Fm21 Steam Price

Before I reveal how to assemble an entire team of wonder kids for just £30m, you can find the entire 228 best wonder kids on FM21, at my steam library here https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2297487230

Now time for some of the best 4 star bargains I’ve found so far…

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GK Manuel Gasparini (Udinese) £4.8m, one of the favourites from FM20 is back, he’s been pimped a little too. I’ve started him a few times first season in a few leagues, he’s not cut to be No.1 in a top league first year, but second season you’re good to go.

RB Mert Mulder (Sassuolo) £10.5m, you can get him cheaper by unsettling him by declaring interest and repeatedly bidding £5m until they get sick of it and Mert kicks off. He’s ready to play from the outset too, and is one of the best RB prospects in the game.

LB Riccardo Calafiori (Roma) £6.25. Left backs are at a premium this year ,with many of the very best costing a lot this time around, e.g. Wijndal, Ait Nouiri etc. Luckily Calafiori looks to be one of the very best in the game, although you’ll have to wait a season or too for him.

CB Ozan Kabak (Schalke) £9m, one of the best CB prospects in the game, available for a crazy price, and ready to start. A must buy for £9m.

CB Max Normann Williamsen (Kristiansund) £1.8million, probably one of the best bargains in the game, but you’ll need to load the Norwegian leagues in order to find him ! Begins as a 1.5 star, so might just about make starting in Ligue 1, but other major leagues he’ll need a loan.

CB Andrea Papetti (Brescia) £1.6m, first team ready, you’ll need to be quick though as scouts from allover Europe will be eyeing him up.

DMC Manuel Ugarte (Fenix) £1.3m, has a potential of around 150, but excellent stats make him one of the best holding midfielder prospects in the game. He’s between 2 and 2.5 stars at the beginning of the game, so he’s good to go.

CM Nicolo Rovella (Genoa) £1.6m, you have to be very quick with him, or he’ll be out the door to United or Barcelona, but a major talent true box to box midfielder.

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RW Raul Moro (Lazio) £0.8m, classy playmaker, another you’ll have to wait a season or so for, as he begins at about 1.5 stars.

RW Ferdi Kadioglu (Fenerbache) £10m, everything that Moro might one day become, Ferdi is ready to start, and had a good first season in the English Premier League for me with 12 G&A in 22 starts.

LW Ander Barranetzxea (Real San Sebastian) £6m, 11 G&A in only 18 starts in my first season in La Liga, he’s ready to go.


LW Lazaro (FLA) £5.2m, Lazaro returns as he was in FM20, he’s not quite ready to start for you, but still a major potential world class prospect.

LW Matias Pellegrini (Inter Miami) £3.9m, Pellegrini has everything technical and mental stats to match, capable of playing a role for you in the first season too. A major prospect.

CAM Dario Sarmiento (Estudiantes) £1.5m, quite simply one of the best players in the world in one of my saves. Great pace, and determination, he’s ideal for a fast paced pressing system.

ST Wilfried Gnoto (Zurich) £0.65m, not really ready for first season, but is undoubtedly one of the best 10 striker prospects in the game, and so cheap – a must buy

ST Kaio Jorge (SAN), £6m, another FM20 legend upgraded this time around, one of best 15 striker prospects in the game, and ready to start first season too.


Fm21 Steam Prices

ST Matias Arezo (River) £1.2m, probably one of the best buys around. He’s ready to start from the get go, and could realistically win a title with him involved, although you’d look to upgrade in time. You’ll be able to make £30-40m on him easily.