Airtable As Database

You can use CData Connect Cloud to query Airtable data through a MySQL interface. Follow the procedure below to create a virtual database for Airtable in Connect Cloud and start querying using Node.js.

Airtable As Database

Unlike a traditional spreadsheet or project management system, Airtable gives you the power of a super-flexible database to connect your information—and design the perfect workflow—all in one place.

CData Connect Cloud provides a pure MySQL, cloud-to-cloud interface for Airtable, allowing you to easily query live Airtable data in Node.js — without replicating the data to a natively supported database. As you query data in Node.js, CData Connect Cloud pushes all supported SQL operations (filters, JOINs, etc) directly to Airtable, leveraging server-side processing to quickly return Airtable data.

What Is Airtable

Create a Virtual MySQL Database for Airtable Data

  • In this guide, I'll show you how to use Airtable as a minimum viable database for your ReactJs project.
  • Oct 09, 2018 Airtable is designed for people who want to organize their daily workflows in database form and is one of the best Work OS tools available. It's like a cross between Trello and Excel. Anyone who works in marketing, project management, ad agencies, and product experience teams will find the app useful.

CData Connect Cloud uses a straightforward, point-and-click interface to connect to data sources and generate APIs.

  1. Login to Connect Cloud and click Databases.
  2. Select 'Airtable' from Available Data Sources.
  3. Enter the necessary authentication properties to connect to Airtable.

    APIKey, BaseId and TableNames parameters are required to connect to Airtable. ViewNames is an optional parameter where views of the tables may be specified.

    • APIKey : API Key of your account. To obtain this value, after logging in go to Account. In API section click Generate API key.
    • BaseId : Id of your base. To obtain this value, it is in the same section as the APIKey. Click on Airtable API, or navigate to https://airtable.com/api and select a base. In the introduction section you can find 'The ID of this base is appxxN2ftedc0nEG7.'
    • TableNames : A comma separated list of table names for the selected base. These are the same names of tables as found in the UI.
    • ViewNames : A comma separated list of views in the format of (table.view) names. These are the same names of the views as found in the UI.
  4. Click Test Database.
  5. Click Privileges -> Add and add the new user (or an existing user) with the appropriate permissions.

With the virtual database created, you are ready to connect to Airtable data from any MySQL client.

Query Airtable from Node.js

The following example shows how to define a connection and execute queries to Airtable with the MySQL module. You will need the following information:

Airtable As Database Download

  • Host name, or address, and port: The address of your instance of the Connect Cloud (myinstance.cdatacloud.net) and the port (3306)
  • Username and password: The username and password of a user you authorized on Connect Cloud
  • Database name: The database you configured for Airtable (airtabledb)

Air Table Grant Tracker

Connect to Airtable data and start executing queries with the code below: