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Costco deals with exclusively interstate car batteries that can be used for a variety of functions. These range from vehicles, to golf carts and to boats. The interstate car batteries are among the oldest manufacturers of battery brands that are present in today’s markets. Costco deals with exclusively interstate car batteries that can be used for a variety of functions. These range from vehicles, to golf carts and to boats. The interstate car batteries are among the oldest manufacturers of battery brands that are present in today’s markets. I keep hearing there are only three automotive battery manufactures in the United States. I don't know if that's true. If it is, and most batteries are simil. Costco offers Bosch S4 batteries for your automotive needs. Call your local Costco's Tyre Bay, to see if we have the battery that's right for you. Sep 28, 2018 The Interstates at Costco for the same group are almost $40 cheaper at Costco than the Silver battery from Advanced. But, nothing is free, right? Did it last anything close to the warranty? Any trouble with it?

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Having a genuine battery for your car means buying a battery from a dealer you can trust. A dealer you can depend on in case the battery fails you.

But, how do you tell you are buying a battery from the right place?

It is simple. While obtaining your battery ensures it comes with a written warranty.

Costco Battery Warranty is a warranty you can trust.

But before we get to know the Costco Battery Warranty, let us understand what a warranty is.


What is a Costco Battery Warranty?

Costco is a company known to sell different types of batteries. It offers a variety of batteries for different kinds of machines. While doing that, they put their customers ahead by ensuring they get value for their money.

Costco battery warranty is a guarantee to its customers. Upon purchase of any type of battery brand, the Costco Company will issue you with a warranty.

Costco Auto Battery

Each battery brand has its warranty period. I do not forget the conditions that make the warranty hold.

It may sound familiar.

But What Comes With Costco Battery Warranty?

I know you think it is a warranty like any other warranty.

You are right,

But let us dig a little deeper and understand why the Costco battery warranty is different.

A good car battery is not cheap to buy. Getting a proper warranty comes handy to save you more expenses on them.

Therefore, the Costco battery warranty is a package that any customer would love to have.

The Warranty includes the following.

1. If you buy the optima blue, red, or yellow battery, you get a full refund of the purchase value. The warranty period covers up to 36 months.

Costco auto battery finder

2. The flooded battery (Kirkland signature automotive battery) comes with different warranty periods.

  • 0-48 months, the customer gets a free replacement.
  • 49-66 months, the customer will get a 50% refund. t This will depend on the purchase value.
  • 67-100 months, one gets 25%refund depending on the purchase price.

3. The Kirkland signature marine. The replacement package will depend on the warranty period of the battery.

  • 0-12 months, the customer receives a free replacement of the battery.
  • 13-18 months, you get 40% of the purchase price refund.
  • 19-36 months, the customer will receive 20% of the purchase price.

4. The Kirkland Signature Lawn and garden battery, you get a free replacement. The warranty period is 0-12 months. Similarly, the same applies to the Kirkland Golf Cart battery.

5. The Energizer batteries with a warranty period between 0-24 months, the customer receives a full refund. It will depend on the purchase price of the battery.

The energizer batteries in this category are energizer Marine and the Energizer Powersports.

6. The Energizer AGM and Unbranded AGM. The Warranty cover for this battery is as follows:

  • 0-60 months, the customer receives a full refund.
  • 61-80 months, the customer receives a 50% refund.
  • 81-100 months, the customer will receive a 25% refund.

The refunds will depend on the sale price.

Now, the Costco battery warranty covers the above package.

But wait a minute,

What Should you do to Qualify for this Warranty Package?

For you to get this Warranty, you should do the following.

  • The battery has to be original, with Costco being the original buying place.
  • You should return the battery to Costco wholesale.
  • You should be the original purchaser of the battery.
  • On returning the battery, you must have all the relevant documents. These Documents will prove that the purchase of the battery was from Costco.

What is a Warranty?

Costco auto battery price list

A warranty is a written agreement /guarantee that a seller issues to the buyer upon buying a product. So, it is an assurance from the seller to the buyer.

Costco Auto Battery Change

What does that mean? In case the product gets faulty, the liability to replace or repair falls on the seller.

The Warranty covers a specified period with specific conditions put in place for it to hold. Again, the Warranty covers the defective product. This defect must have a rose from artistry or faulty parts.

In the same way, the customer’s negligence will make the Warranty not to hold.

Depending on the product purchased, the Warranty can also cover the support service. It can also include physical abuse to the product.

Also, a good warranty should have all the terms disclosed. that has to be in a way that one can precisely understand

Similarly, quality service to the customer is an aspect that comes with a warranty.

Don’t forget. The Warranty is usually free of charge. That means the replacement or the repair of the product is free of charge.

But is a Warranty that Important?

Yes. The importance of warranty is one thing that you need to be aware of. A warranty is essential both to the buyer and the seller.

Let us look at each of the two.

Importance to the Seller

  • To build confidence in your customers, offer them Warranty on products they buy. It will make customers have confidence in the quality of your products.
  • You can build your sales by offerings warranties as incentives to the purchaser. It will, in turn, convert into more profits to the seller.
  • Having the right name is vital to any business. So, a warranty helps you to protect your reputation among customers.
  • A warranty helps you as the seller to build customer loyalty. It will make you be a trusted seller that any customer will think of at any time.

Importance to the Buyer

  • A good warranty protects you against misrepresented facts about the product.

The buyer knows too well that disclosing accurate information is vital. he is likely to lose more customers if he does that

  • A warranty helps you have confidence in the product you are buying. The assurance you get about the product is fulfilling.

In short, these are the basics of a warranty.

Costco Auto Battery 34


Costco wholesale has proved to be dependable when it comes to the sale of batteries. Consequently, there is no doubt when it comes to battery warranties. So, next time you plan to have any battery brand from Costco for your machine, consider yourself safe in the hands of a Costco Battery Warranty.


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