Devolutions Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise Edition

Last week we shared theRemote Desktop Manager Startup Checklist for Teams. But what if you’re a single user? Don’t despair, we haven’t forgotten about you! Behold: the Remote Desktop Manager Checklist for Individual Users!

Remote Desktop Manager (RDM) integrates with Devolutions Server (DVLS), which is Devolutions’ on-premises Privileged Account Management (PAM) platform. DVLS features robust role-based access control for all administrative users. Products Remote Desktop Manager Password Hub Devolutions Server Wayk Bastion Companion Tools Web Login. DEVOLUTIONS.NET 1000 Notre-Dame, Lavaltrie, QC J5T 1M1, Canada.

Devolutions Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise Edition V2019

(Please note that this checklist is also ideal if you’re setting RDM up for small groups of up to 3 users who don’t need to implement security.)

Checklist for Individual
Step 1 – Register your License
Step 2 – Choose your Data Source
Step 3 – Set up your Security
Step 4 – Setup Devolutions Online Backup
Step 5 – Create your Default Settings
Step 6 – Import Your Data

Step 1 – Register Your License

Start by registering your version of Remote Desktop Manager. Go to Help – Register Product, and enter your user name, email address and serial number. Please note that you need to enter the information exactly the way it is listed in the email that you received.

Devolutions Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise Edition

Step 2 – Choose Your Data Source

Choose your data source type. Here is a table to help you choose the right data source to meet your requirements:

Devolutions Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise Edition
Note 1 : Our Dropbox integration uses the API to directly access your online account. If you keep the file in a dropbox synchronized folder on your machine it becomes a simple XML or SQLite data source

Step 3– Set up your Security

It’s important to set up your security before importing or creating any data in your database so nobody can read your entry configuration data, even when people have a direct access to your database. You'll need to set up your data source with a master key, or encryption. Regardless of the security you select, the passwords stored in your database are always encrypted using AES 256 bit encryption.

Step 4 – Setup Devolutions Online Backup

Devolutions Online Backup allows you to securely backup your information from the following data sources: Devolutions Online Drive, SQLite or XML. The backup is automatically executed 30 seconds after any modification to the data source content. If you’re using any other type of data source(s), please follow this link for further guidance.

Step 5 - Create Your Default Settings

To create your default settings template, follow File – Templates – Default Settings and select the default settings template you wish to create. You must perform this for all types individually.

You can also create, edit or reset your default settings whenever a new entry is created. Each entry type is supported and can have a default template defined.

Step 6 - Import Your Data

The last step is to import your data into RDM. There are a few simple ways that you can do this:


Don’t feel bad if your data is in Excel – you’re not alone. But soon you’ll stop waking up at 3am from spreadsheet-induced nightmares. Here’s what to do:

1. Ensure the column headers match with fields of RDM, please refer to Import Strategies file format for more details.

2. Save the file in the CSV format

3. Go to File -Import – Import Entries


4. Select your CSV file and click Open

And that’s it. All your entries will be automatically imported into RDM.

Also, if your preferred import method isn’t listed above, there are many ways to get your sessions, logins and contacts into RDM. Click here for more information.

Devolutions Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise Edition
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