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In this video we explain how the open source software Cryptomator helps you to encrypt files on your local hard drive, before they get synchronized by Dropbo. In Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropox you can only create one connection between your cloud storage account and the Cryptomator app. You can’t connect to (for example) two different Dropbox accounts.

With Cryptomator you can create encrypted vaults. Each vault is protected by a password and can contain as many files and folders as you like.

You can create as many vaults as you like and use separate passwords for every vault.

When you unlock a vault, using your password, the vault’s contents will become available as a virtual drive on your PC. Just as if you were using a USB drive.

You can then work on this virtual drive just the same as with any hard drive. Once you’re done, you can lock your vault, which will remove the virtual drive from your system.

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On Windows, you can choose the drive letter of the virtual drive for each vault.

Cryptomator is not a sync tool. You still need the software from your favourite cloud storage service. To sync a vault with the cloud, simply specify its storage location to be inside a directory that will get sync’ed with your cloud. For example, if you’re using Dropbox, create a vault inside your Dropbox folder.

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Cryptomator Dropbox Settings

Cryptomator can only encrypt files that you put inside your vault. It will not affect any other files laying around in your cloud folder.