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  • I have a Django REST api serving the sqlite data. I also have an airtable databse that serves as a backup and has the same rows as the sqlite. What is a proper way of combining both and don't have.
  • See the response time of a query reduced from 77 to 3.7 seconds using these five performance optimization techniques.

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Django Air Table Saw

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Airtable integration for Django-based projects

This project's target is to make the Airtable import easier in Django-based applications.


Add aa_airtable to your app's INSTALLED_APPS, and also set AIRTABLE_SETTINGS in project settings.After all please migrate the app (./manage.py migrate aa_airtable).


Django Air Tablet

  • API_KEY - Airtable API key.
  • DATABASES - Database settings eg. ('Media', 'tests.parsers.MediaParser') where Media is table name and tests.parsers.MediaParser is path to table parser
  • ENDPOINT_URL - Airtable API endpoint url.
  • DATA_DIRECTORY - Folder with json data backups.
  • FILES_DIRECTORY - Folder with uploaded files to airtable.
  • SAVE_FILES - Should library save uploaded files (default: True)

Example Parser


  • Django 1.11
  • Python 3.4-3.6