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  2. Day clocks are one of the most popular products for people with Alzheimer's and dementia. Time orientation can be a struggle and can lead to anxiety, agitation, wandering and repetitive questions. Our Day Clock w/ Day and Date is a 2nd Generation Day Clock with added alarm and reminder features.

Developed by Designability, the DayClock has been designed to help people living with Dementia or Alzheimer’s. The DayClock features a simple and clear display showing the time of day as either morning, afternoon, evening or night, and is ideal for people living with dementia as they can lose the ability to distinguish between day or night. The DayClock can also assist primary carers by ensuring a daily routine can be maintained.

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The DayClock is ideal for use around a home, on a bedside table or a kitchen worktop.

The Ward Orientation Clock is an adaption to our award winning DayClock. The large screen is more visible than a standard size day/date clocks and provides a constant and reassuring source of information on the time of day, location and the orientation information is automatically up to date, so no staff input is needed (unlike more basic calendar signage boards). The screen can also assist staff by answering and reinforcing questions like ‘where am I?’ and ‘what time is it?’.

The Ward Orientation Clock is ideal for use in communal areas such as hospital wards, day rooms and nursing homes and has already been used by multiple NHS Trust Wards across the UK.

Who is the Day Clock for?

The Dementia Day Clock is aimed at helping people living with dementia by simply and clearly displaying the time of day as morning, afternoon, evening or night. People living with dementia can lose the ability to recognise what the time is and even whether it is day or night. This can cause many challenges for them and for their primary carers. The Day Clock can significantly help people with dementia maintain their daily routine and reduce anxiety about the time of day and them missing key events.

The Day Clocks’ clear and simple display of “Now it’s Monday Morning” was developed by Designability based on research into Dementia care needs who worked with Occupational Therapists and Carers to develop the concept. The aim of the Day Clock is to help people with dementia to be able to link the time of day to their daily routine.


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The Day Clock has a number of features which are specific to people with dementia including tamper proof button sequencing to ensure that random pressing of the buttons does not reset the clock. The Dementia Clock will revert back to the correct date and time when switched off and then on, as well as retaining the correct time if it is unplugged. The Day Clock is clearly visible at night without being bright and it comes with corner night lighting which make the display more prominent at night and which can be turned off if not required.

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The Day Clock requires no maintenance apart from resetting the internal clock when the clocks change for summer and winter times. This is very simple to do and the manual and website (www.day-clock.com) both give step by step instructions.

Every Day Clock has a 12 month warranty and full support is available through our website and our customer service helplines and live email response/web chat.

The response to the Day Clock has been extraordinary and demand initially outstripped supply many times over. We are always interested to hear from our customers and we welcome all feedback by emailing [email protected]

Dementia Day Clock’s Main Features:

  • Clear and Simple Display of Time
  • Works well at night and in the day
  • Plug and Play straight from the box (Date requires set-up)
  • Tamper proof button sequencing to eliminate accidental interference
  • Keeps track of the correct time even when on standby
  • Maintenance free usage
  • Optional Corner lights for prominent night time use
  • 12 months warranty

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“In 2012 there were over 800,000 people with dementia in the UK, and it is projected that by 2021, there will be 1,000,000 (one million) people living with dementia”

The Ward Orientation Clock was developed in close association with Combe Ward (Older People’s Unit) at the Royal United Hospital, Bath and is primarily aimed at reassuring people who are out of their usual routine, or who have dementia.

The Ward Orientation Clock has multiple slides, it has an analog clock face slide, the ‘It’s now Monday morning’ slide, and a customisable location screen providing a constant and reassuring source of information on time and place.

The Ward Orientation Clock has already been used by multiple NHS Trust Wards, day rooms and nursing homes.

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Dementia Ward Orientation Clock’s Main Features:

Best Clocks For Dementia Patients

  • Clear and simple display of time.
  • Customisable location screen.
  • 27″ screen with large text creates more impact than standard size day/date clocks and is more visible to everyone in the environment.
  • Wall mountable brackets.
  • The presentation of time and basic information in different formats is comprehensive, inclusive and helpful to people who have variable levels of cognition.
  • It identifies day and night which is beneficial in 24 hour environments like hospitals and nursing homes.
  • The screen assists staff by answering and reinforcing questions like ‘where am I?’ and ‘what time is it?’ These are questions that are frequently and repeatedly asked.
  • The seasonal slideshows are visual clues as to the time of year and they provide an enjoyable pictorial view of the outside that is often not available and can encourage conversation.
  • It provides a reference for important contextual information, reassuring people who are confused and vulnerable.
  • Orientation information is automatically up to date, no staff input is needed (unlike more basic calendar signage boards)
  • Everyone, including people with dementia, can access it
  • The Ward Clock is available to purchase without the monitor and can support any screen size. Call for pricing.