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“ Airtable revolutionized the timeline for creating new tools, which we can use to manage everything we do across the spectrum of marketing. ” Michael Alfieri Senior Production Manager, 360 Marketing. Airtable, the U.S. Cloud collaboration start-up whose backers include actor Ashton Kutcher and venture capital firm Benchmark, is in talks with investors to raise more than $200 million at a.


Signup to Getform to send your form data to Airtable now!Airtable is a spreadsheet-database hybrid, with the features of a database but applied to a spreadsheet.Users can create a database, set up column types, add records, link tables to one another, collaborate,sort records and publish views to external websites.

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Getform is the most advanced form platform to collect data from online forms. Using Getform, you can build any type of form,start collecting submissions within seconds and send the data to over a thousand other services including Airtable foradditional processing. It is also perfectly suitable to create a static site generator forms on sites using NextJS,Nuxt, Gatsby, Jekyll or Github Pages.


If you want to check your form data or leads you have collected on Airtable, don't waste any timewaiting on information and get your form submissions added to Airtable immediately by setting upGetform-Airtable integration. A new Airtable entry will be created with everything fromeach new submission you receive on Getform, making sure you've got the edge you need.It will take only a few minutes to connect Airtable and Getform without any coding by using Zapier.

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