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Adding a battery to your current car electrical system will store more power, but it will also increase the load to the alternator. You should calculate this load as well as the stereo system current draw, and consider upgrading the alternator to a larger output model before adding batteries. XS Power Li-PSX14Q. – 2.5lbsWeight Kgs. – 1.13kgs Length – 5.91 inHeight – 5.79 inWidth – 3.43 in Wattage – 1000MAX Amps – 480Energy Wh – 66CA – 240ACA Pb. High Performance Starting and Deep Cycle Car Audio Battery for Sale D34/78 Yellow Top Optima 750 CCA 55 AH. 12 volt AGM Car Audio Battery Price: $170 ea.(Cores are required to void core charge of $12) Insane Sound System Car Audio Battery Back Up. 100 lbs of Dry Cell Deep Cycle AGM Battery.

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Choosing which battery to use to power your audio system can be daunting when faced with all sorts of numbers and specifications that don’t seem to have anything to do with car audio at all. With our wattage chart below, the choice has never been easier! When using only one battery, refer to the “Primary” column; when using a second battery as a supplemental battery, refer to the “Secondary” column. When replacing the original battery and adding supplemental power, use a combination of the two columns to arrive at the desired level of power needed to satisfy any stereo system!

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Shop high performance car audio batteries and power cells to effectively power-up your sound system. Deep Cycle, Dry Cell, and 'Power Cell' batteries, keep strain from your main battery/charging system. / Mobile Audio / Battery Terminals; Battery Terminals. KnuKonceptz battery terminals are available in both side and top mount. Need multiple 0 gauge outputs, we have that too! Bassik Negative Battery Terminal $9.99. BK-BTN View Details. Bassik Positive Battery Terminal $9.99.