Dewalt Trimmer Blower Combo

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  2. Dewalt Trimmer Blower Combo
  • This item DEWALT String Trimmer, DCST925 and DCBL720 Combo Kit (DCKO975M1) DEWALT FLEXVOLT 60V MAX String Trimmer, Brushless, Two Speed, 15-Inch, 3-Ah Battery (DCST970X1) DEWALT 20V MAX String Trimmer Kit, 5-Ah (DCST922P1).
  • Kobalt 2-Piece 24-Volt Max Cordless Power Equipment Combo Kit. The Kobalt 24-Volt max leaf Blower and string trimmer Combo kit helps keep your yard neat and tidy. The string trimmer’s 12 inch cutting swath and dual line feed increase cutting efficiency, while it’s bump head makes it easy to advance line for continuous use.

You’ve made it! You are finally out of the apartment and into your own house! But now you have a lawn to mow and a fencerow to trim. Quick! You need to buy a mower and trimmer before the city starts leaving citations on your door.

DEWALT Trimmers. DEWALT 20-Volt MAX Cordless Lithium-Ion String Trimmer/Blower Combo Kit (2-Tool) with Battery and Charger.

Dewalt Trimmer Blower Combo

Here are the best cordless trimmer blower combos on the market. I love how much cordless lawn equipment has advanced this year. 2019 is the first year, where I feel like these tools are durable enough and lightweight enough to replace their gas-powered cousins.

When you go with a cordless string trimmer, you can throw away the gas can. There is no need to make stinky gas runs to the gas station. There is also no need to mix oil and gas. The entire lawn mowing process is much simpler.

All of these kits contain, at a minimum, the string trimmer, blower, one battery pack, and a charger included.

Here are the Top 8 Weed Eaters That I’m Going To Talk About:

  • Husqvarna 115L
  • Dewalt DCKO97M1
  • Kobalt 24-Volt (The One I Bought)
  • GreenWorks STBA40B210
  • Worx WG921.1 Cordless 20V 12″
  • Westinghouse Cordless

Serious Yard Tool – Husqvarna 115L

I think I’m one of the first bloggers to talk about the Husqvarna combo. I’ve been a huge fan of the Husqvarna brand. I owned one of their riding mowers for four years and absolutely abused it on some of the nastiest untamed lands. Then I invested in a backpack blower for wrestling through a massive leaf season. Unlike my Stihl tools that could be a little finicky, I never had one of the Husqvarna tools struggle to start.

So you can understand why I was excited to see that they had entered the rechargeable trimmer market.

This electric string trimmer is a serious contender and is designed for the Husqvarna fan who is thinking of making the switch to electric, but who is worried about not having enough power.

As with the Black and Decker models that come in a lot lower on this list, this one offers a telescoping shaft so you can adjust it to find the ideal working position. Being part of a generation of homeowners who have fought endlessly with their lawn tools, this feature is alone is enough to get us on board.

The weedeater uses a brushless motor. These brushless designs help to lengthen the run time of the battery by drawing electricity slightly. Additionally, they last longer.

This model uses the larger diameter .080 trimmer line, which makes it much easier to cut through thicker grass such as overgrown fescue and bluegrass.

At 10 pounds, it isn’t the lightest one on this list, but it is balanced well, which makes it perfect for day-in-day-out use. You are choosing a slightly heavier tool in order to have more power. It’s a tradeoff that is well worth it.

The 14-inch trimming width is nice to have when you are trying to work quickly. Some of these smaller models cut in such a small worth, it feels like you are in hand-to-hand combat with your lawn. Thanks to the 14-inch width on this model, you can more easily work through the lawn with similar ease to how the old gas trimmers worked.

I still have some calls out to the manufacturer to confirm the amp hours on this model. However, it seems to be running for over an hour between recharges. The run-time is a phenomenal achievement. Part of the reason it works so well is thanks to the battery saver feature that allows you to switch between more power or longer run time.

The Leaf Blower 320iB might be one of the most powerful models on this list. With 410 CFM of air volume, it makes short work of just about any leaf pile you point it at.

If you are tired of mixing your two-stroke gasoline but are worried about losing too much power, this is the best weed eater alternative to consider.

Powerful Trimmer -Dewalt DCKO97M1

I recently purchased the Dewalt cordless Sawzall for trimming branches back from the house. I’ve got to say that it has made me a believer in their products for doing yard work. There are a certain heft and durability to the Dewalt tools that are missing from the other brands. They feel more durable.

In this combo kit, you are getting both the DCST920 trimmer and the DCBL720 blower. Both of them come with the brushless motor and the 3-year limited Warranty that Dewalt is famous for. What I love about Dewalt products is that if you ever have a warranty claim, you can just run it by the nearest service center. I’m old fashioned enough that I love that face-to-face interaction.

This 20-volt max trimmer uses a brushless motor for a longer lifespan. These brushless motors also have the advantage of using less electricity, and it means that you can get more battery runtime between recharges. The variable speed trigger helps you manage your battery use better.

This kit only comes with one battery, so I would be inclined to invest in an additional 20v Max lithium battery pack as you’ll find yourself using this kit pretty aggressively. Dewalt offers the best battery when it comes to being lightweight, having a fast recharge time, holding up well under multiple recharges, and reaching the full run-time.

It boasts a patented drive system that offers more torque for when cutting through deeper grass. It only uses the .080″ diameter string, so I find that it uses a ton of string (all of these do, but this one is a little more noticeable since it is such an aggressive machine).

The bottom line is, this trimmer gives you one of the closest simulations to the “real thing” in how it operates. For the homeowner who is reluctant to switch over, I can’t think of a better kit to go with.

The blower is a nice addition. It works OK for moving grass clippings out of the driveway, but it is a little under powered when it comes to moving leaves. I’d be hesitant to call it a leaf blower, but then I have more trees in my yard than most people, so I need a blower that can really move some extreme air volume.

Extreme Power – Kobalt 40 Volt

This Kobalt is the one that I purchased for my own personal use. It was a little more affordable than the Dewalt, but the real kicker was how balanced it felt.

The balance isn’t quite as good as it is on a “real” trimmer since the battery pack is comparatively heavy. However, the company does a good job with handle placement, and I didn’t find it too cumbersome to trim my yard with.

It has a surprising amount of power. You can go to town on some of the taller, thicker grasses. I had a fence-row that hadn’t been cut all year, and it did an excellent job trimming down grass that was two feet tall.

We also have crabgrass that crawls onto the driveway and sidewalks. Using this trimmer (and a copious amount of string), I was able to push the crabgrass back nicely and reveal the clean concrete underneath.

The only thing that doesn’t trim very well is small, woody, vegetation. After I was done with the grass, I came back through with hand clippers and trimmed the Ivy and other small, woody, brush.

The battery charges quickly. I wanted a full charge for my first use, and it only took a couple of hours to get it ready to use. So far, I haven’t had to recharge it. We have a quarter-acre lot here in town, and I need to trim the entire fence. With 2.5 Amp-hours, there is more than enough run time to keep trimming. (In fact, I’ve needed to reload the string spool a couple of times.)


The Kobalt 40-Volt Electric Leaf Blower seems powerful enough. It has a 350 CFM blowing capacity, which is no lightweight. I’m blessed in that I don’t have a lot of leaves to move, but I imagine it will be getting a workout here in a few weeks. It sure makes short work of grass clippings, though.

As with all of these blowers, I’ve done jobs where 2 acres of leaves needed to be moved. These little blowers won’t cut something like that. However, for a postage stamp yard where you are taking the time to do the leaves on a weekly basis, something like this will corral the dry, dead leaves quickly and let you get back to watching football.

Overall, I am exceptionally pleased with my purchase of the Kobalt.

The downside is that the weed trimmer is too long for my 90-year old, 5-foot-tall Swedish Grandmother. The Black and Decker that we talk about in a moment is the one that she likes.

Good Value – GreenWorks STBA40B210

GreenWorks is one of the top brands when it comes to the homeowner who wants to minimize their environmental footprint. Greenworks created some of the first electric-powered yard tools, and have done a lot to blanket the internet with their online branding. Their innovation makes them a strong contender.

We first bought a Greenworks lawnmower, and I’m still partial to this brand. My grandmother had always owned a corded electric lawnmower. The cord on it made it hard to manage, but it was a nice tool that didn’t require her to deal with gasoline canisters.

When that mower died, we invested in a Greenworks. It was extremely lightweight, and she enjoyed the cordless batteries that made it easier to use.

Their grass trimmer continues this tradition. With a 40V battery, it is one of the larger ones available. The added voltage is designed to increase the power output of the battery, enabling you to cut weeds that are over a foot high. As with all of these rechargeable systems, this one struggles with wet grass but performs beautifully against the dry grass of summertime.

One of my frustrations with this battery is that it only has 2.0 amp-hours. This amount of power is still enough to provide an advertised 45 minuted of run time. However, I feel like the bigger 4.0 amp hour batteries of some of the other brands are preferable.

