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The Animorphs Podcasts Directory was created by John Mazz, a long-time fan of both Animorphs and Podcasting. Many Animorphs podcasts don’t use the name “Animorphs” in their title so it can be hard to find them by searching. The intention of this site is to inventory and publicize all current and past Animorphs Podcasts and also to encourage new shows to be created. For the purposes of this site, the term “podcast” is not just defined traditionally (collections of audio files organized in an RSS feed), but also includes things like shows exclusively released on not-technically-a-podcast services like SoundCloud and YouTube. Do you know of a show (or make one yourself!) that’s not listed here? Contact Us and let me know!

For Podcast Hosts

Are you the host of an Animorphs fan-show? First, THANK YOU for keeping this fandom thriving! Part of the problem in fans finding new shows is that not all shows have the word “Animorphs” in the title. When I search for “Animorphs” in iTunes, PocketCasts, etc., not all of the Animorphs shows will appear. That fact led to the making of this site! To grow your show’s reach, I recommend all Animorphs podcasts have the word “Animorphs” somewhere in the title and description.

If your show is not on this site’s list, please Contact Me right away and I’ll add it. If it is on this list but there are any problems with the album art, title, description, links, or other issue, I’d be happy to fix it if you let me know.


If you are interested to start a new podcast, you might check out PodBean.com or do some more research to learn more about how to do so, once you have your show started, let me know and I’ll add it to this list.


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The Animorphs Podcast Directory is a WordPress site hosted on DreamHost.com. The shows’ details are contained in a database in AirTable.com, a fantastic cloud based database too. The data is then pulled from AirTable and displayed in a template on this site using an amazing WordPress plugin called Airpress.

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The header image of this site, “Tobias Podcatcher“, is a derivative of “Red-Tailed Hawk in Santa Teresa County Park” by Don DeBold, used under CC BY 2.0, as well as “iPod family” by Matthieu Riegler, used under CC BY 3.0. “Tobias Podcatcher” is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by John Mazzarella.