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A brush cutter is a weed eater on steroids. When you need to remove overgrown weeds, thorns, overgrown grass or other overgrown brush, sometimes traditional tools won’t cut it. And that’s where a brush cutter comes in.

  1. ParkerBrand 52cc Petrol Garden Brush Cutter. 52 cc motor produces 2200 watts of power.
  2. Earthquake 23275 Lawn Edger Best Multi-function Walk Behind Brush Cutter. One of the first.

A brush cutter – often called a clearing saw, brush saw, or weed destroyer (industry lingo) – is a powered lawn care tool designed to cut through overgrown weeds, branches, and even small trees. Brush cutters can slice through saplings, thick brush, and hearty reeds without a problem. They look much like a weed eater, but are typically heavier, more powerful, and equipped with a metal blade instead of nylon strings.

A brush cutter is a landscaping tool consisting of a cutting head, shaft, and power unit. It looks just like a string trimmer but uses a steel blade instead of a trimming line to cut through thicker grass and weeds as well as wood materials including branches, stubs, and even small trees.

Brush cutters are not only useful, but downright fun to use. In my days as a landscaper, I remember having to clear out an overgrown barn and we spent all day obliterating logs, vines, and even a few beer cans (not recommended!) with brush cutters. It’s safe to say if we hadn’t brought the brush cutter and only used a weed eater, it would have taken weeds. That being said, brush cutters are dangerous tools, so be careful. But I digress…

Getting the right tool for the job is why I built this site, and it’s extremely important that you get a brush cutter that meets all of your needs. Remember, these are one of the more dangerous tools. In this post, we’ll break down our picks for the best 5 brush cutters on the market, and in addition to the brush cutter reviews, we’ll dive into some frequently asked questions and safety tips at the end. Happy brush cutting!

At a Glance – Our Top 5 Picks

The 5 Best Brush Cutters of 2019 – Reviews

1) Husqvarna 336FR Bike Handle Brush Cutter

Let me start by saying, I LOVE my Husqvarna Brush cutter.

The Husqvarna Bike Handle Brush Cutter is a straight shaft brush cutter easy to use, has plenty of power, and is extremely versatile. The engine features X-Torq technology, so while the engine is smaller than similar cutters, it has excellent fuel efficiency, no bad smell, and still plenty of power.

The 1.9 hp engine gives it plenty of power – I can cut through a 4″ maple tree trunk (and I have!) like a knife through hot butter.

But it can be used for more than traditional brush cutting. The Husqvarna comes with a traditional brush cutter blade, a trimmer head, and a saw blade. The metal blade is nice and can be used on almost everything that is smaller than a tree. The shoulder strap is comfortable and allows for easy maneuverability. This helps you to stay comfortable when you are using it for a prolonged period.

I’ve used my Husqvarna for years for undergrowth, trees, overgrowth, hay fields, and even as an edger when my pole edger was out of commission. Be sure to bring your blower, because it will leave plenty of debris around to clean up.

  • Adjustable bike handle
  • 34.6 cc, 1.9 HP engine
  • Straight shaft
  • 15.4 lbs


  • It is a 3-in-1 brush cutter
  • You can adjust the handle
  • It has good power for its size


  • It may vibrate more than comparable models

2) Iglobalbuy 5-in-1 Multifunction Grass Cutter


The Iglobalbuy 5-in-1 Multifunction Grass Cutter provides five functions with one tool. The strong engine lets you get through thick brush and greenery without overly exerting yourself or this cutter.

You can use this cutter as a brush cutter, pole saw, grass trimmer, hedge trimmer, and chainsaw. It has a thin handle that is easy to grab on to. The handgrip lets you take control of the tool so that you can use it safely.

This is a beast of a machine, and everything from the starting system to the steel shaft design says it. Heavy brush? The Iglobalbuy will blow it to smitherines. It’s worth noting that this kind of power isn’t for everyone (as many brush cutter reviews on Amazon point out), and more power means more weight, more torque and toughter to control.

In conclusion, while this tool is not as ergonomic as other brush cutters, the strong engine and versatility make it a viable choice for anyone who wants something that’s up to any challenge.

  • Straight handle
  • 52 cc engine


  • The engine is very powerful for its size
  • The design is simple, and the tool is lightweight
  • It has 5-in-1 functionality
  • Multiple cutting options


  • Design is not ergonomic

3) Proyama Extreme Dual Line Brush Cutter

The Proyama Extreme Dual Line Brush Cutter has a pretty decent sized engine for it’s small size. It has enough power to get through the brush, thick weeds, and high grass.

Electric Brush Cutter Price In India

This brush cutter has an easy quick start feature. The engine uses gasoline. You can start it within seconds. This cutter has a changeable head so that you can use the head that is best for the job.

It can get through dense underbrush with little hesitation. It is easy to maneuver, and it has a double body harness. This feature allows you to carry it safely when you are using it. This brush trimmer has

  • Bike handle
  • 42.7 cc engine
  • Smart Start


  • The cutting heads are interchangeable
  • It has a double body harness
  • It comes with the necessary safety equipment


  • It only has one function

4) Chikura Multi-Powerful Brush Trimmer

The Chikura Multi-Powerful Brush Cutter has a powerful engine for its relatively small size. It weighs approximately 28 pounds, so it is easy to move around when you are cutting brush. It uses gasoline for power.

You can use this brush cutter for a variety of tasks, including trimming grass, cutting small branches, and taking care of thick weeds. The blades that come with the cutter are good quality. They last for multiple jobs before you need to replace them.

The grip on this cutter is narrow, so it is relatively comfortable when you use it for prolonged use. There is a harness that comes with it. This helps to relieve some of the weight from your arms and shoulders when you are using this cutter.

The shield that this cutter comes with helps to block any debris from hitting you when you are cutting through the brush, but still wear eyewear regardless.

  • Bike handle
  • 52 cc engine


  • It has a strong and powerful engine
  • This brush cutter is relatively lightweight
  • 4-in-1 multi-function capabilities

Electric Brush Cutter Bunnings


  • The blades do not have a debris guard
  • The blades may wear down prematurely

5) Blue Max 2-Cycle Dual Line Brush Cutter

The Blue Max 2-Cycle Dual Line Brush Cutter features a strong harness to increase safety when you are using this tool. This cutter has basic functionality, so it is easy to learn how to use the various features. It is best for heavy weeds and grass.

The handlebar is narrow so that you can grab onto it easily. This cutter is a good choice for both commercial and residential use. It only weighs 17 pounds, so once you put the harness on, you barely notice it’s weight. You can work all day with this thing and barely even notice it. Its easy start system makes it easy to use, and the drive shaft is sturdy and can handle plenty of torque.

Unlike most brush cutters that use steel blades, this one uses heavy duty trimmer string. That makes it a bit safer and easier to maneuver.

  • Handlebar design
  • 42.7 cc engine


  • It is very lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • This brush cutter has anti-vibration cushioning
  • It has a straight handle that is easy to grip
  • You can cut multiple brush types


  • May slow down with extensive use
  • Recoil is sometimes unreliable

Brush Cutter Buyer’s Guide

Electric brush trimmer

To ensure that the brush cutter you pick meets all of your needs, it is important to learn more about these tools. This information ensures that you understand the features and specifications enough to make the best choice.

What is a brush cutter used for?

Many people use a string trimmer to tackle brush and similar work. However, if you have a thick brush to take care of, a string trimmer may not be powerful enough. These are the times when a brush cutter is a necessity. Consider a brush cutter for the following:

Electric Brush Trimmer

  • You need to cut around fence lines with heavy foliate that you cannot reach with a tractor or a mower
  • The overgrown foliage includes woody grasses, brambles, saplings, thick grasses, nettles, underbrush, or tall grasses
  • The area where you need to work is on a hill or a grade that you cannot mow or drive a tractor on safely