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The popular djay app for iPad, iPhone, and Mac is getting a nice upgrade with two new major integrations: SoundCloud and Tidal. The partnership with Tidal will offer djay users the ability to live mix the service’s HiFi audio and video, while the new SoundCloud support gives access to live stream and mix over 200 million songs.

Algoriddim detailed the djay app update in a press release today:

Algoriddim partners with TIDAL, SoundCloud, Beatport and Beatsource to provide djay users enhanced music service options and to take streaming in djay to a new level. With these services, djay offers you direct access to over 200+ million tracks and an extensive collection of music videos. But as a Tidal subscriber, you can sign into the service on as many devices as you like, including phones, tablets, and PCs. Once logged in, Tidal will allow you to listen to music on a single.

Djay for iOS now supports the Numark DJ2GO2 Touch DJ controller. Check it out!Learn more about djay for iOS: more ab. It is possible to realize the offline mode for Tidal. If you have a Tidal music downloader like TunesKit Audio Capture, you are able to download Tidal music and convert Tidal music to several universal audio formats like MP3. Then you can use Tidal music in DJ software anytime even without an internet connection.

Algoriddim announced today a free major update to djay, its multi Apple Design Award-winning music app, integrating both SoundCloud and TIDAL across its mobile and desktop applications. The partnerships enable Algoriddim to take streaming in DJ software to an unprecedented level, introducing live video mixing through TIDAL, access to SoundCloud’s one-of-a-kind catalogue, and powerful song recommendations for both audio and video content, in one of its most significant feature updates to date.

djay SoundCloud integration

To take full advantage of the SoundCloud integration, djay users will need to be a SoundCloud Go+ subscriber.

The latest update to djay seamlessly connects to SoundCloud, enabling creators to instantly stream and mix more than 200 million tracks using a SoundCloud Go+ premium consumer subscription. In addition, djay’s innovative Match feature has been extended to SoundCloud’s music catalogue, providing powerful song recommendations to help users find the perfect next track for their queue.

However, the partnership will see some SoundCloud tracks available for free.

Algoriddim and SoundCloud are offering access to a selection of featured tracks for free in the latest djay app, with no login required. The curated playlists feature emerging artists across a variety of genres including hip-hop, house, tech house, festival EDM, trap and dubstep.

djay Tidal integration

As for the new Tidal support in djay, here’s how Algoriddim describes how it will work:

DJ’s can now utilise TIDAL’s HiFi sound and exclusive content with its comprehensive djay integration. djay Pro users are also able to seamlessly stream TIDAL’s unique catalogue of music videos and audio tracks, enabling users to mix videos and songs in real-time – something unprecedented on a mobile device. This pioneering feature opens up a new chapter for DJs and VJs, providing unlimited possibilities for video output, allowing users to mix between music videos the same way they would between songs. Djay users will also be able to receive an upcoming free three-month TIDAL trial, which will be available to redeem within Algoriddim’s apps.

Further, djay’s Automix feature will work with Tidal.

Djay is also extending its innovative Automix feature to TIDAL’s music video library, utilising its innovative AI technology to enable users to lean back and enjoy a perfectly mixed playlist with no need for manual intervention. djay’s Match feature will similarly encompass both TIDAL’s music and video catalogues, suggesting compatible music or videos during a mix.

djay is a free download for iPhone and iPad from the App Store, with the Pro features going from $5/month.

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djay for Mac runs $50 after a free trial available from Algoriddim’s website.

Check out more about this update in the video below:

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It can be frustrating being a DJ who wants to use an Android phone or tablet for DJing. You see iPhone and iPad DJs and musicians using all of their polished apps and workflows, and wonder “when are we going to get that stuff?”

Whether through history, the issues with programming for the divergent technologies used by the hundreds of Android manufacturers, or just the fact that creative types seem to prefer Apple, it does seem that Android often gets left a bit behind.

Learn to DJ on your phone:DJing Made Easy course

So it’s good to bring some positive news to you Android DJs: Algoriddim’s djay 3.0 for Android brings some of the features you’ve been missing from the iPhone and iPad apps.

What’s New

I have to tell you upfront that you don’t get Neural Mix, the live stems separation tech that you may have seen launched for iOS.

However, you do get two music streaming services (TIDAL and SoundCloud), the Looper sequencer, and integration with the mobile-friendly Pioneer DDJ-200 controller. It’s a decent upgrade.

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