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When you’re in your flow, you want to stay in that flow state as long as possible. But all it takes is a click of a link to drown you in a sea of browser tabs and break that all-important flow. Link previews in Dropbox Paper, which let you easily add work from other tools to your docs, help combat this browser tab weariness. That’s why we’ve been working to bring even more of the tools you use every day into Paper. Today, we’re introducing preview support for three new tools so you can better keep all the pieces you need in one place.

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This guide outlines Airtable features that allow you to connect and exchange data with external services or programmatically manipulate data within Airtable. No-code integration options No-code integrations are services pre-built by Airtable that allow for quick configuration and some customizability with no coding experience required. Hi guys, Basically, I'd like to automate making new records in Airtable from files saved into a Dropbox folder. So far, using Integromat, I start the scenario with Dropbox 'Watch Files', choosing the folder where the files (JPGs) will be saved. This extension helps you manage attachments in Airtable. It creates folders automatically in Dropbox based on record names in Airtable, and then automatically adds directories’ links to each record in Airtable. Easily locate your files and access them directly whenever you need! This tool can automate this entire process for you. Login to Dropbox. Bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and keep your files safe.


Dropbox Air Tabletop

Now, when you paste a link to a Dropbox folder, you can see all the files inside it—and even navigate through subfolders—without leaving your Paper doc. And whenever the folder’s contents are changed, the preview in your Paper doc will be updated automatically.

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Paper is all about bringing collaboration, coordination, and communication together, so Airtable is a natural fit. Combining the functionality of spreadsheets and databases, it helps you organize your work, your way. With our new support for Airtable, just add a base’s embed code, and Paper will display a preview in whichever view you’ve selected—main, in progress, Kanban, gallery, form, or calendar.