Battle For Wesnoth Legacy

The Battle for Wesnoth is a turn-based SRPG in an epic fantasy setting where you lead a series of characters through a campaign rife with enemy soldiers, spells, betrayals, and battles.
The Battle for Wesnoth was originally released in 2003 for Windows, Mac, and Linux, but it's still being updated and improved over a decade later, as is obvious with this version for Android.
Despite certain management elements, The Battle for Wesnoth is focused primarily on the military part of turn-based strategy. Each unit thus has its own attributes, skills, advantages, and disadvantages. The type of weapon the unit uses, the terrain, and the time of day will decisively influence the outcome of a skirmish.
The Battle for Wesnoth is possibly one of the best turn-based strategy games with RPG touches that you can find for Android. Its retro-style graphics make it a real treat.

The Battle for Wesnoth is a turn based strategy game with elements of RPG. It's inspired by a world of epic fantasy where players have to guide a select group of heroes through a campaign full of enemy soldiers, bad guys, spellcasters, treason and legendary battles. Battle for Wesnoth is a turn-based fantasy strategy game, featuring many addictive campaigns, lots of units, different races, AI controlled players, multiplayer gaming and much more. On startup the game will need to download and install data from the internet, so be sure to have a good connection and free space on your device on the first run.

Battle for Wesnoth, the classic open source turn-based strategy game has been around for a long time and it seems they're going to switch over to the Godot Engine.

In a Twitter post sent out yesterday, the team teased 'Are we working on a thing? We might be working on a thing. #gamedev #GodotEngine' along with this image:

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According to the replies, it's a complete re-write of their legacy code and it's only in the early stages right now.


The developers also said they will be writing a longer post, to explain why they are doing this when they have more to show. I imagine with all the built-in features Godot has, it could make working on it a lot easier.


Battle For Wesnoth Legacy Wiki

You can check out The Battle for Wesnoth on the official site or on Steam.

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