Digital Projection Alarm Clock Manual

Exactly what I was looking for. Primary goals at purchasing this product was the ability to dim the clock down to a reasonable, non-night light mode. Good gawd some of the clocks are way too bright for my taste. This clock has 3 levels of brightness. The lowest level was perfect. But the projection feature was the BEST feature of this clock. I have textured ceilings and I am near-sighted and I was not sure if this clock would do the trick or not. It passed with flying colors! The numbers and AM/PM projected onto the textured ceiling and both my wife (also near-sighted) and I could easily read the time on the ceiling. You can rotate the projection 180 degrees as well, so if you put the clock at the foot of your bed the numbers will be right side up. We have the clock on our head board. It comes with an AC adapter. Also has a standard USB connection (like you have on your computer) on it for a charging cable of your choice (not supplied). There is a DST toggle which will move the hour forward or backward so you do not have to dink with the time at all! An alarm and an FM radio, neither of which I have tested. I highly recommend this clock.
5 Star by: Kevin J. Pinkerton

Projection Alarm clock with indoor and outdoor Temperature User Manual details for FCC ID 2AKV5SPC524 made by Dongguan Rainbow Tech Electronic & Plastic Products Co.,Ltd. Document Includes User Manual SPC524IM2016with edits. Possible product performance, please read this manual in its entirety. And retain it for future reference. Unpacking Instructions. Remove the protective film that is applied to the LCD screen prior to using this product. Locate the tab and peel off to remove. Package Contents. Outdoor sensor 3. Power adapter 4. 180° Projection - adjustable focus, 180 flip, Projection range is 4-12 feet. Radio - automatic and manual scan the radio, you can save up to 60 channels. The radio also has a manual scan function to make you feel at ease. Snooze Function and Alarm Function - you can set two alarms at the same time, 7 alarm tones for you to choose. La Crosse Technology Clock 616-146v2. La Crosse Technology Atomic Projection Alarm with Indoor and Outdoor Temperature Manual.

Clock Owners Manuals

Updated 08-16-2020
We are starting to publish links to all of the clock and Grandfather clock manuals we have available on this page. Some of these publications are the original, factory manuals and many we have enhanced to make it easier to understand. We have also included many help files with information not displayed in the manuals to help you better understand and enjoy your clock.

Digital Projection Alarm Clock Manual -

Grandfather Clock Owners Manuals

Digital Projection Alarm Clock Manual

These manuals were derived from the original manuals for these manufacturers of Grandfather Clocks.

Quartz Chiming Clock Owners Manuals (battery operated wall clocks and mantel clocks)

Quartz Harmonic Movement Instructions (found on many Miller, Hermle, Bulova, and Rhythm clocks)

Seiko Clock Quartz Westminster – Whittington Manual

Howard Miller Westminster Melody Mantel Clocks (635-100, 635-101, 635-123, 635-121)

Howard Miller 4AA Westminster Melody Clocks (625-628, 625-595, 625-603, 635-186)

Howard Miller 3AA Lakeside Salem Mantel Clocks 635-223 635-226

Keywound Mantel Clock Manuals

Atomic Clocks Manuals

analog clocks (with hands)

Atomic Clocks Manual – (Analog clock with hands)

Digital Projection Alarm Clock Manual Download

Howard Miller Analog Atomic Clock Manual (used on most current model Howard Miller atomic clocks)

atomic clocks with an LCD display

Howard Miller Techtime Atomic Clock Manual 625-235 or 625-236 with LCD Screen

Seiko QHR024SLH Rwave LCD Instructions (page 1) ( page 2)

World Time Clock Manuals

World Time Clock with Moving Dial Instructions
(printer friendly version – PDF)

Anniversary Clock Manuals (battery operated)

Wall Clocks

Howard Miller Auto-Daylight Savings Time Clocks (non-atomic or radio controlled)

Wall Clocks: Keywound, Weight Driven Wall Clocks

Weather and Maritime Clocks

Clocks with LCD Display

Seiko QHR024SLH Instructions (page 1) ( page 2)

Projection Dual Alarm Clock

Miscellaneous Manuals

Cuckoo Clocks

Black Forest Cuckoo Clock Manual (for Cuckoo Clock sold by the Clock Depot)

Alarm Clocks

Musical Clocks that play Songs

We have posted manuals for the clocks we have offered since 2002. We do not have any manuals for older clocks or clocks we have never seen or sold.