The other drawback is that it only uses .065 diameter string. You’ve already heard me complain about how much string I go through when using a .080 diameter string. I hate re-spooling the weedeater, and I feel like the models that use a thicker string do a better job at quickly trimming the edge of the lawn.

Where this trimmer shines is that it weighs less than 8 pounds with the battery. The light weight makes it extremely comfortable for carrying around the yard and doing a long day of yard work.

The other benefit of this kit is that the blower provides 390 CFM of air movement thanks to the axial design. The airflow is enough to really move those leaves and get the lawn looking good in no time.

City Dweller’s Dream – BLACK+DECKER 40V MAX

Our neighbor has one of those sickeningly perfect lawns. He mows it in perfect angles, and then carefully weedeats all of the edges. Then, he gets out one of those edgers and carefully edges the sidewalks. By the time the blower comes out to clean the sidewalk, the rest of us are conspiring what we can do to get him to move, so our lawns don’t look so bad.

The thing is, it doesn’t take him that much longer than the rest of us to maintain his lawn. He just does it weekly. Since he performs the same task every week, his lawn looks great all the time.

This Black and Decker 40v Max system is designed to make those weekly tasks a breeze.

As we talk about with the model below, this one offers a unique handle grip. When you pick it up the first time, the grip is so ergonomic that you’ll wonder why all weedwhackers haven’t been designed this way. It also positions the battery right behind your hand, which makes it a much more comfortable design than the gasoline motors that used to hang out behind you.

The telescoping pole allows you to adjust it down to the correct height for you. Now, the household with a 6-foot tall husband and 5-foot tall wife can both easily use the same trimmer without hurting their neck.

The other thing that you will notice right away is the larger guard on this trimmer. At first, that guard seems a tad bulky. However, it is designed well so that it never gets in the way. The reason that it has a bigger guard is that this is a trimmer/edger combo. As a combo, it needs to offer greater protection when you are edging your sidewalks.

This model only offers a 2.0 amp hour battery, but that is enough for a solid 30 minutes of hard work, and could easily stretch up to about 45 minutes of yard work.

As with the Dewalt, this sweeper isn’t as powerful as we might have hoped. It only offers 90 CFM, so it is going to struggle with piles of leaves. Where it does shine is that it only weighs about 4.7 pounds and is extremely quiet. Now you can get your yard work done like a ninja before the neighbors are up on a Saturday morning.

The other feature of this kit is the proprietary POWERCOMMAND feature. This allows you to switch between “maximum power” and “maximum battery life”. If you are trying to get the battery life to stretch out, this feature buys you that extra time before you have to put it back on the charger.

Best For Small Yards – BLACK+DECKER BCK279D2

This Black and Decker kit is absolutely incredible. It offers the perfect amount of power for doing a quick weekly trim of postage stamp city lots.

Dewalt Battery Trimmer Blower Combo

You can tell that they understand their core demographic when they designed this model. For all of you who want an easy way to trim your lawn every week, this is the ideal trimmer for you.

The first thing you’ll notice is the pistol grip style handle. This handle is very comfortable and gives you a lot of control as you are working. The other key thing about this design is that it puts the weight of the battery pack right in your hand. This makes it feel much more natural and gets rid of some of the more awkward weight designs of some of the other models.

The adjustable length is also handy. If you are a shorter person or need one that your 90-year-old grandmother will love, the BCK279D2 offers that adjustability so that you can adjust it down to the right size.

The other massive departure from the other designs is the automatic feed system. Unlike all of the other bump feeds on this page, this model automatically feeds the line to ensure that you have the proper amount without the added line loss and waste that occurs with the bump feed systems.

The blower is going to be a lightweight, but with 320 CFM, it gets the job done, especially if you just need to get the grass clippings off the lawn.

The downsides are that this is a much weaker trimmer/edger than the other models we’ve reviewed so far, and the battery life isn’t as good. But for the small lot and the homeowner who wants an extremely lightweight trimmer, this one is going to be hard to beat.

Renter’s Value – Westinghouse Cordless

As a kid, my dad had the worst luck keeping a lawnmower running. We’d literally rent one from the local tool shop every weekend so that we could cut our lawn.

If you recently moved out of the apartment and are trying to figure out lawn care for the first time, this all-in-one combination is a top contender for you. For one price, you get a string trimmer, blower, hedge trimmer, with a battery pack and charger included for good measure.

There is a lot here to like.

