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2.5″ 6 Digit LED Countdown Timer


LED Small & Large Digital Count Up & Countdown Timer List CK-3000 LED Large Digital Timer Programmable to 99 hours, and displays hours, minutes, seconds Count Up and Count Down LED timer with audible or silent alarm. Count Up/Down Operation. 1.8' LED Digits. Made in the USA Model # ETCD100-16. Countdown to the 4th of July. Count Up/Down Operation. 1.8' LED Digits. Made in the USA Model # ETCD100-17. Countdown to Halloween. Count Up/Down Operation. 1.8' LED Digits. Made in the USA Model # ETCD100-18. Countdown to Graduatiion. Count Up/Down Operation.

  1. DC-Digital Count Up timers: Count by Days DC-Digital custom designs and manufactures industrial indoor-outdoor digital LED, count up by days, timers. Handcrafted to accurately and reliably increment up once every 24 hours and visually display it for safety sign scoreboards, machine down times.
  2. The countdown function will show the time remaining whereas the count up function will show the time elapsed. The countdown timer can be used for other areas outside of healthcare. For example, if a testing room wanted to use a countdown clock to control an event the countdown timer is perfect during a timed event.
  • Alternating Time and Date (self adjustable)
  • Adjustable Brightness (dimming)
  • 120 VAC or 24 VAC
  • Multi-functional: Count-Up or Count-Down
  • Timer Option, Digital Clock
  • Highly viewable six digit LED display shows hours, minutes and seconds.
  • Count down timer mode displays time remaining
  • Count up timer mode displays elapsed time

Switch Control Specifications

Digital Count Up Timers

  • Allows user to set, start or stop the timer
  • Designed to fit inside a single gang box (not included)
  • Wall plate cover is aluminum
  • Cable connector is a standard network cable (not included)

Digital Led Timer

Digital timer count down up

Dc Digital Timer

Dimensions: 4.5″ H x 2.75″ W x 2″ D (11.43cm H x 6.985cm W x 5.08cm D)