021 originalnamenFootball

You can see the price differences in the table above.

Note: prices may vary

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Where can I buy Football Manager 2021?

As well as being available to buy at all the usual video game outlets, Football Manager 2021 titles can be bought online as a digital download through Epic Games or Steam.

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Football Manager 2021 has become the fastest-selling game in the management sim series’ history, Sports Interactive has announced.

Taking to his personal Twitter account in the wake of the milestone, Sports Interactive game director Miles Jacobson revealed how impressive the landmark is for the series. With one million copies activated since FM 21’s full launch on November 24, this year’s entry in the franchise is now the quickest to reach this figure in Football Manager’s history.

Football Manager 2021 Origin

To put that into context, Football Manager 2019 took seven months to reach the one million copies sold mark. Previously, Football Manager 202 was the best-selling entry in the series. However, its sales data is skewed due to the game’s timed-limited free-to-own Epic Games Store release in September 2020.

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Given that FM 21 was only released six weeks ago — eight if you factor in the two-week early access window, which began on November 10 — these figures are another big win for Sports Interactive. It’s unknown if the sales figures factor in the mobile and Xbox ports of FM 21. However, with 900,000 players still immersing themselves in the world of Football Manager as of last week, FM 21 looks like it will be sticking around in gamers’ libraries for a while longer yet.

Football Manager 2021 is currently available to buy from Steam and the Epic Games Store. FM 21 Mobile and FM 21 Xbox Edition can be purchased from the Apple App, Android, and Microsoft stores respectively.

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