The trimmer has the ergonomic handle that I am a massive fan of. It telescopes up and down so both you and your girlfriend can use the same trimmer without hating it. The cutting path is also adjustable from 10 inches up to 12 inches. It has a pretty sweet head adjustment that lets you pivot the head from 90 degrees to 180 degrees. You can even pivot it up into an edger position and use the built-in wheel to give the sidewalk a good edging.

The blower is a little lightweight compared to some of the heavy-hitters we have looked at, but it works well for getting the grass clippings out of the driveway. You’ll only get about 10 to 15 minutes of run time out of the battery when using the blower, but that is to be expected. It offers 270 cubic feet per minute of airflow, which is better than some of the other models we have reviewed.

The hedge trimmer is the one feature that we haven’t talked about much yet. It offers an ample 25-inch swath for trimming the shrubs around the house. I’ve never known a landlord to pay the shrubs much attention, so the house is likely to look the best it ever has with you trimming the shrubs back.

The lithium-ion batteries offer a 2-year warranty, which gives you that added peace of mind.

Westinghouse is an old electric motor brand in America. They created some of the first power plants in the country. So, while it might not be as well known of a brand name int he consumer electronics niche, it is a well-established company, which should give you more peace of mind when you make this purchase.

Weekend Warrior – Worx WG921.1 Cordless 20V 12″

The Worx brand brings some of the same things that we love about the Black and Decker models, but with their own twist on the innovations.

The most noticeable innovation is the oversized handle. This makes it easy to swing the trimmer back and forth without having to crouch too far forward. It also offers a pivoting trimmer head that is a nice feature that allows you to choose your ideal working angle. It can even offer a 90-degree right angle, which is perfect for cleaning out those hard to reach areas.

The telescoping straight shaft means that you can adjust this to the ideal length for your body height.

This is another trimmer/edger combo. This one also offers wheels that attach to the head so that you can convert it into a true edger. It just takes an easy pull and locks to turn. The inline wheel provides you with more control as you are trimming along the edge of your sidewalk.

This kit is unique in that it comes with three battery packs and a double slot 2-hour charger. We haven’t seen any of the other brands offer this kind of value when it comes to their power tools. The 2.0 battery ah keeps this one on the lower end, but with a consistent 40 minutes of run time, you won’t even notice the difference.

Dewalt blower and trimmer

Dewalt Trimmer Blower Combo

The Command feed spool system is another nice feature that provides instant line feeding. This Command Feed seems to be working better than some of the bigger brands’ attempt a more innovative feed system.

The blower is no slacker, either. With 340 CFM of air volume and an added hyper stream nozzle, this turbine fan technology on this model is one that you will fall in love with instantly. It has a two-speed control that allows for either light-duty use to get the grass clippings off your driveway or heavy volume for that fall season leaf work. The downside is that the blower only runs for about 10 minutes on a full battery charge.

Now, with all of these amazing features, you might be wondering why it is lower on the list. The only downside of this new technology is that returns are inevitable. Whether it is a faulty battery or something that broke in shipment, you want to make sure that you are choosing a brand that will work with you to make sure you are satisfied. Worx’s warranty and return policy are a little unclear.

I’d rather go with something like the Black and Decker, where I know more about the brand.


I think I would be shirking my duty not to review the Craftsman. For decades, Craftsman has been the go-to brand for Americans. You’d pick up a Craftsman tool at Sears, and your kids would fight about who got it some 50 years down the road when you died. The brand was legendary for its longevity.

With the recent collapse of Sears, the Craftsman brand was sold to Lowes, which is helping it to have a resurgence in quality and innovation. I’m becoming convinced that it is worth considering.

With this model, I love the ergonomic handle. This gives you large, easy, handholds for maximum control.

The trimmer reminds me of the Worx and Westinghouse design in how it telescopes. However, the head of the trimmer doesn’t pivot, and it doesn’t have the wheel for using it as an edge trimmer.

The 13-inch swatch that it trims is the perfect size for getting the job done. The automatic feed for the string ensures that you spend as little time as possible fighting with your tool.

This trimmer is convenient and lightweight, but where it comes up short is in battery life. It seems that there are only about 15 minutes of life for most trimming. Maybe that is just the defective battery that could be warrantied, but it is concerning.

The CRAFTSMAN Leaf Blower is fun to use. It works well as a one-handed tool and is rather quiet.

The challenge for Craftsman is that there are so many other good contenders. I’d be inclined to go with Westinghouse or one of the Black and Decker models instead. Hopefully, with a few more years, Craftsman will figure out how to return to their old “glory days” of durability and power.


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