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Feb 06, 2014 Created by Eric Ellis Overmyer. With Titus Welliver, Jamie Hector, Amy Aquino, Lance Reddick. Homicide detective works to solve the murder of a thirteen-year-old boy while standing trial in federal court for the murder of a serial killer. Bosch S4 Batteries. Quality performance batteries. F 100% maintenance free. f Allround battery focused on mid-size car segment with average number of electrical consumers f Dependable power for most applications f 2 year free replacement/pro rata warranty f Free Road Side Assistance program. Bosch S5 Batteries. Premium performance batteries.

The S4 is an all-around battery focused on mid-size car segment with average number of electrical consumers.

The manufacturer at the creation of this line took into account all the wishes of motorists. Thanks to the innovative development, the coating was made with silver, which helped to increase the wear resistance of the batteries, increase their service life and achieve an anticorrosive effect. Even at high loads and under difficult operating conditions, these batteries last longer than others.

Manufacturers offer a large range of technical characteristics, by which you can choose the right battery for the car. The selection of the battery by car depends on the device of the electrician of the car, the place for the battery and the connection variant. It is also necessary to take into account the rated capacity and starting capacity of the device. The batteries are suitable for both diesel and gasoline engines, including those for Asian-made cars. Capacity in this line is increased due to the use of new grids and varies from 40 to 90 A / h. The starting capacity is 330-830 amperes.

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Optimal combination of high consumer qualities of BOSCH S4 Silver batteries, as well as technical characteristics with an acceptable price allows choosing the best products for the optimally minimal price. Choosing BOSCH S4 Silver batteries, you prefer increased power, long life and a confident start in any situation. The battery power range of this series varies between 40 – 95 Ah.

The Bosch S4 battery is intended for installation on cars with average power requirements.

This series of batteries includes models with Asian standard sizes of the JIS standard.

Batteries Bosh S4 Silver provide stable operation of the starter in any conditions.

Bosch S4 Silver starter batteries are a sample of high quality and relatively low price ratio. These batteries will provide energy for the vehicle with an average level of equipment and additional equipment (air conditioning, stereo, electrical windows, etc.). In the lineup, you can easily find an option for almost any machine, including Asian brands. The Bosch S4 battery fully meets the strict requirements of the leaders of the world car industry for electrical performance.

Battery Series:

“S4” (Bosch S4)

Dimensions of batteries are very diverse.

This series of batteries has an excellent combination of quality, price and performance characteristics that are inherent in all modifications of the BOSCH S4 rechargeable batteries.

The range of BOSCH S4 Silver batteries includes more than 20 modifications of both the European standard and the Asian standard.


This is an advanced calcium technology, in which the electrode plates are additionally doped with silver. With this technology, also from the pluses: low weight, battery size with a sufficiently large capacity, low degree of self-discharge, even better than a calcium battery, carries charge-discharge cycles and also require little maintenance.

The technology alleviates the shortcomings of calcium technology, but does not completely exclude them.


When buying, remember that Bosch – one of the most popular brands, but because the number of fakes in the market is really great. In this regard, experts recommend to contact only specialized stores, where the choice of batteries of this brand is quite large.



Invented for life BOSCH

On modern cars, more and more often, the manufacturer begins to install maintenance-free batteries. There are many recommendations on how to charge a maintenance-free battery, but they are all too sophisticated and an ordinary motorist does not always manage to understand the essence of the battery charging process itself. This publication will consider a simple and at the same time effective way to charge a car maintenance-free battery using an example Bosch silver s4.

Before you begin the charging process, you should immediately determine what age the battery is. Maintenance-free car batteries that recharge or reanimate for more than five years are a waste of time. Even if you manage to do something with him, his work will not be long. It is better to immediately bring old batteries to the recycling department.

And now about the technical aspects of charging. The charger with which you will be charged must work fully automatically, i.e. The charging process must be controlled by the program you choose. This program will be able to control the required charging current itself, as well as provide a constant supply of the desired charging voltage. It is also worthwhile to identify particular care when connecting the charger to the battery terminals. The red terminal is always fixed to, the black terminal to minus. If the terminals are not color-coded, look directly at the sockets of the charger and make the correct connection.

Remember that the battery must be charged in a well-ventilated area, since during this process substances that are harmful to the body are released.

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And one more nuance, if you charge only your car’s battery from time to time, then buying the necessary charger is an unreasonable waste of money, because charging a maintenance-free battery in a specialized center will cost you much less than purchasing a device.

Bosch S4

Video: How To Charge A Bosch S4 Battery

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How to charge a maintenance-free battery. Instruction manual

Bosch S4 Battery

  1. We connect, observing the polarity of the battery to the charger
  2. We set the required charging current. The charge current should correspond to 1/10 of the battery capacity. In our case, we have a maintenance-free Bosch silver S4 battery, the capacity of which is 12 volts 70 A / h and must be charged with a current not exceeding 7 A / h. If the battery is completely discharged, then it is recommended to charge it with the lowest current of about 1-2 A / h.
  3. Remember that when connecting the battery, the charger must be disconnected.
  4. After the above operations are done, turn on the charger, set the voltage to 14.5 volts, if there is a voltage regulator, set the current to the minimum value, after which the charging process begins.
  5. During charging of the battery, the current will decrease, and when the process comes to an end when the voltage at the terminals is 14, 4 volts, the current will correspond to the value of the self-discharge current of the battery. this is approximately 200 mA or 0.2A. Important to remember! If for serviced batteries, the nominal current during charging is 1/10 of the battery capacity, then for maintenance-free batteries, the main indicator during charging is not the current strength, but the voltage.
  6. I would also like to note that if the battery was completely discharged, its voltage during charging should also be slightly reduced to 12-13 volts. In this case, it is necessary to control that the current strength at the beginning of the process does not exceed 1/20 of the battery capacity. If this value exceeds, reduce the voltage.

Maintenance-free battery information

Maintenance-free batteries should only be charged with automatic chargers. The peculiarity of such batteries is that the degree of charge of the battery at the end of the charge directly depends on the magnitude of the charging voltage that the charger provides. For example, at a voltage of 14, 4 volts, a 12 volt battery can charge approximately 75% in 24 hours. 85% if the voltage is 15 volts at the same time by 85%. 90%, and at a voltage of 16 volts. by 95%. 97%.

It turns out that the maximum maintenance-free battery can be charged at a voltage of 16.3-16.4 volts for 20.24 hours.

In our case, we charged the unattended Bosch silver S4 battery with an ordinary charger, with the voltage set at 14.4-14.5 V, it was 90% charged in 24 hours, it should also be noted that at the beginning of charging the current reached 40-50A. To fully charge it was necessary to leave the battery for several hours.


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