Digital Clock Ikea

About this Item It’s quick and easy to switch between 4 functions – time and date, temperature, timer, and countdown – just by turning the clock to a new side. Each side of the clock performs different functions. Just flip it for time/date, alarm, temperature or timer. It doesn’t take up a lot of space and it’s simple. A battery-operated clock with 3 different functions: time, alarm and temperature. The clock has a LED backlight and is lit when pressing the button. The alarm clock has a.

A remotely controlled, precise analog wallclock like that one from IKEA is a cool thing. Today we will build our own remotecontrol for such analog and digital clocks. All we need is a Raspberry Pi and afew electronic components. And we will learn something about resonancefrequencies, capacitors, and ferrite antennas. Let’s hack!


This is material presented in the following video:


Digital Clock Ikea Kitchen

Digital clock in mirror ikea

Source of the software: https://github.com/hzeller/txtempus

Ikea Clocks Wall

Start command:

Automatic Startup:

Create a service file for systemd:

Digital Clock Like Font

Digital clock keychain

Insert the following content:

Ikea large wall clocks

Press ctrl-X , Y and Enter to save the file

Digital Clock Ideas

Set the permission:

Restart systemd